Ability Regeneration
Regeneration is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic. The Regeneration ability gives a unit several extremely-useful advantages, and is often considered one of the best Unit Abilities in the game.

During combat, whenever the Regenerating unit is injured, it will regain exactly Icon Hits.png 1 Hit Point at the end of each turn. Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units may even recover lost Icon Figure.png figures as a result of this automatic healing.

If the Regenerating unit survives a battle, it is then completely healed of all damage. Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units will regain all lost Icon Figure.png figures as a result.

Finally, if the Regenerating unit is destroyed during battle, but its army manages to win that battle, the unit is automatically restored to life - and fully healed as described above!

Exactly 9 units in the game possess Regeneration by default. 6 of these are Normal Units from the Troll race, while the other 3 are Fantastic Units.

It is possible to give Regeneration to any unit, by casting the Regeneration Unit Enchantment on it. Furthermore, Heroes may be equipped with Magical Items possessing a Regeneration Item Power.

Description Edit

For most of us, avoiding injuries is vital - a damaged or lost body part may never be restored, so all damage we take is potentially life-threatening. Not so for a Regenerating unit, whose organs will actually grow back.

The Regenerating unit's wounds will rapidly close up and disappear, its lost limbs will literally re-sprout, and it is even capable of returning to life - if given enough time for its system to "reboot" once all organs have been restored. The only way to truly kill off a Regenerating unit would be to hack it to little bits - or disintegrate it into component particles. Otherwise it will simply come back for more, again and again.

Effect Edit

The Regeneration ability gives three benefits - each one more powerful than the last. They are all related to how the unit heals during and after combat.

The three benefits are:

  • Mild healing at the end of each combat turn.
  • Full healing at the end of combat.
  • Possible resurrection of the unit if its side wins the battle.

The extended survivability of the unit can grant it near-immortality. An army comprised entirely of powerful Regenerating units can be all but unstoppable.

Healing Per Turn Edit

During combat, as long as a Regenerating unit is injured, it will automatically be healed by Icon Hits.png 1 Hit Point at the end of every combat turn.

This occurs at the very end of the turn - after all friendly units have moved or skipped their turn, and before the enemy units begin to move.

This can potentially restore the unit to full health, if it can go long enough without suffering any additional damage.

Healing Multi-Figure Units Edit

Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units with Regeneration may regain lost Icon Figure.png figures thanks to the per-turn healing described above.

This occurs when the unit is still missing one or more of its Icon Figure.png figures, but all currently-living figures are already at full health. The next Icon Hits.png Hit Point restored by Regeneration at the end of the turn will cause Icon Figure.png 1 lost figure to come back to life, with Icon Hits.png 1 hit point.

This process repeats itself until all Icon Figure.png figures have been restored to life, and all are at Icon Hits.png full health - at which point the unit is fully healed and will not Regenerate any further - until the next time it is injured.

Example Edit

Lets take a unit of Elven Lords, enchanted with Regeneration. When fully-healed, Elven Lords should have Icon Figure.png 4 figures with Icon Hits.png 3 Hit Points each, for a total of Icon Hits.png 12.
For our example, imagine that the unit just took Icon Damage.png 8 points of damage from some attack. The damage is enough to kill off 2 Elven Lords and severely injure a third one. The unit now has only Icon Figure.png 2 figures left alive, with one of them at full health (Icon Hits.png 3) and one severely injured (Icon Hits.png 1), for a total of Icon Hits.png 4.
The unit now makes the sensible thing and withdraws, keeping some distance from its enemies. This is done in order to let Regeneration work. Over the next 8 rounds, Regeneration will try to restore the unit back to full health, by healing Icon Hits.png 1 Hit Point each turn.
What happens Current Situation
# of
Live Figures
Health of
last figure
Unit Health
0 Immediately after taking damage, the unit only has Icon Figure.png 2 figures left, with one at full health (Icon Hits.png 3) and another severely injured (Icon Hits.png 1). Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Hits.png 4
Regeneration begins...
1 The injured Elven Lord is healed by Icon Hits.png 1. Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 2 Icon Hits.png 5
2 The injured Elven Lord is healed by another Icon Hits.png 1 and is now fully healed. Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 3 (full) Icon Hits.png 6
3 One of the missing Elven Lords is brought back to life with Icon Hits.png 1. Icon Figure.png 3 Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Hits.png 7
4 The new Elven Lord is healed by Icon Hits.png 1. Icon Figure.png 3 Icon Hits.png 2 Icon Hits.png 8
5 The new Elven Lord is healed by another Icon Hits.png 1 and is now fully healed. Icon Figure.png 3 Icon Hits.png 3 (full) Icon Hits.png 9
6 The final missing Elven Lord is brought back to life with Icon Hits.png 1. Icon Figure.png 4 (full) Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Hits.png 10
7 The final Elven Lord is healed by Icon Hits.png 1. Icon Figure.png 4 (full) Icon Hits.png 2 Icon Hits.png 11
8 The final Elven Lord is healed by another Icon Hits.png 1 and is now fully healed. Icon Figure.png 4 (full) Icon Hits.png 3 (full) Icon Hits.png 12 (full)
The entire unit is at full health - Regeneration is completed.

Full Healing After Combat Edit

Whenever a unit possessing Regeneration survives a battle, it is immediately returned to Icon Hits.png full health once the battle ends. Naturally, this can only occur if the unit's army has won, or if the unit successfully retreated from the battle.

If a Regenerating Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure Unit survives a battle, "returning to full health" also means that all lost Icon Figure.png figures are also restored, each at Icon Hits.png full health.

