Update !

1.5 Release candiate 6 is avaiable for download at :

Currently condisidered changes/problems, please post your opinion on these, I can't decide on them alone :

1. The AI isn't aggressive enough if you get a lucky roll on personalities.

Possible solutions :

-Lawful doesn't prevent the Militartist or Expansionist personality from declaring war automatically on weaker players.

-Lower chance of AI picking Lawful and Peaceful personality (don't think this would be a good idea)

-Higher bar for the "is the player becoming a threat" declaration of war check. Currently the bar is set in a way that you need 20+10*Difficulty Level-Personality modifier to always avoid war regardless of your army size. Personality modifier is 0-20 for most personalities, but 40 on lawful and 80 on peaceful. This formula guarantees you'll be at war with pretty much everyone at neutral or worse relation as soon as your army rivals theirs, except Lawful and Peaceful wizards. Lawfuls will still DoW on you at high difficulty if you produce enough army strength but it's unlikely to happen because they have such a large production advantage. Peacefuls will not DoW from this formula, if the relation is low enough to allow that, they'll already do some from other sources.

2. Gold and Mana rewards from lairs

Several people mention these are far too large. I can

-Lower the max amount that goes into the trease from one roll, which is currently 10-800 or 10-1000 per roll.

-Reduce the chance to picking Gold or Mana, and increase Item or Spell (I do believe they are quite frequent already, though)

-or do nothing because something has to be in the treasure and too much items and spells would be bad for game balance.

Please help by testing the release candidate. While all patches contained in it have been tested in Caster of Magic, some might not work the same way in the original game.

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