Ability LightningBreath
Lightning Breath is one of the many Unit Abilities found in Master of Magic. With this ability, a unit making a voluntary Melee Attack starts this attack with a blast of Lightning that is particularly good at bypassing enemies' Icon Defense.png Armor. This is one of only two types of Breath Attacks available in the game (the other one being Ability FireBreath Fire Breath).

In the unmodified game, this ability is exclusive to a single creature: the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake. It is not possessed by any other unit, nor can it be added to them by any means. As such, this article focuses almost entirely on the ability of this creature. In a modded game, Lightning Breath will likely behave exactly like Fire Breath with 3 exceptions: its Icon Damage.png damage is not subject to Ability FireImmunity Fire Immunity, but is instead Armor Piercing; and the Attack Strength might be enhanced by different Node Auras (based on the type of the unit that has this ability).

The strength of the Lightning Breath ability possessed by the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake is 20, as is indicated after its name in the unit statistics window (where it is denoted simply as "Lightning", i.e. Ability LightningBreath Lightning 20). This shows the maximum amount of Icon Damage.png Damage that it can cause, though the attack itself is subjected to Icon ToHit.png To Hit rolls and the target's Icon Defense.png Defense rolls as is usual for most types of Physical Damage.

Description Edit

The Sky Drake possesses a unique ability that allows it to literally breathe out lightning bolts. These are concentrated towards a specific target, and can cause significant amounts of damage. Due to the nature of lightning, armor can do very little to stop it. Units attacked by Lightning Breath can, at best, try to dodge out of the way. A direct hit by this concentration of electricity is deadly to the vast majority of units.

Effect Edit

Lightning Breath is automatically used whenever the unit voluntarily makes a Melee Attack against any opponent. It is not available during Counter Attacks, but it does allow the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake to engage Icon Movement AirFlying opponents even if it is grounded by a Icon Nature.pngWeb spell.

As a Breath Attack, Lightning Breath is executed before any other attacks or exchange of damage between the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake and its target: it precedes any Gaze- or Touch Attacks that the opponent might have, and occurs well before the delivery of Melee Damage by either combatant. In fact, any opposing Icon Figure.png figure that is killed by the Lightning Breath will never be able to deliver any of those attacks or damage. This gives the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake significant protection from enemy units so long as it can maintain the initiative and not let the opponents attack it first.

Lightning Breath is carried out in a similar fashion to a regular attack. An Attack Roll is made using the strength of the ability (usually 20 or 22) to determine the raw Icon Damage.png damage that can then be mitigated by the target's Icon Defense.png Armor. However, Lightning Breath also deals Armor Piercing Damage, which means that the opponent's Icon Defense.png Defense score (apart from any immunities, more on this below) gets halved for the purpose of making its Icon ToBlock.png Defense Roll(s).

Immunities Edit

Lightning Breath is considered to be Magical Damage, in addition to actually being associated with the Icon Chaos.pngChaos realm. This has some negative consequences in terms of it being defended against. Ability MagicImmunity Magic Immunity and Icon Life.pngRighteousness both increase a target's Defense to Icon Defense.png 50 against this Breath Attack, and both of these effects also override the Armor Piercing Damage component, making units possessing either of these very resilient against Lightning Breath. City Walls, if in play, also ignore the Icon Defense.png Defense-halving effect.

On the other hand, all other conditional modifiers do get cut in half, which is a good thing as most of them do apply against this attack. That includes the Ability LargeShield Large Shield ability (halved to Icon Defense.png +1), and all 3 protective Unit Enchantments that increase their target's Icon Defense.png Defense based on the nature of the incoming attack: Icon Life.pngBless (Icon Defense.png +3/2), Icon Nature.pngResist Elements (Icon Defense.png +3/2), and Icon Nature.pngElemental Armor (Icon Defense.png +5). Since the first two of these spells grant an odd bonus, it's halved value depends on their target's original Defense.

Units with Default Lightning Breath Edit

There is exactly one unit in the game that possesses Lightning Breath:

Tactical SkyDrake Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake - Lightning Breath 20

With a Lightning Breath strength of 20, the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake delivers an extremely powerful attack that can kill enemy units before they get any chance to retaliate. Given the Armor Piercing Damage caused by the attack, even heavily-armored units are at risk from it.

Acquiring Lightning Breath Edit

There is no known method of adding a Lightning Breath ability to any unit that does not already possess it.

Improving or Hindering Lightning Breath Edit

There are only two effects in the game that have a direct positive effect on Lightning Breath: the CombatEnchantment SorceryNodeBonusAura Sorcery Node Aura, and the (Icon Life.pngHigh) Icon Life.pngPrayer spell. Similarly, there are also only two effects that can directly reduce its effectiveness: Icon Death.pngBlack Prayer, and Icon Chaos.pngWarp Reality. The main reasons for this scarcity are the facts that the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake is a Fantastic Creature, excluding it from many positive effects; and it is also innately immune to both illusions and magic, making it impervious to all single-target negative modifiers.

Attack Strength Edit

In terms of Attack Strength, entering into any battle that takes place in the area of influence of a Sorcery Node improves the strength of Lightning Breath by Icon Breath Lightning.png +2 for all Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drakes present, regardless of whether they are friendly or hostile. Icon Death.pngBlack Prayer, on the other hand, only penalizes units hostile to its caster, reducing each of their Attack Strengths by 1, including a Icon Breath Lightning.png -1 to Lightning Breath.

Chance To Hit Edit

As for modifiers Icon ToHit.png To Hit, casting Icon Life.pngPrayer or Icon Life.pngHigh Prayer will benefit any Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake on the caster's side, granting an extra Icon ToHit.png +10% chance for each point of Lightning Breath Attack Strength to score a successful hit. This bonus can only be applied once, casting both spells simultaneously will simply make one of them redundant.

Finally, Icon Chaos.pngWarp Reality is another battlefield-wide effect that penalizes friend and foe alike. That is, unless they are associated with the Icon Chaos.pngChaos realm, which the Icon Sorcery.pngSky Drake is not. This effect reduces the chance Icon ToHit.png To Hit of all affected units by Icon ToHit.png -20%, and applies to all of their attacks, even if the attack itself is actually associated with Icon Chaos.pngChaos (as is the case with Lightning Breath). This makes each point of Attack Strength 20% less likely to be able to cause any Icon Damage.png damage.

Other Effects Edit

There are also a few other spells that have some influence over the Breath Attack granted by this ability. Icon Sorcery.pngHaste will cause Lightning Breath to be executed twice in a row during the Melee Attack sequence, while Icon Chaos.pngImmolation will also add its strength Icon Ranged Magic.png 4 Area Damage attack on top of it, unless the game is played using the Unofficial Patch 1.50. In addition, Icon Life.pngInvulnerability, particularly when enchanted onto Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units, may seem stronger than normal against Lightning Breath, as its Icon Damage.png damage reduction of 2 completely ignores Armor Piercing Damage. This is also true for Icon Sorcery.pngBlur, although the effect of this spell is not overly noticeable to begin with.

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