Very Rare spells are the 31st through 40th spells of each Magical Realm. These are the strongest (or at least, the most cost-efficient) spells in each realm, and many of them are outright game-changers. A single casting of certain Very Rare spells can turn the tide of a war, topple an enemy's entire economy, or win an otherwise hopeless battle. Furthermore, each Magical Realm has at least one top-tier Fantastic Unit that can be created using a Very Rare Summoning Spell - and these units may be nigh-unstoppable. Most other Very Rare spells are Global Enchantments that will have a profound effect on the game world.

Of course, simply acquiring a Very Rare spell is only the first step: Virtually all Very Rare spells have respectively high Casting Costs and/or Upkeep Costs, which means that a wizard needs high Spell Casting Skill and Icon Mana.png Mana reserves to utilize any of them. They will almost never be used before the mid-game, and may still be (appropriately) very rarely used even much later. The first wizard to become capable of casting Very Rare spells, even on an infrequent basis, has a good chance of winning the game.

A wizard needs at least 3 Spellbooks in a Magical Realm to be able to research any Very Rare spells at all. The exact number of Very Rare spells available for research increases with the number of Spellbooks acquired. The exact spells available for research are randomly selected. With 10 or more spellbooks in a single realm, a wizard will be able to research all Very Rare spells of that realm. Very Rare spells require Icon Research.png 1,850 to Icon Research.png 6,000 to learn.

No Very Rare spell will be available for casting when the game begins, regardless of how many Spellbooks a wizard possesses.

Similar to the research constraints, with at least 3 Spellbooks in a realm, a wizard may learn any Very Rare spells of that realm through trade with rivals, conquest of rival Fortresses, or as Treasure - though they are exceptionally difficult to acquire this way.

Very Rare Spells
Icon Research.png Res. Icon Nature.pngNature Icon Chaos.pngChaos Icon Life.pngLife Icon Death.pngDeath Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery
1850 Regeneration Hydra High Prayer Cruel Unminding Djinn
2000 Behemoth Disintegrate Inspirations Word of Death Spell Ward
2250 Entangle Meteor Storm Astral Gate Death Knights Creature Binding
2500 Nature
Great Wasting Holy Arms Death Spell Mass Invisibility
3000 Call Lightning Call Chaos Consecration Animate Dead Great
3500 Colossus Chaos Surge Life Force Pestilence Spell Binding
4000 Earth Gate Doom Mastery Tranquility Eternal Night Flying Fortress
4500 Herb Mastery Great Drake Crusade Evil Omens Sky Drake
5000 Great Wyrm Call the Void Arch Angel Death Wish Suppress Magic
6000 Nature's Wrath Armageddon Charm of Life Demon Lord Time Stop