Ability MissileImmunity
Missile Immunity is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic.

When a unit with Missile Immunity is struck by a Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attack, its Defense score is temporarily set to Icon Defense.png 50 for the purposes of blocking this damage. This means that it is exceptionally difficult (though still possible) to inflict Damage to this unit using a Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attack.

Missile Immunity does not work against other types of Ranged Attacks, such as Icon Ranged Magic.png Ranged Magical Attacks or Icon Ranged Boulder.png Ranged Boulder Attacks.

Missile Immunity is one of the more common immunities in the game. It is possessed by a total of 15 units, 7 of which are Heroes, 6 are Normal Units (particularly Magicians from various Races), and 2 are Fantastic Units from the Icon Death.pngDeath realm.

Furthermore, it is possible for any unit to obtain Missile Immunity through the use of the Guardian Wind spell. Heroes can also acquire it by wearing an item imbued with the "Guardian Wind" Item Power.

Description Edit

Bowmen and other types of units possess a Ranged Attack where one or more projectiles - usually small - are launched at great speed towards the target. Arrows, small pebbles and even javelins are among the projectiles used for this purpose. They are designed to impact with the target with such force, concentrated often at a single point, so as to pierce armor and cause physical damage.

The small size of these projectiles, however, allows them to be manipulated by various protective magics. Whether it is an invisible shield that physically blocks them, or a well-timed gust of wind that knocks them off course, or just lack of vulnerable spots to be hit with a missile, the final effect is that the protected unit is virtually invulnerable to any such attack.

Effect Edit

Missile Immunity is a passive ability that protects a unit specifically from Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attacks.

Whenever a Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attacks is performed against a unit with Missile Immunity, the unit's Defense rating is immediately raised to Icon Defense.png 50. Therefore, the unit can make 50 Icon ToBlock.png To Block rolls, blocking on average Icon Damage.png 15 points of Damage - an impressively-high amount. It is unlikely for any attack to actually get through this much Defense, and normally results in the unit taking no damage whatsoever.

There are many units in the game that possess a Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attack, with many being Normal Units. A few Heroes also possess such an attack. A Normal Unit's Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attack is almost entirely nonthreatening to units with Missile Immunity, and will practically never cause any damage to them due to its low Icon Damage.png Damage output. Heroes, on the other hand, can potentially acquire such high attack bonuses that they will actually be a little threatening, but this would require tons of Experience, Enchantments and/or Magical Items - and thus is unlikely to happen.

Note that the Missile-Immune unit's Icon Defense.png Defense score is raised only for the purpose of blocking damage from a Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attack. Once the unit has made its defense rolls against this specific attack, its Icon Defense.png Defense score is restored to normal.

Missile Immunity does not defend against any kind of Icon Ranged Magic.png Ranged Magical Attack or Icon Ranged Boulder.png Ranged Boulder Attack. When such an attack strikes the unit, Missile Immunity is not triggered; the unit's Icon Defense.png Defense score remains unchanged.

Note that Slingers possess a Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attacks that is nonetheless marked with Icon Ranged Boulder.png Boulders. However, it is in fact a Ranged Missile Attack, and is suitably blocked by Missile Immunity.

Units with Default Missile Immunity Edit

Missile Immunity is a very common type of immunity, possessed by no less than 15 different kinds of units by default:

Heroes Edit

Tactical Hero Aerie Aerie the Illusionist
Tactical Hero Jaer Jaer the Wind Mage
Tactical Hero Malleus Malleus the Magician
Tactical Hero Morgana Morgana the Witch
Tactical Hero Ravashack Ravashack the Necromancer
Tactical Hero Torin Torin the Chosen
Tactical Hero Yramrag Yramrag the Warlock

Normal Units Edit

Tactical BeastmenMagicians Beastmen Magicians
Tactical DraconianMagicians Draconian Magicians
Tactical HighElfMagicians High Elf Magicians
Tactical HighMenMagicians High Men Magicians
Tactical OrcMagicians Orc Magicians
Tactical Warlocks Warlocks

Fantastic Units Edit

Tactical Demon Demon
Tactical Skeletons Skeletons

Acquiring Missile Immunity Edit

There are two separate ways to add Missile Immunity to a unit that does not possess it by default:

Both of these methods adds the same kind of Missile Immunity described above in this article.

Guardian Wind Unit Enchantment Edit

Guardian Wind is a Common Unit Enchantment belonging to the Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery realm. When cast on a unit, it will add the Missile Immunity ability to that unit.

When cast on the overland map, Guardian Wind has a basic Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 50. It has a lingering effect, so that the targeted unit will keep its Guardian Wind effect so long as the spell continues to exist. While it exists, the spell requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 1 to be paid at the start of each turn.

Alternatively, it is possible to cast Guardian Wind during combat as an impromptu Unit Enchantment. In this case the spell's basic Casting Cost is only Icon Mana.png 10, but its effects will only last until the end of the battle (or until dispelled by the enemy). Since neither the spell nor the effect will carry over to the overland map, there is no associated Upkeep Cost with this version of the spell.

The Guardian Wind effect has its own icon and label, but its effects are nonetheless identical to those described above.

Guardian Wind Item Power Edit

A permanent version of the Guardian Wind spell can be imbued into any Sword, Mace, Axe, Shield, Chainmail, Platemail or Jewelry piece. When a Hero wears this item, he/she receives the Missile Immunity ability.

During Item Crafting, it is only possible to select the "Guardian Wind" bonus if you possess at least Icon Sorcery.png3 Sorcery Spellbooks. Otherwise, "Guardian Wind" is not available. Of course, it is always possible to find an item already enchanted with "Guardian Wind" as reward for defeating an Encounter.

The Missile Immunity ability bestowed by an item is transient: it will disappear if the Hero ever removes or loses the enchanted item.

Note that the Hero's details panel will list this as "Guardian Wind" (along with the icon associated with the Guardian Wind spell). As mentioned previously, this is otherwise identical to Missile Immunity in its basic form.

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