Wolf Riders
Tactical WolfRiders
Race Gnoll
Req. Town Buildings Barracks,
Construction Cost Icon Production.png 100
Upkeep Cost Icon Gold.png 2
Icon Food.png1
Unit Properties
# of figures Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4
Moves Icon Movement Ground3
Melee Attack per figure Icon Melee Normal.png 7
Defense per figure Icon Defense.png 3
Resistance Icon Resist.png 4
Hit Points per figure Icon Hits.png 5

Wolf Riders are a type of Normal Unit. This unit is unique to the Gnoll Race, and can only be built in Gnoll towns, for the Construction Cost of Icon Production.png 100. The town must already contain both a Barracks and a Stables for this to be possible.

Wolf Riders are the Gnolls' counterpart for Cavalry. Though they lack the Cavalry's First Strike ability, Wolf Riders are stronger, faster and more durable. They possess a very powerful Icon Melee Normal.png Melee Attack, with each individual Wolf Rider having enough strength to pierce through Normal Unit armor with ease. All 4 Wolf Riders attacking together are lethal even to low-tier Fantastic Units, and in large groups can threaten stronger creatures as well. Their fast movement speed allows them to reach any target on the battlefield easily, or to avoid dangerous opponents.

Wolf Riders require an Upkeep Cost of Icon Gold.png 2 and Icon Food.png1 to maintain. Failure to pay these costs will result in the unit being disbanded automatically.

Unit Properties Edit

Physical Description Edit

Wolf Riders are a group of fur-covered humanoids, more akin to jackals than to humans. They wear the blue tunics that are a standard part of the Gnoll army uniform. Wolf Riders are mounted on horse-sized grey wolves, who carry their riders at great speeds across the battlefield. The riders themselves are armed with longswords for combat, though their wolves participate in combat just as effectively, using their own claws and fangs to tear the enemy to shreds.

Wolf Riders are a Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure unit, containing Icon Figure.png 4 figures when fully healed.

Attack Properties Edit

The Wolf Riders have the strongest Melee Attack of all Gnoll Normal Units - though only marginally stronger than Gnoll Halberdiers. Each Wolf Rider attacks with a strength of Icon Melee Normal.png 7, resulting in an average damage output of Icon Damage.png 2.1 per Icon Figure.png figure. This is quite high for a Normal Unit, and can easily pierce the armor of most enemy Normal Units and some Fantastic Units as well.

With all 4 Wolf Riders attacking in unison, Wolf Riders can be a significant threat - especially after they've collected some Experience.

Though Wolf Riders are meant to be the counterpart to other races' Cavalry, they do not possess the First Strike ability.

Defense Properties Edit

Wolf Riders wear only the same basic armor as weaker Gnoll units, giving them a Defense score of only Icon Defense.png 3. This allows them to block an average of about Icon Damage.png 0.9 points of Damage from incoming attacks.

On the other hand, Wolf Riders possess a significant amount of Hit Points, at Icon Hits.png 5 per Icon Figure.png figure. This means that each individual Wolf Rider is much harder to kill than most Normal Units, even if damage does manage to get through the armor. This gives the unit some survivability, though more often this unit will attempt to engage enemies that pose little danger to it.

For purposes of defending against Curses and other combat maledictions, the Wolf Riders have only a basic Resistance score of Icon Resist.png 4, same as other Gnoll units. This is a very low amount, and will not truly protect the unit from such ill effects. With Experience this score will improve somewhat, though plenty of Experience is required to make the unit actually resistant to any respectable degree.

Other Properties Edit

Wolf Riders move at an impressive rate of Icon Movement Ground3. Though they can only traverse land tiles, this high Movement Allowance makes them great scouts, and also assists them in outflanking and outmaneuvering enemy units on the battlefield with ease. The Wolf Riders can practically choose their own targets during battle, and can nullify enemy First Strike by never allowing the enemy a chance to close in for a charge.

Basic Strategy Edit

Wolf Riders serve as the Gnolls' counterpart to Cavalry, and in some ways perform this task significantly better - thanks both to their high Melee Attack score and their impressive Movement Allowance.

