Moving towards war means the act of Declaring War if there is no treaty between the two wizards, and taking a Break Treaty action if there is one. There is no difference between versions when no treaty is present, a War declaration will always happen. However, the decision to Break Treaty is handled differently.

Break Treaty decision for 1.40 and earlier Edit

If the difficulty level is the lowest, Intro in 1.31 and Easy in 1.40, the AI will never Break Treaty and will always ignore its own decision of moving towards war. On all other difficulty levels, the chance of breaking the treaty is the following :

Expansionist Other objective
Pact 100% 50%
Alliance 25% and 50%, individually checked for a total chance of 62.5% 25%

If the AI decides not to Break Treaty, then absolutely nothing happens at all.

Break Treaty decision for the 1.50 unofficial patch Edit

If the Difficulty Level is not Easy, the AI will always Break Treaty. If it is Easy, the decision will be made based on the table in the above section. The logic behind this change is that having a treaty improves Visible Relation and reduces the chance of the AI wanting to Move towards War in the first place, on top of being a safety net of preventing the War declaration by replacing it with breaking the treaty. Having a third layer of security in the form of the AI having a chance of not going through with the decision is excessive and unnecessary.

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