Ability PoisonImmunity
Poison Immunity is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic.

A unit with Poison Immunity is completely unaffected by any attack that delivers Poison Damage. When such an attack strikes the unit, it does absolutely nothing to that unit.

Poison Immunity is by far the most common immunity, possessed by no fewer than 21 different units by default. Nearly all Poison-Immune units are Fantastic Creatures, including (among others) all creatures associated with the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm. The exception is the Golem, a Normal Unit.

The only way to add Poison Immunity to a unit that does not already have it is to turn it into an Undead unit.

Description Edit

There are plenty of venomous creatures in the world of Master of Magic, and they can be quite dangerous indeed. Venom and poison can cause severe damage to a target, coursing through its veins and breaking down its body from the inside.

Fortunately for some creatures, their physical or magical natures prevent poison from having any effect. Some creatures are simply very tough and can shrug off a venomous bite. Others have no internal systems to be attacked by the poison, and others yet are protected by divine forces that can neutralize poison before it has any effect.

Effect Edit

Poison Immunity is a passive ability that protects a unit specifically from Poison Damage.

Normally, attacks that deliver Poison Damage force the target to make several Icon Resist.png Resistance rolls, causing Icon Damage.png 1 Point of Damage for each failed roll. Units with low Resistance scores are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage, and Icon Defense.png Defense scores do nothing to reduce it.

The Poison-Immune unit, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to fear from such an attack. It will never have to make any Icon Resist.png Resistance rolls against Poison Damage, and will not suffer any harm.

Poison Damage is caused only by the Poison Touch ability, which many creatures possess. Such creatures deliver Poison Damage simultaneously with Melee Damage. The most powerful of these is the Great Wyrm, which delivers a Poison Damage attack of strength 15 - potentially causing up to Icon Damage.png 15 points of Damage to the target!

Note that Poison Immunity protects only against Poison Damage. If an attack delivers several types of damage simultaneously, the Poison Immunity ability will only shrug off the Poison Damage component of that attack.

Units with Default Poison Immunity Edit

Poison Immunity is easily the most common type of immunity, possessed by no less than 21 different kinds of units by default. Except for one (the Golem), all of these are Fantastic Creatures from various realms:

Tactical Golem Golem
Tactical AirElemental Air Elemental
Tactical Colossus Colossus
Tactical DeathKnights Death Knights
Tactical Demon Demon
Tactical DemonLord Demon Lord
Tactical EarthElemental Earth Elemental
Tactical FireElemental Fire Elemental
Tactical FloatingIsland Floating Island
Tactical Gargoyles Gargoyles
Tactical Ghouls Ghouls
Tactical NightStalker Night Stalker
Tactical PhantomBeast Phantom Beast
Tactical PhantomWarriors Phantom Warriors
Tactical ShadowDemons Shadow Demons
Tactical Skeletons Skeletons
Tactical StoneGiant Stone Giant
Tactical Unicorns Unicorns
Tactical Werewolves Werewolves
Tactical Wraiths Wraiths
Tactical Zombies Zombies

Acquiring Poison Immunity Edit

There is only one method in which to add Poison Immunity to a unit: by turning that unit into an Undead unit.

It is not a coincidence that most of the units with default Poison Immunity are Icon Death.pngDeath creatures: these creatures are not alive, and thus have no internal organs and delicate nervous systems for the poison to attack. Similarly, units that die and are brought back as Undead units are also Immune to Poison.

Units can be turned into Undead in several different ways:

Regardless of which method is used, the unit comes back with most of its original abilities intact - but now possesses the Undead property which, among other effects, also gives the unit Poison Immunity.

Note that the icon for Poison Immunity is not added to the unit's details panel. However, the presence of the Undead property icon is always sufficient to indicate that Poison Immunity is indeed in effect.

Immunity to Poison by Other Means Edit

Poison Damage forces the target to make Icon Resist.png Resistance rolls at no penalty, where each failed roll results in the target taking damage.

Since no penalty is involved, a unit with Icon Resist.png 10 or higher will never fail its rolls, and thus will suffer no damage. The end result is therefore identical to Poison Immunity.

The only difference of course is that a unit's Icon Resist.png Resistance score can be lowered below Icon Resist.png 10 due to enemy Curses or other ill effects. Poison Immunity cannot be removed from a unit that possesses it, and thus is permanently protecting the unit from Poison Damage regardless of circumstances.

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