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Normal Units Edit

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon Trireme Transparent Trireme 35
Unit Icon Galley Transparent Galley 36
Unit Icon Catapult Transparent Catapult 37
Unit Icon Warship Transparent Warship 38
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon BarbarianSpearmen Transparent Barbarian Spearmen 39
Unit Icon BarbarianSwordsmen Transparent Barbarian Swordsmen 40
Unit Icon BarbarianBowmen Transparent Barbarian Bowmen 41
Unit Icon BarbarianCavalry Transparent Barbarian Cavalry 42
Unit Icon BarbarianShamans Transparent Barbarian Shamans 43
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Barbarian Settlers 44
Unit Icon Berserkers Transparent Berserkers 45
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon BeastmenSpearmen Transparent Beastmen Spearmen 46
Unit Icon BeastmenSwordsmen Transparent Beastmen Swordsmen 47
Unit Icon BeastmenHalberdiers Transparent Beastmen Halberdiers 48
Unit Icon BeastmenBowmen Transparent Beastmen Bowmen 49
Unit Icon BeastmenPriests Transparent Beastmen Priests 50
Unit Icon BeastmenMagicians Transparent Beastmen Magicians 51
Unit Icon BeastmenEngineers Transparent Beastmen Engineers 52
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Beastmen Settlers 53
Unit Icon Centaurs Transparent Centaurs 54
Unit Icon Manticores Transparent Manticores 55
Unit Icon Minotaurs Transparent Minotaurs 56
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon DarkElfSpearmen Transparent Dark Elf Spearmen 57
Unit Icon DarkElfSwordsmen Transparent Dark Elf Swordsmen 58
Unit Icon DarkElfHalberdiers Transparent Dark Elf Halberdiers 59
Unit Icon DarkElfCavalry Transparent Dark Elf Cavalry 60
Unit Icon DarkElfPriests Transparent Dark Elf Priests 61
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Dark Elf Settlers 62
Unit Icon Nightblades Transparent Nightblades 63
Unit Icon Warlocks Transparent Warlocks 64
Unit Icon Nightmares Transparent Nightmares 65
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon DraconianSpearmen Transparent Draconian Spearmen 66
Unit Icon DraconianSwordsmen Transparent Draconian Swordsmen 67
Unit Icon DraconianHalberdiers Transparent Draconian Halberdiers 68
Unit Icon DraconianBowmen Transparent Draconian Bowmen 69
Unit Icon DraconianShamans Transparent Draconian Shamans 70
Unit Icon DraconianMagicians Transparent Draconian Magicians 71
Unit Icon DraconianEngineers Transparent Draconian Engineers 72
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Draconian Settlers 73
Unit Icon DoomDrakes Transparent Doom Drakes 74
Unit Icon AirShip Transparent Air Ship 75
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon DwarfSwordsmen Transparent Dwarf Swordsmen 76
Unit Icon DwarfHalberdiers Transparent Dwarf Halberdiers 77
Unit Icon DwarfEngineers Transparent Dwarf Engineers 78
Unit Icon Hammerhands Transparent Hammerhands 79
Unit Icon SteamCannon Transparent Steam Cannon 80
Unit Icon Golem Transparent Golem 81
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Dwarf Settlers 82
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon GnollSpearmen Transparent Gnoll Spearmen 83
Unit Icon GnollSwordsmen Transparent Gnoll Swordsmen 84
Unit Icon GnollHalberdiers Transparent Gnoll Halberdiers 85
Unit Icon GnollBowmen Transparent Gnoll Bowmen 86
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Gnoll Settlers 87
Unit Icon WolfRiders Transparent Wolf Riders 88
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon HalflingSpearmen Transparent Halfling Spearmen 89
Unit Icon HalflingSwordsmen Transparent Halfling Swordsmen 90
Unit Icon HalflingBowmen Transparent Halfling Bowmen 91
Unit Icon HalflingShamans Transparent Halfling Shamans 92
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Halfling Settlers 93
Unit Icon Slingers Transparent Slingers 94
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon HighElfSpearmen Transparent High Elf Spearmen 95
Unit Icon HighElfSwordsmen Transparent High Elf Swordsmen 96
Unit Icon HighElfHalberdiers Transparent High Elf Halberdiers 97
Unit Icon HighElfCavalry Transparent High Elf Cavalry 98
Unit Icon HighElfMagicians Transparent High Elf Magicians 99
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent High Elf Settlers 100
Unit Icon Longbowmen Transparent Longbowmen 101
Unit Icon ElvenLords Transparent Elven Lords 102
Unit Icon Pegasai Transparent Pegasai 103

Oddly enough, High Men Pikemen are actually named Pikemen, with no racial title, in game.

