War Bears
Summon WarBears
Realm Icon Nature.pngNature
Spell Properties
Spell Rarity Common
Casting Cost Icon Mana.png 70
Upkeep Cost Icon Mana.png 2 per turn
Research Cost Icon Research.png 130
Unit Properties
# of Figures Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 2
Moves Icon Movement Ground2
Melee Attack per figure Icon Melee Normal.png 7
Defense per figure Icon Defense.png 3
Resistance Icon Resist.png 6
Hit Points per figure Icon Hits.png 8
Unit Abilities
Ability Forester Forester
Tactical WarBears
War Bears are a type of Fantastic Unit featured in Master of Magic. They belong to the Icon Nature.pngNature Realm, and may be summoned using a Summoning Spell of the same name. War Bears are a basic Melee combat unit, roughly equivalent to high-quality Normal Units. Their primary advantage is their cheap Casting Cost and Upkeep Cost, though they make good scouts for Forest terrain and can lead other units quickly through such terrain.

The Fantastic Unit Edit

Physical Description Edit

War Bears are larger cousins of the Brown Bear, though they seem to have been bred or at least trained for combat. They can be seen wearing a collar, probably placed on them by a tamer. With massive claws and muscular, heavy bodies, they can bash and rip their enemies to shreds.

The War Bears unit is a Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure Unit, containing up to 2 of these creatures.

Attack Properties Edit

In Melee combat, a unit of War Bears is roughly as strong as a high-tier Normal Unit. They strike with Icon Melee Normal.png 7 per bear, which gives them a rather average damage output of about Icon Damage.png 2.1 Damage points per bear - enough to kill one or two low/mid-level enemy Normal Unit figures if they fail to Defend properly.

The War Bears' attack has no additional powers.

Defensive Properties Edit

War Bears are neither heavily-armored nor exceptionally agile, resulting in a Defense score of Icon Defense.png 3. This means that on average, they will only block Icon Damage.png 0.9 points of Damage each time they are attacked.

Nonetheless, the War Bears possess a relatively high Hit Point count of Icon Hits.png 8 per figure, and thus can survive prolonged combat against weaker units. However, since the unit only contains two bears, it can be destroyed quite easily by any stronger enemy unit.

Other Properties Edit

War Bears' Resistance is slightly higher than that of normal troops, standing at Icon Resist.png 6. While above-average, this will not protect them from any serious Curses or combat maledictions, though it may avert the odd Poisoning or other mild special attacks.

Basic Tactics Edit

For its low Casting Cost, this unit can perform admirably in combat against most non-upgraded Normal Units from the Arcanian Races, and can take on small groups of low-tier Normal Units.

More importantly, War Bears make excellent scouts for the the early game. This is thanks to their Icon Movement Ground2 and the Forester ability, which allows them to move through Forests spending only one movement point per tile. They can also lead a stack of other units through Forest terrain at the same movement rate, which means they are essential for early-game expansion.

Enemy War Bears Edit

War Bears appear quite often as neutral monsters, mostly in low-level Encounters. They are often accompanied by Sprites. In this capacity they may prove quite challenging to early-game armies.

Later on, like most units of their cost and tier, War Bears will not stand a chance against upgraded or highly-experienced Normal Units, well-equipped Heroes or other Fantastic Creatures.

Ability Overview Edit

Ability Forester Forester Edit

  • This unit may move through any Forest tile at a rate of 1 Movement Point per tile.
  • When this unit is stacked with other units, the entire stack may move through Forest tiles at a rate of 1 Movement Point per tile.

The Summoning Spell Edit

Usage Edit

War Bears may only be cast on the overland map, for the base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 70. Upon casting, the new War Bears unit will appear in the town currently containing the caster's Summoning Circle.

The new unit is created with full Movement Points, and may move and/or attack immediately as necessary.

To keep the War Bears in play, it is necessary to pay an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 2 per turn. This is drawn automatically from the caster's Mana pool each turn. Failure to pay the required costs due to lack of Icon Mana.png Mana in the pool will lead to the War Bears being immediately destroyed, along with any Unit Enchantments currently affecting it.

If the unit is destroyed in combat, then it is gone from the world entirely, and there is no further need to pay its Upkeep Costs.

You can also dismiss the War Bears voluntarily. To do this, right-click the unit's icon and then press the red "Dismiss" button on the bottom right corner of the unit's details panel. A dismissed unit is gone forever, but of course you can always cast the War Bears spell again to get a fresh new one. The primary reason to dismiss a Fantastic Creature would be to remove its Upkeep Cost (conserving Icon Mana.png Mana as a result).

Acquisition Edit

As a Common Icon Nature.pngNature spell, War Bears may become available to any Wizard who possesses at least one Icon Nature.pngNature Spellbook. However, its availability during the game is not guaranteed unless the Wizard acquires at least Icon Nature.png7 Spellbooks.

Customized Wizards possessing up to Icon Nature.png10 Spellbooks at creation time may choose this spell as one of their default spells before starting the game, in which case the spell will already be researched and available for casting immediately on the first turn. Wizards with Icon Nature.png11 Spellbooks are guaranteed to have this spell available for casting as soon as the game begins.

Wizards with Icon Nature.png6 or fewer Spellbooks who have not chosen War Bears as a guaranteed spell have a random chance of being able to Research it. The chance for this spell to appear increases with the number of Icon Nature.pngNature Spellbooks the Wizard possesses or obtains during gameplay. With Icon Nature.png7-10 Spellbooks, the spell is guaranteed to appear for Research if it is not already available for casting.

War Bears has a base Research Cost of Icon Research.png 130.

With at least Icon Nature.png1 Spellbook, the War Bears spell may be acquired as a reward for winning encounters in creature Lairs, Towers, et cetera, or when conquering the Fortress of a rival wizard who has already researched this spell.