Advisor Sorcery
Sorcery Quick Reference
Summoning Unit
Combat Special
Common Floating Island Effects: Summoning
Target: one map square
Research Cost: 60
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Summons an apparently solid cloud to any visible ocean map square of a wizard's choice. This thick body of vapors can carry up to eight units across water and moves at a speed of two map squares/turn.

Phantom Warriors Effects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 100
Casting Cost: 10 mana
Upkeep: none
Summons a group of illusory phantom warriors and binds them to the will of the wizard. The phantoms attack with illusory weapons that completely ignore the effects of armor. When combat ends, the phantom warriors disappear.

Nagas Effects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 220
Casting Cost: 100 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Summons a pair of trident-wielding nagas. These swimming creatures spit poison at their foes during combat.
Resist Magic Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 20
Casting Cost: 5/15 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Adds 5 to all resistance rolls versus magic.

Guardian Wind Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 80
Casting Cost: 10/50 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Surrounds the unit with a magically protective wall of air, making the unit almost totally immune to arrow and sling attacks.
Dispel Magic True Effects: Instant Combat
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 40
Casting Cost: 10+ mana
Upkeep: none
A stronger version of the arcane Dispel Magic. Every point of mana spent on casting this spell counts as three for the purposes of dispelling the target unit's enchantments.

Confusion Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: enemy unit
Research Cost: 130
Casting Cost: 15 mana
Upkeep: none
Attempts to disorient a target unit. A confused unit does not recover (unless disenchanted) until after combat ends. Every turn the confused unit randomly does one of the following: stand around and do nothing, move randomly, attack allies, or attack enemies.

Counter Magic Effects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 190
Casting Cost: 10+ mana
Upkeep: none
Creates a reserve of counter magic power which resists all spells cast by an opponent wizard as if you had cast an equally-strong dispel magic. Each spell casting attempt by the opposing wizard reduces the strength of the counter magic reserve by five mana.

Psionic Blast Effects: Instant Combat
Target: enemy unit
Research Cost: 250
Casting Cost: 10+ mana
Upkeep: none
Targets a unit with an intensely damaging stream of mental energy. This strength 5 non-physical attack can be increased by one per every two extra mana points spent on the spell.
Word of Recall Effects: Instant
Target: one friendly unit
Research Cost: 160
Casting Cost: 20 mana
Upkeep: none
Transports a target friendly unit back to a wizard's summoning circle. If there is no space in the city for the recalled unit, one of the units already occupying the city square is displaced to a neighboring land square.
Uncommon Phantom Beast Effects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 800
Casting Cost: 35 mana
Upkeep: none
Summons an illusory phantom beast. A beast only appears if a battle is on land and if there are fewer than nine units already fighting for the wizard. The phantom beast is immune to all forms of death magic and disappears when combat ends.
Spell Lock Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 450
Casting Cost: 20/100 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Prevents a target unit's positive enchantments from being dispelled. If the target unit is a summoned creature, spell lock also protects the bonds that tie it to the controlling wizard. Spell lock must be dispelled (resistance of 150) before any further enchantments can be removed from the creature or unit.

Flight Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 560
Casting Cost: 25/125 mana
Upkeep: 3 mana/turn
Bestows the power of flight upon a target unit.
Wind Mastery Effects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 620
Casting Cost: 400 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Doubles the speed of all ships and sky masters controlled by a wizard, and halves the speed of all others.

Aura of Majesty Effects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 740
Casting Cost: 400 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Hoodwinks all enemy wizards into liking the casting wizard. Each turn the spell is in effect, relations are shifted by +1 diplomatic point on a scale of -100 to +100.
Blur Effects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 300
Casting Cost: 25 mana
Upkeep: none
Blurs the outline of all friendly units making them more difficult to hit. There is a 10% chance that each point of damage done to the target unit will miss.

Vertigo Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: enemy unit
Research Cost: 400
Casting Cost: 25 mana
Upkeep: none
If a targeted unit fails to resist, it suffers a penalty to hit of 2 (i.e., it has a -20% chance to hit) and has more trouble defending than usual (lose 1 shield).
Disenchant True Effects: Instant
Target: map square
Research Cost: 350
Casting Cost: 50+ mana
Upkeep: none
A much stronger version of Disenchant Area, with triple the chance of removing target enchantments (each point of mana spent casting the spell counts as three for the purposes of dispelling a target unit's enchantment).