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon HighMenSpearmen Transparent High Men Spearmen 104
Unit Icon HighMenSwordsmen Transparent High Men Swordsmen 105
Unit Icon HighMenBowmen Transparent High Men Bowmen 106
Unit Icon HighMenCavalry Transparent High Men Cavalry 107
Unit Icon HighMenPriests Transparent High Men Priests 108
Unit Icon HighMenMagicians Transparent High Men Magicians 109
Unit Icon HighMenEngineers Transparent High Men Engineers 110
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent High Men Settlers 111
Unit Icon HighMenPikemen Transparent High Men Pikemen 112
Unit Icon Paladins Transparent Paladins 113
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon KlackonSpearmen Transparent Klackon Spearmen 114
Unit Icon KlackonSwordsmen Transparent Klackon Swordsmen 115
Unit Icon KlackonHalberdiers Transparent Klackon Halberdiers 116
Unit Icon KlackonEngineers Transparent Klackon Engineers 117
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Klackon Settlers 118
Unit Icon StagBeetle Transparent Stag Beetle 119
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon LizardmenSpearmen Transparent Lizardmen Spearmen 120
Unit Icon LizardmenSwordsmen Transparent Lizardmen Swordsmen 121
Unit Icon LizardmenHalberdiers Transparent Lizardmen Halberdiers 122
Unit Icon Javelineers Transparent Javelineers 123
Unit Icon LizardmenShamans Transparent Lizardmen Shamans 124
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Lizardmen Settlers 125
Unit Icon DragonTurtle Transparent Dragon Turtle 126

Oddly enough, Nomad Pikemen are actually named Pikemen, with no racial title, in game. Nomad Magicians (131) do not appear to be buildable.

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon NomadSpearmen Transparent Nomad Spearmen 127
Unit Icon NomadSwordsmen Transparent Nomad Swordsmen 128
Unit Icon NomadBowmen Transparent Nomad Bowmen 129
Unit Icon NomadPriests Transparent Nomad Priests 130
File:Unit Icon NomadMagicians Transparent.png Nomad Magicians 131
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Nomad Settlers 132
Unit Icon Horsebowmen Transparent Horsebowmen 133
Unit Icon NomadPikemen Transparent Nomad Pikemen 134
Unit Icon Rangers Transparent Rangers 135
Unit Icon Griffins Transparent Griffins 136
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon OrcSpearmen Transparent Orc Spearmen 137
Unit Icon OrcSwordsmen Transparent Orc Swordsmen 138
Unit Icon OrcHalberdiers Transparent Orc Halberdiers 139
Unit Icon OrcBowmen Transparent Orc Bowmen 140
Unit Icon OrcCavalry Transparent Orc Cavalry 141
Unit Icon OrcShamans Transparent Orc Shamans 142
Unit Icon OrcMagicians Transparent Orc Magicians 143
Unit Icon OrcEngineers Transparent Orc Engineers 144
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Orc Settlers 145
Unit Icon WyvernRiders Transparent Wyvern Riders 146
Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon TrollSpearmen Transparent Troll Spearmen 147
Unit Icon TrollSwordsmen Transparent Troll Swordsmen 148
Unit Icon TrollHalberdiers Transparent Troll Halberdiers 149
Unit Icon TrollShamans Transparent Troll Shamans 150
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Troll Settlers 151
Unit Icon WarTrolls Transparent War Trolls 152
Unit Icon WarMammoths Transparent War Mammoths 153

