This article is about beneficial Town Enchantments which the caster places on his own towns. For penalties placed on an opponent's town, see Town Curse.

Town Enchantment is a Spell Type and category of spells in Master of Magic. Like all other Enchantments, Town Enchantments are meant to have a permanent effect - lasting as long as the Enchantment remains in play. Spells in this category are meant to be used on the caster's own towns, to give them some aid or protection.

Almost all Town Enchantments must be cast on the overland map, and often have a low-to-medium Casting Cost. All Town Enchantments must be targeted at a friendly town, to which they will give a certain benefit. For similar spells that are cast on enemy towns to cause them damage, see Town Curse.

In order to maintain the Town Enchantment (and thus its effect), a certain Upkeep Cost must be paid in Icon Mana.png Mana at the start of each turn. Failure to pay the cost results in the Town Enchantment dissipating, and usually taking part or all of its permanent effects with it.

There is a total of 16 different Town Enchantments in Master of Magic, belonging to different Realms. The Icon Life.pngLife Realm specializes in these, having no less than 7 Town Enchantments, most of which are quite powerful. The Icon Chaos.pngChaos Realm has the fewest, with only 1 Town Enchantment.

Wizards can only get rid of an enemy's Town Enchantments by casting a Disenchant Area spell on the affected town. The Town Enchantment's own caster may cancel it at any time, to conserve Icon Mana.png Mana when necessary.

Usage Edit

All Town Enchantments must be cast on the overland map, and must be targeted at a friendly town (there are two exceptions, explained separately below).

The Casting Cost of a Town Enchantment is low/mid compared to other spells, and is proportional to the usefulness of the enchantment. Furthermore, each Town Enchantment requires an Upkeep Cost, paid in Icon Mana.png Mana at the start of each turn, in order to stay in play. Failure to pay this Upkeep Cost due to lack of Icon Mana.png Mana causes the Town Enchantment to dissipate. This may also cause some or all of the spell's effects to vanish along with it.

Once a Town Enchantment has been cast, its name appears in the "Enchantments" list in the targeted town's details window. The color of the name indicates the wizard controlling this spell.

A single town may not have two instances of the same Town Enchantment affecting it simultaneously. For example, a town already under the effect of the Prosperity spell may not be targeted by the same spell again until the first spell is removed or canceled.

Combat Casting Edit

Two Town Enchantments can be used in an unconventional way by casting them during combat. These are the Wall of Darkness and Wall of Fire.

Both spells may be cast on the overland map as explained above, and alternatively may be cast when conducting battle at any friendly town - provided only that the town is not already under the effect of the spell.

When cast during battle, both spells have a significantly-reduced Casting Cost (20% of the cost of casting these spells on the overland map). The combat version provides the same effect as the overland version, but it will only last until the end of the battle. Once the battle is over, the spell dissipates automatically.

The combat versions of these spells have no Upkeep Costs, since their effects do not last on the overland map.

Getting Rid of Town Enchantments Edit

The owner of a Town Enchantment can voluntarily cancel it, by visiting the town's details window and clicking on the spell's name in the "Enchantments" portion of the screen. This ends the spell immediately, and may or may not remove its effects as per the spell's specific rules.

This is usually done in order to conserve Icon Mana.png Mana. Town Enchantments can end up sucking in a lot of Icon Mana.png Mana to pay their Upkeep Costs, so a wizard pressed for Icon Mana.png Mana may prefer removing one in order to make Mana available for other spells - or simply to avoid running out of Mana.

Any wizard may cast the Disenchant Area spell in an attempt to remove an opponent's Town Enchantments. When targeted at a Town, this spell will attempt to remove each and every Town Enchantment present. Disenchant Area's chance of success at this depends on the Casting Cost of the Town Enchantments it is trying to remove, as well as the amount of extra Icon Mana.png Mana invested in the Disenchant Area's own Casting Cost. In other words, the more Icon Mana.png Mana is spent on casting this spell, the more likely it is to succeed.

Some Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery-wielding wizards can cast a much-more powerful version of Disenchant Area, called Disenchant True. This spell has a higher chance of success at dispelling Town Enchantments.

Effects Edit

Town Enchantments are used for either boosting a town's productivity, or for protecting the town from various dangers. This is why they can only be cast on friendly towns. The opposite of this are Town Curses, which cause damage or hindrance to the town and can only be cast on rival towns.

