Book White 1 Book Green 1 Book Blue 1 Book Red 1 Book Black 1

Every Wizard, at the start of the game, is in possession of a library of books, containing the secrets of magic -- if only the Wizard can decode them. Every wizard has the Icon Arcane.pngArcane spells available, containing 14 spells, but most also have one or more other books from the other Magical Realms. It is from this library that the wizard does all his Icon Research.png Research; while it is possible to learn individual spells from other sources, only the spells in his Spellbooks can ever be researched. Each of these books is bound with the mark of its realm, as shown.

Selection Edit

Above the "Intro" difficulty, a round of Master of Magic opens by offering the player 11 picks by which to make a selection of Spellbooks and Retorts. Persuant to this, you can begin the game with up to 11 Spellbooks. Owning both Icon Life.pngLife and Icon Death.pngDeath ranks is forbidden, and there is no such thing as an Icon Arcane.pngArcane Spellbook, but apart from that, anything goes.

Acquisition Edit

The only way to acquire more Spellbooks during the campaign is to sack Lairs of extreme power. These might offer 1 or 2 Specials. See the article on Treasure for details on procedural generation of Specials. A Wizard may hold no more than 13 Spellbooks and 6 Retorts at any time, ranging effectively between 19 and 26 picks (13 picks worth of books and 6-13 picks worth of skills).

When you find a Spellbook, a randomly-chosen group of Unknown spells instantly become Learnable (see below), commensurate with getting the next rank in the color.

Effects Edit

  • Each book on the shelf contributes Icon Power.png 1 Power to the wizard at the Fortress.
  • Each book adds 2 points to the wizard's initial Spell Casting Skill.
  • Ranks grant spell knowledge and Research / Casting discounts in the color according to the following table.
Ranks Spells Learnable (Guaranteed) Icon Research.png Icon Mana.png
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
1 3 1
2 5 (1) 2 1
3 6 (2) 3 2 1
4 7 (3) 4 3 2
5 8 (4) 5 4 3
6 9 (5) 6 5 4
7 10 (6) 8 6 5
8 10 (7) 10 7 6 +10% -10%
9 10 (8) 10 8 7 +20% -20%
10 10 (9) 10 10 10 +30% -30%
11 10 (10) 10 (2) 10 (1) 10     +40% -40%
12 +50% -50%
13   +60%     -60%  
This table conforms to Master of Magic v1.31. In earlier versions of the game, distribution leaned more towards higher-rarity guarantees, and allowed picking Very Rare spells when possessing a large number of Spellbooks.
Main article: Spell Rarity
  • Spellbooks are needed to take advanced Retorts. Those found during the campaign ignore these requirements.
Retort Minimum prerequisite spellbooks
Divine Power Icon Life.png4
Infernal Power Icon Death.png4
Chaos Mastery Icon Chaos.png4
Nature Mastery Icon Nature.png4
Sorcery Mastery     Icon Sorcery.png4
Node Mastery Icon Chaos.png1 Icon Nature.png1 Icon Sorcery.png1
Archmage 4 ranks in one (any) magic realm
Mana Focusing 4 ranks in one (any) magic realm
Sage Master 1 rank each in any two different realms
Runemaster 2 ranks each in any three different realms
Book White 1 Book Green 1 Book Blue 1 Book Red 1 Book Black 1
Icon Nature.png2 Resist Elements
Icon Life.png2 Bless Icon Nature.png2 Water Walking
Icon Life.png2 Endurance Icon Nature.png2 Stoning Icon Sorcery.png2 Resist Magic Icon Chaos.png2 Flaming Icon Death.png2 Cloak of Fear
Icon Nature.png3 Pathfinding Icon Sorcery.png3 Flight
Icon Life.png3 Holy Avenger Icon Nature.png3 Giant Strength Icon Sorcery.png3 Guardian Wind Icon Death.png3 Death
Icon Death.png4 Power Drain
Icon Life.png4 Righteousness Icon Nature.png4 Elemental Armor Icon Death.png4 Wraithform
Icon Life.png5 Planar Travel Icon Sorcery.png5 Magic Immunity Icon Chaos.png5 Lightning
Icon Life.png5 Invulnerability Icon Sorcery.png5 Invisibility Icon Chaos.png5 Destruction Icon Death.png5 Vampiric
Icon Life.png6 True Sight
Icon Life.png6 Lion Heart Icon Nature.png6 Regeneration Icon Sorcery.png6 Phantasmal Icon Chaos.png6 Chaos
Icon Sorcery.png7 Haste
  • Finally, certain pre-fab magical items demand ranks in order to show up in a treasure hoard. Of the 250 pre-fab items, 143 require ranks, possibly in multiple realms, and not necessarily in the color associated with the item's Powers. A full list of these, with their prerequisites, is located here.

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