During combat, Wolf Riders can freely maneuver to choose their own targets - striking the enemy where it is most vulnerable. They can outflank the enemy's stronger defenders to reach the enemy's weaker units, i.e. Ranged Attack units, with great ease. They can also attack enemy units on the flanks, and withdraw quickly if a stronger enemy unit attempts to chase them. Wolf Riders can easily outrun horse cavalry and possibly even Heroes.

Once the army is deprived of its weaker units, Wolf Riders can gang up on stronger enemy units. The Wolf Riders have some staying power in face-to-face combat, though their weak armor means that several Wolf Riders would need to engage a strong enemy unit to defeat it. Fortunately, Wolf Riders are not too expensive, and can be produced in respectable quantities when necessary.

Note that due to their weak armor, Wolf Riders are quite vulnerable to enemy Ranged Attacks and should therefore attempt to eliminate enemy units capable of such attacks early in the battle. Also, the Wolf Riders' low Resistance score makes them very vulnerable to Curses and most Special Attacks.

Finally, note that thanks to their high Movement Allowance, Wolf Riders make a good early-game scouting unit, which can cover great distances with ease.

Ability Overview Edit

The Wolf Riders unit has no abilities listed in its unit details panel. It has to rely only on its primary combat properties during battle.

Experience Table Edit

The following table illustrates how Wolf Riders improve as they gain Experience. Any properties that are not listed here do not improve with Experience in any way.

Level Icon Level Name EP Melee To Hit Defense Resist Hits
Experience 0 Recruit Icon Experience.png 0 - Icon Experience.png 19 Icon Melee Normal.png 7 Icon ToHit.png 30% Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 4 Icon Hits.png 5
Experience 1 Regular Icon Experience.png 20 - Icon Experience.png 59 Icon Melee Normal.png 8 Icon ToHit.png 30% Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 5 Icon Hits.png 5
Experience 2 Veteran Icon Experience.png 60 - Icon Experience.png 119 Icon Melee Normal.png 8 Icon ToHit.png 30% Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 6 Icon Hits.png 5
Experience 3 Elite Icon Experience.png 120 Icon Melee Normal.png 9 Icon ToHit.png 40% Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 6
Experience 4 Ultra-Elite Icon Experience.png 120 * Icon Melee Normal.png 9 Icon ToHit.png 50% Icon Defense.png 5 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 6
Experience 5 Champion Icon Experience.png 120 ** Icon Melee Normal.png 10 Icon ToHit.png 60% Icon Defense.png 5 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 7

* To achieve this level, either the Warlord Retort or the Crusade spell must be in play.
** To achieve this level, both the Warlord Retort and the Crusade spell must be in play simultaneously.

Average Damage Output Edit

The table below details the average amount of damage that each Icon Figure.png Figure in a Wolf Riders unit will deliver with each type of attack, based on Icon Experience Level.png Experience Level. It can be used in comparison to the target's Defense rating to figure out the chance of hurting that target.

Select weapons:
Level Icon Level Name Melee Ranged * Thrown Breath
Experience 0 Recruit
Experience 1 Regular
Experience 2 Veteran
Experience 3 Elite
Experience 4 Ultra-Elite
Experience 5 Champion

<img src="Icon_Melee_Normal.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Magic.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Mithril.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Adamantium.png">

Acquisition Edit

Wolf Riders are unique to the Gnoll race, and thus may be produced in any Gnoll Town.

A town must contain both a Barracks and a Stables to be able to produce Wolf Riders. Should a town lose an existing Barracks or Stables, it can no longer produce Wolf Riders until replacement structures are built.

The Construction Cost of this unit is Icon Production.png 100.

Wolf Riders may appear for hire as Mercenaries. They may already have some Experience on being hired, and several units may be hired simultaneously. Hiring these units requires a certain cost in Icon Gold.png Gold that depends on many different factors. Wolf Rider Mercenaries have the same Upkeep Cost as a normally-constructed unit.