Enchant Road Effects: Instant
Target: 5 x 5 map area
Research Cost: 500
Casting Cost: 100 mana
Upkeep: none
Makes all roads within two map squares of the targeted area cost no movement points to travel over for corporeal units. Note that all roads on Myrror are automatically enchanted.

Spell Blast Effects: Instant
Target: opponent wizard
Research Cost: 680
Casting Cost: 50+ mana
Upkeep: none
Attempts to counter an enemy wizard's spell as it is being cast. When spell blast takes effect, a wizard must expend as much of his or her own magic power (from mana reserves) as the enemy wizard has spent on the opposing spell to blast that spell out of existence. If a wizard does not have enough mana to match his target, spell blast fails.
Rare Storm Giant Effects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1200
Casting Cost: 500 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Summons a lightning bolt-wielding storm giant. Storm giants not only hurl vicious lightning bolts over long distances, they also use lightning bolts when fighting hand-to-hand with their enemies.

Air Elemental Effects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1300
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Summons an invisible, flying air elemental during battle. The creature disappears when combat ends. Note that a wizard must have fewer than nine units in a battle to summon this creature.
Invisibility Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 960
Casting Cost: 35/175 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Renders the unit invisible to all units, except those Immune to Illusion and those that have True Sight. In combat, the unit becomes visible when adjacent to an enemy unit, but still penalizes the to hit roll of enemy units by -1.

Wind Walking Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 1040
Casting Cost: 250 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Allows the enchanted unit and all units in its stack to fly (with a speed of 3) on the overland map. Does not work in combat.

Magic Immunity Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 1600
Casting Cost: 50/250 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Makes a target unit completely immune to all magic spells and spell-like effects. It also gives the unit immunity to breath and gaze attacks. Finally, the unit is almost completely immune to all magical ranged attacks.
Banish Effects: Instant Combat
Target: one fantastic unit
Research Cost: 1120
Casting Cost: 20+ mana
Upkeep: none
Destroys the magical bond that keeps a fantastic unit with its controlling magician. Each figure within the unit must resist at -3 or be returned whence they were summoned. Every additional 15 mana lowers the targets' resistance by one.

Mind Storm Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: enemy unit
Research Cost: 1400
Casting Cost: 35 mana
Upkeep: none
Causes intense mental anguish to the creature(s) in a target enemy unit. Unable to concentrate, the creatures automatically (with no chance to resist) lose 5 to all of their melee, thrown and ranged attack strengths, defense and resistance. This spell does not affect units that have Immunity to Illusions.

Haste Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 1700
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Doubles the movement (speed) and number of attacks (both melee and ranged) of a target unit. The target unit becomes so fast that it even counterattacks (when defending during melee combat) twice.
Disjunction True Effects: Instant
Target: one global enchantment
Research Cost: 880
Casting Cost: 200+ mana
Upkeep: none
Equivalent to a very strong version of the arcane magic Disjunction, with triple the chance of success. Each mana spent on casting this spell counts as three for the purposes of dispelling the target global enchantment.

Stasis Effects: Instant
Target: one map square
Research Cost: 1500
Casting Cost: 250 mana
Upkeep: none
Paralyzes all enemy units in a target square for a minimum of one turn. After the first turn a unit passes in stasis, it has one opportunity per turn to free itself by successfully resisting (at a penalty of 5 to resistance) the stasis field.
Very Rare Djinn Effects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1850
Casting Cost: 650 mana
Upkeep: 17 mana/turn
Summons a djinn. This powerful, flying being can hurl ranged magic attacks at its opponents and is capable of casting up to 20 spell points of sorcery magic during every combat.

Sky Drake Effects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 4500
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: 25 mana/turn
Summons a fierce, lightning-breathing wind dragon from the realm of air. The powerful sky drake is immune to magic and illusions. Its lightning breath can easily vaporize most opponents.
Spell Ward Effects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 2000
Casting Cost: 350 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Provides total immunity for the city from one specific realm of spells (including combat spells) and prohibits any fantastic creatures from entering the protected city. Caster must select which realm to ward against: chaos, death, life, nature, or sorcery.

