Advisor Sorcery Buggy Feature
As of Master of Magic v1.31, Spell Charges (Item Power) is known to be malfunctioning in at least one way. Please read the Known Bugs section below.

Spell Charges
Item Power
Item Wand 5 Item Staff 3
Item Sword 1 Item Mace 1 Item Axe 9 Item Bow 1
Cost special
A designated spell known to the Wizard may be cast by the wielder up to 4 times per battle, consuming charges instead of the hero's Casting Skill points.

Spell Charges is a special Item Power. A Hero wielding an item with Spell Charges can cast a designated spell in combat directly through the item, using its charges rather than his own mana. It is available for Wands and Staves through Create Artifact and requires knowledge of the spell in question, though a few of the game's pre-defined items also have specific Spell Charges.

An exploit enables the less-scrupulous to imbue Spell Charges for free, on any weapon, greatly expanding this Item Power's role in the game. Barring this, a spell adds a stiff 20x its base (Combat) Casting Cost for each charge when crafting.

Effect Edit

Wizards in Master of Magic can craft Wands and Staves that specialize in channeling magic in a specific pattern. It is one thing to cast a spell, though, and quite another to craft an item which casts the spell through its own self-replenishing reserve of power. Creating a Charged artifact can be among the most expensive operations a Wizard pulls off in his career.

This power permits a single, valid combat spell already known to the wizard to be embedded in the weapon and cast as a normal action in combat, with 1-4 charges per battle. The item instantly recharges after combat ends; Spell Charges are never permanently consumed.

ItemPower SpellCharges Dialogue
A total of 91 different spells from the six realms of magic could potentially become Spell Charges. Below are the various Types of Spells you get access to:

This Item Power is commonly denoted with the name of the spell and a multiple showing the total number of charges per battle; e.g., High Prayer x1, or Phantom Beast x4. After all the item's charges are spent, the Hero may continue casting the spell in combat, but now spending his own casting skill as normal.

Heroes without the Caster ability, as well as those who are unable to hold wands or staves in their weapon slot, can still use Spell Charges. An accessible specimen from among the pre-fab items would be the Axe of the Caster. Pure melee heroes can equip this axe and be fully-able to cast High Prayer.

Full Spell List Edit

Spell Rarity Realm
Icon Nature.pngNature Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Icon Chaos.pngChaos Icon Life.pngLife Icon Death.pngDeath Icon Arcane.pngArcane
Common Earth to Mud Resist Magic Warp Wood Bless Weakness Dispel Magic
Resist Elements Dispel Magic True Disrupt Star Fires Cloak of Fear Disenchant Area
Giant Strength Guardian Wind Fire Bolt Holy Weapon Black Sleep Recall Hero
Web Phantom Warriors Eldritch Weapon Healing Life Drain
Stone Skin Confusion Wall of Fire Holy Armor Terror
Word of Recall Shatter True Light Darkness
Counter Magic Warp Creature Heroism Mana Leak
Psionic Blast Fire Elemental
Uncommon Cracks Call Blur Lightning Bolt True Sight Possession
Ice Bolt Disenchant True Flame Blade Dispel Evil Black Prayer
Vertigo Fireball Raise Dead Berserk
Spell Lock Immolation Prayer
Phantom Beast
Rare Elemental Armor Invisibility Warp Lightning Lionheart Wraith Form
Petrify Banish Metal Fires Invulnerability Wrack
Iron Skin Air Elemental Doom Bolt Righteousness
Earth Elemental Mind Storm Magic Vortex
Magic Immunity Warp Reality
Haste Flame Strike
Very Rare Regeneration Creature Binding Disintegrate Mass Healing Word of Death
Entangle Mass Invisibility Call Chaos Holy Word Death Spell
Call Lightning High Prayer Animate Dead

Magnitude Slider Edit

Additional Power Slider

Spells that prompt the Wizard to put additional power into the effect can be maximized freely. The limit is the Casting Skill currently available to the Hero. For instance, a Hero with Icon Mana.png 35 Skill Points can throw a charged spell that has a base cost of Icon Mana.png 10 and pump an additional Icon Mana.png 25 into it, and should virtually always do so. His own mana pool will not be tapped. The additional power will not cost him a thing.

Occasionally, Heroes without the Caster ability will be able to use Spell Charges. In these cases the slider, if it appears, should not be touched. Additional power will wrap negative and decrease the strength of the spell! Caster Heroes who attempt to max the slider after their skill has already been depleted are at risk of this, as well.

Enemy Spell Save Penalty Edit

Spells that make use of the "− Spell Save" attribute on Wands, Staves, and Jewelry will continue to do so when the hero casts these spells from Charges. There are only a few such spells:

Spells using "− Spell Save"
Icon Nature.pngNature Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Icon Chaos.pngChaos Icon Life.pngLife Icon Death.pngDeath
Petrify Banish Disintegrate Dispel Evil Black Sleep
Confusion Shatter Possession
Creature Binding Warp Creature Weakness
Vertigo Word of Death

Note: In the unofficial 1.40 Insecticide Patch, "− Spell Save" will also affect the following spells: Life Drain, Holy Word, Death Spell.

The "− Spell Save" modifiers from items stack, so this mechanic presents a means by which the hero can hit enemies with some very dangerous, near-irresistible effects, over and over again (though at a great initial expense to the Wizard crafting his equipment).