Some Town Enchantment effects apply only during combat at this specific town - and will otherwise have no effect during the campaign portion of the game. In this case, the Town Enchantment is only worth keeping if the town is expected to see plenty of combat in the near future.

Other Town Enchantments provide the town with various bonuses to its output. Some increase Population Growth, others increase Icon Gold.png Gold output, and so on. These Town Enchantments are often worth being kept active for as long as possible, and wizards who can cast such Enchantments will usually attempt to eventually apply them to each and every town they own. There is rarely any need to cancel such enchantments, unless they are putting a great strain on Icon Mana.png Mana reserves.

Permanent and Temporary Effects Edit

A Town Enchantment may have either a temporary effect, a permanent effect, or both. This mainly determines what happens to these effects when/if the spell is removed from play.

A good example of a temporary effect is the Prosperity spell, which doubles the amount of Icon Gold.png Gold produced by the targeted town. The bonus is applied to the town as soon as Prosperity is cast, and will remain there constantly while the spell is in effect. However, the moment Prosperity is removed from play, the bonus disappears immediately - the town's Icon Gold.png Gold production returns to normal.

The Gaia's Blessing spell is a good example of a permanent effect: most of its effects do not really go away when the spell is removed. Gaia's Blessing, among other things, changes the terrain around the town to improve its Maximum Population and Icon Food.pngFood output. If the spell is removed, the terrain does not revert to its original form. This also means that any town that has grown beyond its original maximum size does not shrink back when Gaia's Blessing is removed. Any town that has already grown to its new maximum size no longer needs Gaia's Blessing, so the spell may be canceled without issues.

Knowing whether a Town Enchantment's effects are temporary or permanent is important for deciding whether to keep paying for it.

List of Town Enchantments Edit

The list below details each of the 16 Town Enchantments available in the game.

Name Realm Rarity Cost Combat
Upkeep Research Short Description
Altar of Battle Icon Life.pngLife Rare 300 -- 5 1300 All Normal Units produced in this town are "Elite" by default.
Astral Gate Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 350 -- 5 2250 Allows units in the enchanted town to freely shift to the other Plane and back.
Consecration Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 400 -- 8 3000 Target town is immune to virtually all negative spells and effects. All Corruption in the surrounding area is Purified automatically.
Heavenly Light Icon Life.pngLife Uncommon 150 -- 2 740 All battles taking place in the target town are automatically under the effect of a True Light spell.
Inspirations Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 350 -- 2 2000 Each citizen in the targeted town yields twice as much Icon Production.png Production as normal.
Prosperity Icon Life.pngLife Rare 250 -- 2 1200 Target town receives a 100% bonus to Icon Gold.png Gold income.
Stream of Life Icon Life.pngLife Rare 300 -- 8 1500 Target town's Population Growth is doubled, Unrest is entirely removed, and all units in the town are fully healed at the start of each turn.
Earth Gate Icon Nature.pngNature Very Rare 250 -- 5 4000 Allows units to travel freely between the target town and any other town possessing an Earth Gate.
Gaia's Blessing Icon Nature.pngNature Rare 300 -- 3 1600 Increases the Maximum Population in a town, and makes its surrounding area more suitable for Growth.
Nature's Eye Icon Nature.pngNature Uncommon 75 -- 1 350 Increases the scouting range of a Town to 5 tiles in every direction.
Flying Fortress Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Very Rare 500 -- 25 4000 During battle at the enchanted town, non-Flying units may not enter or leave the town area, nor make Melee Attacks across its boundaries.
Spell Ward Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Very Rare 350 -- 5 2000 Fantastic Units from the chosen Realm cannot enter or attack the targeted town.
Wall of Fire Icon Chaos.pngChaos Common 150 30 2 160 Any units attempting to move into the enchanted town during combat are subjected to a Icon Ranged Magic.png 5-strength attack delivering Immolation Damage.
Cloud of Shadow Icon Death.pngDeath Rare 150 -- 3 1200 All battles taking place in the targeted Town are automatically under the effect of Darkness.
Dark Rituals Icon Death.pngDeath Common 30 -- -- 60 All religious Town Buildings in the target Town produce twice as much Icon Power.png Power. However, Unrest and Population Growth suffer.
Wall of Darkness Icon Death.pngDeath Uncommon 200 40 5 680 During battle at the targeted Town, units outside the "town-proper" area cannot make Ranged Attacks at units inside this area.

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