• SeravySensei

    RC4 of the 1.51 patch is now available. It incorporates the latest diplomacy fine-tuning I've made for CoM with the purpose of making diplomacy more playable/less hostile.

    Please let me know if this version is preferred, or the previous, harder diplomacy. 1.51 AI is not as good as CoM's which was the main reason for these changes.

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  • SeravySensei

    Master of Magic 1.51

    January 12, 2017 by SeravySensei

    1.51 is currently at RC3, you can find the download in the forum thread at

    There are a few details left.

    -I still need to make an optional file for a 10 book mode that works with the AI.

    -I think I was supposed to remove the starting diplomacy changes and leave them optional?

    -I believe the same was requested for some of the treasure changes? Not sure... these were voted "include" on the forum as far as I remember.

    -Some people mentioned the improved AI should come with reduced resource advantages for the AI. I can't decide on those numbers on my own because I'm not playing the game (only the CoM mod), so I will need suggestions for the new numbers.

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  • SeravySensei

    Master of Magic 1.5!

    December 9, 2015 by SeravySensei

    Update !

    1.5 Release candiate 6 is avaiable for download at :

    Currently condisidered changes/problems, please post your opinion on these, I can't decide on them alone :

    1. The AI isn't aggressive enough if you get a lucky roll on personalities.

    Possible solutions :

    -Lawful doesn't prevent the Militartist or Expansionist personality from declaring war automatically on weaker players.

    -Lower chance of AI picking Lawful and Peaceful personality (don't think this would be a good idea)

    -Higher bar for the "is the player becoming a threat" declaration of war check. Currently the bar is set in a way that you need 20+10*Difficulty Level-Personality modifier to always avoid war regardless of your army …

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