Flying Fortress Effects: City Enchantment
Target: wizard's city
Research Cost: 4000
Casting Cost: 500 mana
Upkeep: 25 mana/turn
Suspends a wizard's enchanted fortress far above the earth. Only flying units may enter (or attack) and leave this 'city in the clouds.' The wizard's own foot troops may enter and exit the city overland; during combat, once a foot troop (non-flying unit) leaves the floating city it cannot re-enter until the battle is over.
Suppress Magic Effects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 5000
Casting Cost: 1250 mana
Upkeep: 50 mana/turn
All overland spells not cast by caster must overcome a 500 mana strength dispel or be eliminated.

Time Stop Effects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 6000
Casting Cost: 1500 mana
Upkeep: 200 mana/turn
Stops the passage of time for all enemy wizards and their troops and spells. Only the casting wizard may move units. He or she must pay maintenance on this spell, but only on this spell.
Creature Binding Effects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one fantastic unit
Research Cost: 2250
Casting Cost: 70 mana
Upkeep: none
Attempts to alter the allegiance of a fantastic (i.e., summoned) creature. If a target unit fails to resist the spell (at a penalty of 2 to its resistance), it is bound to fight for the casting wizard until the end of combat (or until disenchanted). The bound creature disappears after combat ends.

Mass Invisibility Effects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 2500
Casting Cost: 80 mana
Upkeep: none
Makes all friendly units invisible to their opponents. While invisible, the units cannot be targeted by ranged weapons and all melee attacks against them suffer a penalty to hit of one (i.e., -10% chance to hit).
Great Unsummoning Effects: Instant
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 3000
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: none
Tries to banish all fantastic creatures (including those bound to the casting wizard) from both Arcanus and Myrror! Creatures suffer a penalty of 2 to their resistance when attempting to oppose this spell.

Spell Binding Effects: Instant
Target: one global enchantment
Research Cost: 3500
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: as for target enchantment
Steals a global enchantment from another wizard. The stolen global spell becomes the property of the casting wizard in terms of maintenance and control.

The Sorcery Realm is one of the six Magical Realms in Master of Magic. Sorcery is themed around creating illusions and manipulating ephemeral features of the environment, such as air, magicka, and the passage of time. Meant for waging a cold war against other Wizards and their forces, Sorcery spells focus on opportunistic shutdown and defense.

The mark of the Realm is a Icon Sorcery.pngBlue Sparkle that appears on the bindings of Sorcery Spellbooks in-game, and denotes Sorcery spells, effects, and "Spellbook Ranks" on this wiki.

Description Edit

Sorcery appears to be a realm of elemental magic, like Nature and Chaos, that is connected in some way to the natural history of Arcanus and Myrror. There may be a "Sorcery Realm," a cosmic source of power for the Sorcery Nodes dotting the landscape, but the in-game help is more explicit about the existence of a "Realm of Air": the home plane of various aerial creatures which a practitioner may bind into service; and the basis of many spell effects from this school.

Like the Arcane, Sorcery also governs some unknown, ethereal dimension or context, from which sorcerers channel power to produce exotic effects, such as illusions and warps in space, time, and perceptions. The manual's so-called "meta-magic" arts feature prominently in Sorcery as well: a line of research into sustained magical barriers and counterspells, bigger and better than plain old Arcane Dispel effects.

Sorcery does not seem to inspire the game's races towards an ideology around the magic - very much unlike the realms of Life, Death, Chaos, and Nature. A truly academic realm, it only attracts a few wizard and hero-practitioners, perhaps being accounted too strange a discipline for ordinary mortals to apply in civil and military work.

Advisor Sorcery
A wizard with mainly Sorcery spellbooks will take a Scarab as a familiar, maybe as a comment on the relationship between the magic-wielder and the heavens. The ancient Egyptians considered the Scarab beetle's behaviour, endlessly rolling compacted dung around, a microcosm of the operation of celestial bodies by the gods.

