• MysticX2

    Rewards from encounters

    March 28, 2013 by MysticX2

    First, if you are reading this...I'm sorry, I wish I was a better writer. :D I try to avoid using always and never, opting for a little less definitive "almost always" or "almost never". I've tried to use them correctly on this page.

    While testing a few things I've noticed that encounters that give a reward seem to have a variety of reward "types". First there are the gold and/or mana rewards. These range from 10 gold or mana up to 200 or so of either. Sometimes an encounter will give both, but usually it is one or the other. These encounters will normally have only a few defenders, if any, but I've noticed that the reward is always the same in a given game. In other words, if you defeat some of the defenders but not all of them untiā€¦

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