• Blainedeyoung


    September 18, 2015 by Blainedeyoung

    I played two games all the way through on normal.  I then played one on hard, and I just played one on impossible.

    I didn't think hard was all that much harder than normal at all.  I didn't get a good start.  I could only build three cities because I was pressed up against a couple of neutral cities.  I was kind of worried at the beginning while I was building up, but when I got done I exploded and wiped out players 1, 2, 3, 4. 

    The game on impossible gave me a much better start.  I had room to build six cities, but I'd barely begun when the nearest guy started walking stacks into my territory.  I was just about to finish the forrester's guild in my capital when he declared war.  He already had a stack of units right next to my capital that …

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  • Blainedeyoung

    Both of the games that I've done extensive exploration of the nodes on Myrror I've found a Sorcerery node with these guardians.  This is the hardest combat that I've encountered in the game.  (There was one sorcerer's fortress that was guarded with four spellcasting heroes that was a serious problem, but it didn't have anything like this raw power.) 

    My go-to solution to hard battles is a nine elite paladin brigade.  This is no solution to a situation like this.  Those paladins are on a suicide mission.  They can't take all those flyers. 

    Several people on the forum love halfling slingers.  They stipulate admantine weapons which necessitates that they were produced by a city on Myrror, and give a list of spells as long as your arm.  This mak…

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  • Blainedeyoung

    My impression is, and I'd really like someone with more experience to verify this, that you can get unlimited numbers of spells in every rarity level that you've opened with spell ranks.  Let me give an example, say I have one White spell book.  That entitles me to 3 common and 1 uncommon spell, but it doesn't limit me to that.  Through trade or treasure hunting, I can acquire all the rest of the common and uncommon White spells.  But I can never acquire rare or very rare White spells unless I get more White books. 

    Is that right?

    It's a pretty strong argument to get 3 spell books in a bunch of different areas, isn't it?

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  • Blainedeyoung


    September 14, 2015 by Blainedeyoung

    I'm wondering exactly how the experience system works. 

    Is there a lump sum of experience based on the monsters you beat?  Or is it that you get experience points for taking actions in combat: casting spells, attacking, making kills, being attacked? 

    Is experience relative to the power of your group?  If you do it with six heroes, will you get less experience total than if you take those six heroes and two monsters?  Will the experience go down further with high-level heroes and powerful monsters?

    I'm going to do some observations and I'll post my findings here- when I have any.

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