Acquisition Edit

The player may pick up to Icon Sorcery.png11 Sorcery ranks when creating a new game. Additional Spellbooks may appear from time to time in Treasure from Encounter Zones. Sorcery is unique among the five "colored" Realms in that it is not directly opposed to any of the others.

Selecting just one Sorcery book or two will unlock random Sorcery spells for research and fulfill requirements for certain Wizard abilities, while leaving room to specialize in something else. For each Spellbook rank taken above the first, one Common Sorcery spell may be selected to be Known from the start. The most general-purpose spells on the Common tier, such as Icon Sorcery.pngWord of Recall, Icon Sorcery.pngPhantom Warriors, and Icon Sorcery.pngConfusion, are all popular initial picks.

Picking more books allows more spells to be Known at the beginning, eventual access to the Realm's rarest spells, and improved research and casting ability in Sorcery. In addition to widening spell knowledge, the middle ranks unlock strong enchantments for use in Item Crafting. Sorcery is a favorable school of focus for boosting Heroes and "homemade" equipment in this manner.

Sorcery is rather slow until the Wizard has a large selection of spells for use in various circumstances, but it possesses some of the most powerful spells in the game at the higher levels. It has a few, very pointed, Summoning Spells and Unit Enchantments, and instead focuses on presenting a wide variety of Instant Spells and Combat Instants - but again has some of the best Very Rare Spells in each category.

Realm Details Edit

Main article: List of Spells

Sorcery has 10 spells per degree of Spell Rarity, totaling 40 spells with a cumulative research cost of Icon Research.png 59,950. Each member holds a discrete cost increment along the spectrum between Icon Research.png 20 (Icon Sorcery.pngResist Magic) and Icon Research.png 6,000 (Icon Sorcery.pngTime Stop).

List of Sorcery Spells Edit

Name Rarity Type Target Overland
Icon Research.png
Air Elemental ­Rare Summoning Spell Combat tile -- ­50 -- ­­1300
Aura of Majesty Uncommon   Global Enchantment -- ­400 -- 5 ­740
Banish ­Rare Combat Instant Enemy fant. unit   -- ­20+ -- ­­1120
Blur Uncommon Combat Enchantment   -- -- ­25 -- ­300
Confusion Common Unit Curse Enemy unit -- ­15 -- ­130
Counter Magic Common Combat Enchantment -- -- ­10+ -- ­190
Creature Binding ­Very Rare Unit Curse Enemy fant. unit -- ­70 -- ­­2250
Disenchant True Uncommon Instant Spell Map square 50+ ­50+ -- ­350
Disjunction True ­Rare Instant Spell Enemy global ­200+ -- -- ­880
Dispel Magic True Common Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­10+ -- 40
Djinn ­Very Rare Summoning Spell -- ­650 -- ­17 ­­1850
Enchant Road Uncommon Instant Spell Map square ­100 -- -- ­500
Flight Uncommon Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­125 ­25 3 ­560
Floating Island Common Summoning Spell Map square 50 -- 5 60
Flying Fortress ­Very Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­500 -- ­25 ­­4000
Great Unsummoning   ­Very Rare Instant Spell -- ­­1000 -- -- ­­3000
Guardian Wind Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 50 ­10 2 80
Haste ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit -- ­50 -- ­­1700
Invisibility ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­175 ­35 ­10 ­960
Magic Immunity ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­250 ­50 5 ­­1600
Mass Invisibility ­Very Rare Combat Enchantment -- -- ­80 -- ­­2500
Mind Storm ­Rare Unit Curse Enemy unit -- ­35 -- ­­1400
Nagas Common Summoning Spell -- ­100 -- 2 ­220
Phantom Beast Uncommon Summoning Spell Combat tile -- ­35 -- ­800
Phantom Warriors Common Summoning Spell Combat tile -- ­10 -- ­100
Psionic Blast Common Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­10+ -- ­250
Resist Magic Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 25 5 1 20
Sky Drake ­Very Rare Summoning Spell -- ­­1000 -- ­25 ­­4500
Spell Binding ­Very Rare Instant Spell Enemy global ­­1000 -- -- ­­3500
Spell Blast Uncommon Instant Spell Enemy wizard 50+ -- -- ­680
Spell Lock Uncommon Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­100 ­20 1 ­450
Spell Ward ­Very Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­350 -- 5 ­­2000
Stasis ­Rare Instant Spell Map square ­250 -- -- ­­1500
Storm Giant ­Rare Summoning Spell -- ­500 -- ­10 ­­1200
Suppress Magic ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1250 -- ­50 ­­5000
Time Stop ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1500 -- ­­200 ­­6000  
Vertigo Uncommon Unit Curse Enemy unit -- ­25 -- ­400
Wind Mastery Uncommon Global Enchantment -- ­400 -- 5 ­620
Wind Walking ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­250 -- ­10 ­­1040
Word of Recall Common Instant Spell Friendly unit 20 ­20 -- ­160