Thus, a Regenerating unit can go from battle to battle virtually unhindered. However much damage it took during the battle, that damage disappears instantly as soon as the battle is over. All the unit needs to do is to survive.

Automatic Resurrection Edit

Even if the Regenerating unit falls in battle, it will be automatically returned to life and full health at the end of the battle - but only if its army won that battle.

Winning the battle, in this case, includes cases where the enemy has fled partway through. It does not include cases where the Regenerating unit's own army has fled the battle, successfully or otherwise.

This is one of the reasons why an entire army of Regenerating units is so difficult to defeat. As long as one unit manages to stay alive to the end (and win the battle), all other units are restored to life - with full health - and can immediately proceed to the next battle as though nothing had happened!

Regenerating the Undead Edit

All Icon Death.pngDeath creatures, including the Undead, may not be healed by any healing spells, and do not heal naturally each overland turn. This balances their overall strength and abundance. Nonetheless, such units still benefit from Regeneration just like any other Regenerating unit.

Regeneration, therefore, is one of the best ways to keep Icon Death.pngDeath units alive without the need to constantly replace them. A Icon Death.pngDeath-based army with access to the Regeneration Spell is extremely dangerous.

Hydra Regeneration Edit

The Hydra seems to enjoy an undocumented and unexplained effect which can be seen as quite beneficial. Occasionally, when a Hydra Regenerates during battle, its Icon Hits.png Maximum Health score is actually increased by 1 point. This means that each Icon Figure.png Hydra Head can have more Icon Hits.png Hit Points than it did at the start of the battle - making the entire unit much stronger as a result.

Again, there is currently no mechanical explanation for this effect. It is theorized that the developers wanted to simulate the myth about Hydras growing more heads each time one is cut off. However, this was left undocumented.

Units with Default Regeneration Edit

There are 9 different units in the game that possess Regeneration by default. 3 of these are Fantastic Units, and no less than 6 are Normal Units from the Troll race, which has Regeneration as a racial advantage.

Normal Units Edit

Tactical Settlers Troll Settlers
Tactical TrollSpearmen Troll Spearmen
Tactical TrollSwordsmen Troll Swordsmen
Tactical TrollHalberdiers Troll Halberdiers
Tactical TrollShamans Troll Shamans
Tactical WarTrolls War Trolls

Fantastic Units Edit

Tactical Hydra Hydra
Tactical ShadowDemons Shadow Demons
Tactical Werewolves Werewolves

Note that the War Mammoths, despite belonging to the Troll race, do not possess Regeneration. Also note that both Shadow Demons and Werewolves are Icon Death.pngDeath creatures, which do not heal normally and cannot be targeted by healing spells - and this makes Regeneration particularly valuable for them.

Acquiring Regeneration Edit

The Regeneration ability can be added artificially to a unit by one of three means:

All three methods give the unit the Regeneration ability exactly as described in this article.

Regeneration Unit Enchantment Edit

Regeneration is a Very Rare Unit Enchantment from the Icon Nature.pngNature realm. When cast on any unit, it will add the Regeneration ability to that unit. The ability remains while the spell is in effect, and behaves exactly as described in this article.

When cast on the overland map, Regeneration has a basic Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 300. It has a lingering effect, so that the targeted unit will keep its Regeneration ability so long as the spell continues to exist. While it exists, the spell requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 10 to be paid at the start of each turn.

Alternatively, it is possible to cast Regeneration during combat as an impromptu Unit Enchantment. In this case the spell's basic Casting Cost is only Icon Mana.png 60, but its effects will only last until the end of the battle (or until dispelled by the enemy). Since neither the spell nor the effect will carry over to the overland map, there is no associated Upkeep Cost with this version of the spell.

Caveats Edit

Units enchanted with Regeneration have important caveats that need to be discussed - regarding what happens when the Regeneration ability is lost during or after combat.

When cast as an impromptu Unit Enchantment, Regeneration dissipates as soon as the battle is over. As a result, it will not fully heal the unit after battle if it is injured. However, if the unit is killed during the battle, and its army still manages to win, the unit will be restored to life and full health.

The overland version of Regeneration can be dispelled during combat by enemy Dispel Magic or similar spells. If this occurs, the unit will not be healed after the battle, and will not be restored to life if it dies. To avert this, cast Regeneration on the unit again before the battle is over. The unit still won't be healed after the battle, but will be restored to full life and health if it dies (again, only if its army also manages to win that battle).

Regeneration Item Power Edit

A permanent version of the Regeneration spell can be imbued into any Jewelry piece. When a Hero wears this item, he/she receives the Regeneration ability.

During Item Crafting, it is only possible to select the "Regeneration" bonus if you possess at least Icon Nature.png6 Nature Spellbooks. Otherwise, "Regeneration" is not available. Of course, it is always possible to find an item already enchanted with "Regeneration" as reward for defeating an Encounter.

The Regeneration ability bestowed by an item is transient: it will disappear if the Hero ever removes or loses the enchanted item. Of course, since items cannot be lost during combat, the caveats (see above) related to the Regeneration spell do not apply here.

Lycanthropy and Werewolves Edit

This is not a true method of adding Regeneration to an existing unit, but should be mentioned nonetheless.

The Lycanthropy spell is an Uncommon spell from the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm. When cast on a friendly Normal Unit on the overland map, it will turn that unit into Werewolves.

After transformation, the Werewolves are essentially an entirely different unit - which possesses Regeneration among its many other abilities. Therefore, instead of actually adding Regeneration to a Normal Unit, we replaced the unit entirely with Werewolves - who always possess Regeneration.

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