Rare spells are the 21st through 30th spells of each Magical Realm. Most Rare Spells exemplify the realm they belong to, and will often play very well to that realm's strengths. There are fewer Rare Fantastic Units than there are in any of the other rarity categories; instead there is a much stronger selection of Enchantments, Curses, and Instant Spells here. Most Rare Spells provide either a surprisingly-strong benefit for a relatively-high cost, or an above-average benefit for a relatively low cost. During the middle- and late-game, Rare Spells tend to be cast very often, Icon Mana.png Mana permitting.

A wizard needs at least 2 Spellbooks in a Magical Realm to be able to research any Rare spells at all. The exact number of Rare spells available for research increases with the number of Spellbooks acquired. The exact spells available for research are randomly selected. With 10 or more spellbooks in a single realm, a wizard will be able to research all Rare spells of that realm. Rare spells require Icon Research.png 880 to Icon Research.png 1,700 to learn.

With 11 Spellbooks in a single realm, a wizard can pick 1 Rare spell from that realm which will be available as soon as the game begins.

Finally, with at least 2 Spellbooks in a realm, a wizard may learn any Rare spells of that realm through trade with rivals, conquest of rival Fortresses, or as Treasure.

Rare Spells
Icon Research.png Res. Icon Nature.pngNature Icon Chaos.pngChaos Icon Life.pngLife Icon Death.pngDeath Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery
880 Elemental Armor Warp Lightning Lionheart Wraith Form Disjunction True
960 Petrify Metal Fires Incarnation Wrack Invisibility
1040 Stone Giant Chaos Spawn Invulnerability Evil Presence Wind Walking
1120 Iron Skin Doom Bolt Righteousness Wraiths Banish
1200 Ice Storm Magic Vortex Prosperity Cloud of Shadow Storm Giant
1300 Earthquake Efreet Altar of Battle Warp Node Air Elemental
1400 Gorgons Fire Storm Angel Black Wind Mind Storm
1500 Move Fortress Warp Reality Stream of Life Zombie Mastery Stasis
1600 Gaia's Blessing Flame Strike Mass Healing Famine Magic Immunity
1700 Earth Elemental Chaos Rift Holy Word Cursed Lands Haste

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