General Pros and Cons Edit

Sorcery is a strategic toolbox. Most of the strongest Wizard builds — such as they are regarded by the Master of Magic player base — will either start the game with, or leave room for, some Sorcery Spellbooks, to get access to favored spells and effects.



Unit Enchantments Edit

The Sorcery Realm's positive Unit Enchantments bestow unusual defenses to friendly target units. The Common members of the group, Icon Sorcery.pngResist Magic and Icon Sorcery.pngGuardian Wind, are just for contingencies: they might save a unit against Unit Curses or standard Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile attacks (respectively), or the occasion simply might not arise.

Further along though, Icon Sorcery.pngFlight, Icon Sorcery.pngInvisibility, Icon Sorcery.pngMagic Immunity, Icon Sorcery.pngWind Walking, and Icon Sorcery.pngHaste are essential research goals - expensive, game-changing spells meant for valuable units. Wind Walking and Flight greatly improve overland movement for armies and increase liberties in battle. Magic Immunity and Invisibility shield the unit from many kinds of threats.

An extra layer of defense, the Uncommon Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Lock can help these spells resist the Dispelling attempts of rival Wizards and Heroes.

Fantastic Units Edit

The Sorcery Realm has eight native Fantastic Unit types. Its Summoning Spell repertoire emphasizes Combat Summoning.

The combat summons are Icon Sorcery.pngPhantom Warriors, Icon Sorcery.pngPhantom Beast, and Icon Sorcery.pngAir Elemental; respectively Common, Uncommon, and Rare entries. They deal damage and draw the enemy's attention away from other units on the field. They can provide pinch-defense in a remote or poorly-defended City, lessening the need for big garrisons across the map.

The Icon Sorcery.pngNagas, Icon Sorcery.pngStorm Giant, and Icon Sorcery.pngDjinn, respectively Common, Rare, and Very Rare, are sturdier and more expensive creatures available through overland summoning. More expensive still is the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake, one of the three elemental dragons at the top of the Fantastic Unit hierarchy.

Sorcery's oddball summon is the Common Icon Sorcery.pngFloating Island spell. It's essentially a huge Transport that can be conjured overland on any visible water tile.