Acquisition Edit

Create Artifact Edit

Main article: Item Crafting

The cost of crafting Spell Charges with Icon Arcane.png Create Artifact is given by the following formula:

Spell Charges = Combat Spell Cost * 20 * number of charges
                -50% if Artificer
                -25% if Runemaster

For example the base cost of crafting Death Spell x3 would be given by

Icon Mana.png 50 * 20 * 3 = Icon Mana.png 3,000

...which gets discounted to Icon Mana.png 2,250 if the Wizard is a Runemaster, Icon Mana.png 1,500 if the Wizard is an Artificer, and Icon Mana.png 750 if the Wizard is both.

The only prerequisite for Spell Charges is knowledge of the spell you wish to embed.

Overland Edit

The game data files contain 250 pre-defined Items. Of these, eleven possess Spell Charges of some kind. There are three different ways by which you can acquire one of these pre-defined Items:

Most realm-derived Item Powers cause the item to require specific (and quite irregular) Spellbook ranks before it will turn up in Treasure for a Wizard, and many of the items below have such requirements, though not on account of the Spell Charges.

The table below lists the pre-defined items with Spell Charges.

Premade Items with Spell Charges
Icon Mana.png Item Attributes Realm Powers Required Ranks
850 Item Wand 5 Wand of the Mind Icon Melee Magic.png 1 Icon Mana.png 5 Psionic Blast x2

1650 Item Staff 3 Word of God Icon Melee Magic.png 2 Icon ToHit.png 1 Icon Defense.png 1 Holy Word x4

1700 Item Axe 9 Axe of the Caster Icon Mana.png 10 High Prayer x1

2700 Item Wand 1 Wand of Ultimate Might Icon Melee Magic.png 2 Icon Mana.png 10 Disintegrate x2

3050 Item Wand 9 Wand of the Beast Icon Melee Magic.png 1 Phantom Beast x4

9100 Item Staff 5 Theodores Liberator Icon Melee Magic.png 6 Icon Mana.png 20 Icon SpellSave.png -4 Creature Binding x4

1500 Item Staff 2 The Traveller Icon Melee Magic.png 1 Icon Defense.png 1 Holy Weapon x3
Planar Travel
Icon Chaos.png5
8200 Item Staff 1 Staff of Superiority Icon Mana.png 20 Mind Storm x4
Icon Sorcery.png6 Icon Chaos.png6
Merchant Only
Icon Mana.png Item Attributes Realm Powers Required Ranks
2300 Item Wand 1 Wand of the Grey Wizard Dispel True x2
Power Drain
Magic Immunity
Planar Travel
Icon Nature.png4 Icon Sorcery.png5 Icon Chaos.png5
3500 Item Staff 5 Staff Of Confusion Confusion x4
Elemental Armor
Planar Travel
Icon Nature.png5 Icon Sorcery.png4 Icon Chaos.png5
3100 Item Staff 1 Zlotakian Staff of Magic Invisibility x3
Power Drain
Resist Elements
Resist Magic
Icon Nature.png6 Icon Sorcery.png4 Icon Chaos.png2 Icon Life.png2

Known Bugs Edit

It is possible to get Spell Charges on an item for free.

In version 1.31, the program fails to delete this Item Power entirely from memory when it is assigned and subsequently removed in the Create Artifact dialogue screen. This opens up a major exploit: the Spell Charges will appear on the final product even though they were not accounted for in its casting or mana value. To observe this, the following procedure may be used:

ItemPower SpellCharges BugExample

Items made with this exploit can have up to five powers, and the spell charges are no longer restricted to Magic Rods.

  1. Select Wand or Staff, and then select the Spell Charges power and assign the spell and number of charges, as normal.
  2. Click on the power again, deleting it.
  3. Finalize your item (you can also change it to an entirely different piece of equipment other than a Wand or Staff, if you intend), go back to the overland map, and let the casting proceed.
  4. The completed item will have the Spell Charges you deleted.

Using this method, the Spell Charges property is free, and it may be assigned to any item, not only Wands and Staves. It will nevertheless function only on weapons. The item will likewise not yield any additional Icon Mana.png Mana when smashed on the anvil. It does not count as one of the powers on an item, meaning that you can still assign up to four other powers on your creation.

Other Bugs
  • Opening a hero's Spellbook (S) will disable his Icon Breath.png Breath and Icon Thrown.png Thrown attacks thereafter for the duration of combat. This affects Fang, Shalla, Bahgtru and Gunther.
  • Toggling Auto (A) in combat causes the hero to spam the charges (often needlessly).

Strategy Edit

Costing 20 times the mana of the governing combat spell and adding many, many turns of overland casting time to Item Crafting, a Spell Charge is prohibitively expensive unless your Wizard has Artificer / Runemaster. The temptation to make use of the exploit in 1.31 is very great. Being able to cast a string of free spells in combat can provide you with an overwhelming advantage.

Among the common spells, Confusion, Phantom Warriors, Fire Elemental, Healing, and Black Sleep are useful for any hero to throw. Caster heroes have additional options. You can freely throw additional power into Charged spells, so Psionic Blast, Fire Bolt, and particularly Life Drain, which grants your caster temporary Icon Hits.png Hearts and reanimates slain units, are well-worth considering in your early-game plans.

The hexes that test enemy resistance (listed in the Enemy Spell Save Penalty section) become most attractive once you can afford to stack "− Spell Save" modifiers on your hero's equipment.

When you obtain a Rare or Very Rare combat spell, possibly by using one of the above spells to help clear a Lair, it may be time to reforge your hero's primary weapon to take full advantage of it.

Avoiding the exploit will teach you to be more discriminate about the number of Charges you assign, the expense of the spell, and its breadth of use. The Summoning Spells tend to be the most widely-useful, as such; it does no good charging a wand with some kind of targeted spell your enemies are immune to.