Ability StoningGaze
Stoning Gaze is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic. With this ability, a unit can make a powerful Special Attack that forces each individual Icon Figure.png figure in the target unit to Icon Resist.png Resist or die instantly of Irreversible Damage.

The strength of a Stoning Gaze ability is noted after its name (e.g. "Stoning Gaze -2"). This indicates a temporary penalty applied to the target's Icon Resist.png Resistance score while the attack is taking place. The higher the penalty, the harder it is for the target to survive the attack.

Three units in the game possess Stoning Gaze by default, and all three are Fantastic Creatures. It is not possible to add Stoning Gaze to any unit that does not possess it, though it is possible to add either Stoning Damage or Death Damage to a Magical Item. Both are similar to Stoning Gaze, but slightly less powerful.

Note also that Stoning Gaze is similar to another ability, Death Gaze. Both attacks are executed in the same manner. The type of damage dealt is different; a successful Death Gaze deals normal damage (it can be healed or regenerated in combat). The Death Gaze can be averted with Death Immunity, while the Stoning Gaze can be averted with Stoning Immunity.

Description Edit

In Master of Magic, some creatures possess the ability to attack their target by gaze alone. All the creature needs to do is train its eyes on the opponent, and unleash a powerful stream of energy at that opponent. The target can only rely on its own willpower and skills to try and Resist this outburst of power, otherwise it may be destroyed on the spot.

For the purposes of Stoning Gaze, the unit's eye(s) releases a huge quantity of Icon Nature.pngNature energy. This energy can turn living tissue into stone - thus turning what was a live creature into a statue, killing it on the spot.

Effect Edit

Stoning Gaze is automatically used whenever the unit engages in close combat - whether voluntarily making a Melee Attack against a target or Counter Attacking to an enemy assault.

When used, it forces the target unit to make one Icon Resist.png Resistance roll per Icon Figure.png figure in the target unit. To resolve this effect, the game rolls a random number between 1 and 10. This is then compared to the target's current Icon Resist.png Resistance , minus the resistance modifier of the Stoning Gaze, if any. If the rolled number is higher than the modified Resistance score, the target unit is struck for Icon Damage.png Irreversible Damage Points equal to the full Icon Hits.png Hit Points of one of its Icon Figure.png Figures, slaying one figure instantly and possibly inflicting further Icon Damage.png Damage to the next figure in line.

The modifier to the target's Icon Resist.png Resistance score is equal to the strength of the Stoning Gaze attack, as noted after the name of the ability. Thus, Stoning Gaze -3 gives a Icon Resist.png -3 Resistance penalty to the target. This penalty applies only for the purpose of this specific attack, and is removed once the attack is over.

Timing within the Melee Attack Edit

As a Gaze Attack, Stoning Gaze is executed prior to Melee Damage, but if used when defending, after the attacker's Icon Thrown.png Thrown, Icon Breath.png Breath, and Ability StoningGaze.png Gaze Attacks. Thus, any Icon Figure.png figures destroyed by Stoning Gaze will not deliver Melee Damage, and a unit completely destroyed by the attacker's Icon Thrown.png Thrown, Icon Breath.png Breath, or Ability StoningGaze.png Gaze Attacks will not deliver a Gaze Attack.

Immunity Edit

Units with Stoning Immunity and/or Magic Immunity are impervious to Stoning Gaze. They do not need to make any Icon Resist.png Resistance rolls, instead completely ignoring the attack.
Also, any unit with Icon Resist.png 10 remaining after all factors have been computed, as well as any Charmed hero, is rendered effectively invulnerable to Stoning Gaze by virtue of its resistance score.

Units with Default Stoning Gaze Edit

There are only three units that possesses Stoning Gaze by default. All three are Fantastic Units, one from the Icon Chaos.pngChaos realm and two from the Icon Nature.pngNature realm.

Tactical Basilisk Basilisk - Stoning Gaze -1
Tactical ChaosSpawn Chaos Spawn - Stoning Gaze -4
Tactical Gorgons Gorgons - Stoning Gaze -2

All three units are quite dangerous to opponents with low Resistance scores, though the Chaos Spawn is significantly more dangerous than the others. All three units are very dangerous to attack in Melee combat as a result, except with units possessing very high Resistance.

Note also that several creatures possess a similar ability called Death Gaze. There is no procedural difference between Stoning Gaze and Death Gaze, though it is impossible to heal or resurrect units killed primarily by the former. The Chaos Spawn possesses both attacks simultaneously - with very deadly results.

Acquiring Stoning Gaze Edit

There is no known method of adding a Stoning Gaze ability to any unit that does not already possess it, nor to increase a unit's Stoning Gaze strength beyond its default.

Note however that it is possible to add a Stoning Touch ability (a similar attack also delivering Stoning Damage) to a Hero by imbuing a Magical Item with the Stoning Item Power. This magic is significantly weaker than Stoning Gaze, because the Touch is rolled once per attacking figure (rather than once per defending figure)— and all heroes are single-figure units.

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