Fantastic Creatures of Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery
Icon Name Icon Research.png C U Icon MultiFigureUnit Moves Icon Melee Normal.png Icon Ranged Bow.png Icon Defense.png Icon Resist.png Icon Hits.png Icon ToHit.png
Unit Icon FloatingIsland Transparent Floating Island Icon Research.png 60 Icon Mana.png 50 Icon Mana.png 5 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Sailing2 Icon Defense.png 0 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 45
Transport ×8, Poison Immunity, Death Immunity, Stoning Immunity
Unit Icon PhantomWarriors Transparent Phantom Warriors Icon Research.png 100 Icon Mana.png 10 n/a1 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 6 Icon Movement Ground1 Icon Melee Normal.png 3 Icon Defense.png 0 Icon Resist.png 6 Icon Hits.png 1
Poison Immunity, Death Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Non-Corporeal, Illusion
Unit Icon Nagas Transparent Nagas Icon Research.png 220 Icon Mana.png 100 Icon Mana.png 2 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 2 Icon Movement Water1 Icon Melee Normal.png 4 Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 6 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Poison Touch 4, First Strike
Unit Icon PhantomBeast Transparent Phantom Beast Icon Research.png 800 Icon Mana.png 35 n/a1 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 18 Icon Defense.png 0 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 20 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Poison Immunity, Death Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Non-Corporeal, Illusion
Unit Icon StormGiant Transparent Storm Giant Icon Research.png 1,200 Icon Mana.png 500 Icon Mana.png 10 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 12 Icon Ranged Magic.png 10 Icon Defense.png 7 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 20 Icon ToHit.png +20%
Ranged Shots x4, Wall Crusher, Armor Piercing
Unit Icon AirElemental Transparent Air Elemental Icon Research.png 1,300 Icon Mana.png 50 n/a1 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air5 Icon Melee Normal.png 15 Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 10 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Poison Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Weapon Immunity, Invisibility
Unit Icon Djinn Transparent Djinn Icon Research.png 1,850 Icon Mana.png 650 Icon Mana.png 17 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air3 Icon Melee Normal.png 15 Icon Ranged Magic.png 8 Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 20 Icon ToHit.png +30%
Teleporting, Caster 20 MP, Wind Walking
Unit Icon SkyDrake Transparent Sky Drake Icon Research.png 4,500 Icon Mana.png 1,000 Icon Mana.png 25 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air4 Icon Melee Normal.png 20 Icon Breath Lightning.png 20 Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Resist.png 14 Icon Hits.png 25 Icon ToHit.png +30%
Magic Immunity, Illusions Immunity
1 : combat summon, disappears at the end of the battle.

Item Crafting Edit

Main article: Item Crafting

Sorcery ranks allow the following spell-like effects to be selected when crafting Magical Items. They are unlocked whenever the player has the required number of Sorcery books on the shelf; no research is necessary, save for the Icon Arcane.pngEnchant Item and Icon Arcane.pngCreate Artifact spells.

Item Power Requires Mana Cost Host Items
Sword Mace Axe Bow Staff Wand Jewelry Shield
Icon Sorcery.pngResist Magic Icon Sorcery.png2 Icon Mana.png 200 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Icon Sorcery.pngFlight Icon Sorcery.png3 Icon Mana.png 200 -- -- -- -- -- -- Y --
Icon Sorcery.pngGuardian Wind Icon Sorcery.png3 Icon Mana.png 400 -- -- -- -- Y Y Y Y
Icon Sorcery.pngMagic Immunity Icon Sorcery.png5 Icon Mana.png 700 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Icon Sorcery.pngInvisibility Icon Sorcery.png5 Icon Mana.png 1,000 -- -- -- -- -- -- Y --
Icon Sorcery.pngPhantasmal Icon Sorcery.png6 Icon Mana.png 1,500 Y Y Y Y Y Y -- --
Icon Sorcery.pngHaste Icon Sorcery.png7 Icon Mana.png 2,000 Y Y Y Y -- -- -- --

The following Sorcery combat spells can be imbued, as reusable charges, into a new magic Wand or Staff, once they have been researched. See the article on Spell Charges for more information.

Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Charges
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Icon Sorcery.pngResist Magic Icon Sorcery.pngBlur Icon Sorcery.pngInvisibility Icon Sorcery.pngCreature Binding
Icon Sorcery.pngDispel Magic True Icon Sorcery.pngDisenchant True Icon Sorcery.pngBanish Icon Sorcery.pngMass Invisibility
Icon Sorcery.pngGuardian Wind Icon Sorcery.pngVertigo Icon Sorcery.pngAir Elemental
Icon Sorcery.pngPhantom Warriors Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Lock Icon Sorcery.pngMind Storm
Icon Sorcery.pngConfusion Icon Sorcery.pngFlight Icon Sorcery.pngMagic Immunity
Icon Sorcery.pngWord of Recall Icon Sorcery.pngPhantom Beast Icon Sorcery.pngHaste
Icon Sorcery.pngCounter Magic
Icon Sorcery.pngPsionic Blast

Enemy Sorcerers Edit

Main article: Wizard
Wizard Horus
Wizard Kali
Wizard Jafar
Wizard LoPan
Lo Pan
Wizard Raven

Usually there is no need to wipe out a computer player solely on the basis of them wielding Sorcery. Any rivals with shared spellbooks can also become valuable spell trading partners. If someone begins casting Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Blast, Icon Sorcery.pngSuppress Magic or Icon Sorcery.pngTime Stop, however, they probably need to be banished right away in an all-out assault.