Heroes Edit

Icon Name Unit ID
Hero Brax Brax the Dwarf 0
Hero Gunthar Gunther the Barbarian 1
Hero Zaldron Zaldron the Sage 2
Hero BShan B'Shan the Dervish 3
Hero Rakir Rakir the Beastmaster 4
Hero Valana Valana the Bard 5
Hero Bahgtru Bahgtru the Orc Warrior 6
Hero Serena Serena the Healer 7
Hero Shuri Shuri the Huntress 8
Hero Theria Theria the Thief 9
Hero Greyfairer Greyfairer the Druid 10
Hero Taki Taki the War Monk 11
Hero Reywind Reywind the Warrior Mage 12
Hero Malleus Malleus the Magician 13
Hero Tumu Tumu the Assassin 14
Hero Jaer Jaer the Wind Mage 15
Hero Marcus Marcus the Ranger 16
Hero Fang Fang the Draconian 17
Hero Morgana Morgana the Witch 18
Hero Aureus Aureus the Golden One 19
Hero ShinBo Shin Bo the Ninja 20
Hero Spyder Spyder the Rogue 21
Hero Shalla Shalla the Amazon 22
Hero Yramrag Yramrag the Warlock 23
Hero MysticX Mystic X the Unknown 24
Hero Aerie Aerie the Illusionist 25
Hero DethStryke Deth Stryke the Swordsman 26
Hero Elana Elana the Priestess 27
Hero Roland Roland the Paladin 28
Hero Mortu Mortu the Black Knight 29
Hero Alorra Alorra the Elven Archer 30
Hero SirHarold Sir Harold the Knight 31
Hero Ravashack Ravashack the Necromancer 32
Hero Warrax Warrax the Chaos Warrior 33
Hero Torin Torin the Chosen 34

Fantastic Creatures Edit

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon MagicSpirit Transparent Magic Spirit 154

Note that Fire Elementals can be permanant on the game map when edited into the game using this code.

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon HellHounds Transparent Hell Hounds 155
Unit Icon Gargoyles Transparent Gargoyles 156
Unit Icon FireGiant Transparent Fire Giant 157
Unit Icon FireElemental Transparent Fire Elemental 158
Unit Icon ChaosSpawn Transparent Chaos Spawn 159
Unit Icon Chimeras Transparent Chimeras 160
Unit Icon DoomBat Transparent Doom Bat 161
Unit Icon Efreet Transparent Efreet 162
Unit Icon Hydra Transparent Hydra 163
Unit Icon GreatDrake Transparent Great Drake 164

Note that Demons can be permanant on the game map when edited into the game using this code.

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon Skeletons Transparent Skeletons 165
Unit Icon Ghouls Transparent Ghouls 166
Unit Icon NightStalker Transparent Night Stalker 167
Unit Icon Werewolves Transparent Werewolves 168
Unit Icon Demon Transparent Demon 169
Unit Icon Wraiths Transparent Wraiths 170
Unit Icon ShadowDemons Transparent Shadow Demons 171
Unit Icon DeathKnights Transparent Death Knights 172
Unit Icon DemonLord Transparent Demon Lord 173
Unit Icon Zombies Transparent Zombies 174

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon Unicorns Transparent Unicorns 175
Unit Icon GuardianSpirit Transparent Guardian Spirit 176
Unit Icon Angel Transparent Angel 177
Unit Icon Archangel Transparent Arch Angel 178

Note that Earth Elementals can be permanant on the game map when edited into the game using this code.

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon WarBears Transparent War Bears 179
Unit Icon Sprites Transparent Sprites 180
Unit Icon Cockatrices Transparent Cockatrices 181
Unit Icon Basilisk Transparent Basilisk 182
Unit Icon GiantSpiders Transparent Giant Spiders 183
Unit Icon StoneGiant Transparent Stone Giant 184
Unit Icon Colossus Transparent Colossus 185
Unit Icon Gorgons Transparent Gorgons 186
Unit Icon EarthElemental Transparent Earth Elemental 187
Unit Icon Behemoth Transparent Behemoth 188
Unit Icon GreatWyrm Transparent Great Wyrm 189

Note that Phantom Warriors, Phantom Beasts, and Air Elementals can be permanant on the game map when edited into the game using this code.

Icon Name Unit ID
Unit Icon FloatingIsland Transparent Floating Island 190
Unit Icon PhantomBeast Transparent Phantom Beast 191
Unit Icon PhantomWarriors Transparent Phantom Warriors 192
Unit Icon StormGiant Transparent Storm Giant 193
Unit Icon AirElemental Transparent Air Elemental 194
Unit Icon Djinn Transparent Djinn 195
Unit Icon SkyDrake Transparent Sky Drake 196
Unit Icon Nagas Transparent Nagas 197