Wizards with lots of Sorcery spells at their disposal can cause expensive problems on the battle screen. They prioritize Icon Sorcery.pngCounter Magic and "True" disenchantment; they may be able to attack with illusionary, invisible, or otherwise tweaked units; or find some other way to be annoying.

All computer players spend as much spell skill as they can, in every battle. The best way to deal with a Sorcery Wizard is either to bring overwhelming secular force, employ units with Ability IllusionsImmunity Illusions Immunity, or force them to fight a lot of pointless battles.


When the world is generated, the computer-controlled Wizards each make a lottery-ball style roll for Personality and Objective. These traits modify the Wizard's behavior, giving them some hard-to-resist compulsions and adding flavor. If the Wizard's shelf is stocked primarily with Sorcery books, then this Realm will determine how these lottery-ball rolls are weighted. Sorcery tends the Wizard towards a Personality of "Aggressive" and an Objective of "Theurgist" (but no guarantees). In cases where Spellbook ranks are tied, and the game needs to decide which Realm conveys influence, precedence descends in this order:

Icon Nature.pngNature Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Icon Chaos.pngChaos Icon Life.pngLife Icon Death.pngDeath

For instance, Kali's default Icon Death.png5 Icon Sorcery.png5 Artificer build is a tie between two colors, but the game will weight her personality and objective according to her Sorcery ranks, not Icon Death.pngDeath.

The table below shows the chances that each character trait has of appearing on a Sorcery Wizard, before accounting for the influence of Retorts:

    Icon Book Sorcery     Personality Objective
Aggressive 30% Theurgist 40%
Ruthless 20% Expansionist 30%
Lawful 20% Perfectionist 20%
Peaceful 10% Militarist 10%
Chaotic 10%
Maniacal 10%
On the diplomatic scale of 100 to -100, an "Aggressive" Wizard has a -10 Core Reaction to all of the other Wizards, including the human player. All diplomatic relations gravitate towards the Core Reaction values at the rate of one point per turn; therefore, an Aggressive Wizard will become hostile unless appeased occasionally. This type of Wizard also has double the chance of building Settlers, apparently cumulative with the "Expansionist" trait.
Wizards with this objective focus on their Icon Power.png Power Base. They have an increased probability of constructing Town Buildings lying along the religious and academic development paths, and they have an increased probability of targeting a Node or Icon Mana.png Mana-producing City for conquest overland.

Diplomacy Modifiers Edit

Sorcery Spellbooks on a Wizard's shelf provoke one Core Reaction adjustment:

  • +2 per Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Spellbook shared in common with the rival    

Example: Raven and Jafar each adjust their Core Reaction to the other by +12 (Icon Sorcery.png6 held in common).

Leader personalities, Retorts, and other Spellbooks will cause further adjustments.

Blue Encounter Zones Edit

Wild creatures of the Sorcery Realm are only found in Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Nodes and ancient Towers. Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Nodes are more common (but no less powerful or well-guarded) than Icon Nature.pngNature Nodes and Icon Chaos.pngChaos Nodes, especially on the Plane of Myrror. The Official Strategy Guide suggests that nearby Ocean tiles will slightly bias a Node towards Sorcery, however, this information is outdated and no longer true from patch v1.1 onwards. Instead, Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Nodes have a much higher initial chance of being created than the other two, but are then reduced should there be too many on one of the Planes (see Node Generation for more details).

TerrainSpecial SorceryNode TerrainSpecial Tower
Sorcery Node Tower of Wizardry
100% 16.7%
Encounter SorceryNode Dialog

Every Encounter Zone makes a procedural selection of guardians through what is essentially a Icon Mana.png Mana budget, when it can afford guardians. Typically there will be one or more high-end units of the lair's Realm (this is the creature sighted by scouts who peek into the lair), attended by a lesser unit type. A Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Node will harbor Sorcery creatures without fail. The Tower can have anything; the world generator always places six towers, so about two-thirds of the time, a map is going to have at least one Tower populated with Sorcery units.