Advisor Life
Life Quick Reference
Summoning Unit
Combat Special
Common Guardian SpiritEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 220
Casting Cost: 80 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Summons a Guardian Spirit which can meld with a node to focus its power and direct it to the controlling wizard. A melded node radiates a magic aura the color of the wizard's banner.
BlessEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 20
Casting Cost: 5/25 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Adds 3 to the target's defense and resistance against all death or chaos related spells or monster attacks.

EnduranceEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 60
Casting Cost: 30 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Fills the target unit with a holy purpose and increases the target unit's movement speed by one.

Holy WeaponEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 80
Casting Cost: 10/50 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Blesses the target's weapons, allowing them to hit creatures which are immune to non-magical attacks and giving a +1 to-hit bonus in combat.

Holy ArmorEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 130
Casting Cost: 18/90 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
The target unit's defense is increased by 2.

HeroismEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 250
Casting Cost: 20/100 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
An entire unit becomes elite. This spell is automatically dispelled when the unit becomes elite naturally.
Just CauseEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 160
Casting Cost: 150 mana
Upkeep: 3 mana/turn
Increases the fame of the casting wizard by 10 in addition to any other bonuses as long as the spell is in effect.
Star FiresEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one chaos or death unit
Research Cost: 40
Casting Cost: 5 mana
Upkeep: none
Causes a holy blaze of burning light from the stars (strength 15 magic attack) to fall upon a target chaos or death unit (no other creatures can be affected).

HealingEffects: Instant Combat
Target: non-death unit
Research Cost: 100
Casting Cost: 15 mana
Upkeep: none
Heals up to 5 hits of damage taken by the target unit.

True LightEffects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 190
Casting Cost: 20 mana
Upkeep: none
Basks the entire battlefield in rays of holy light, increasing the attack, defense, and resistance of all creatures of life by 1. At the same time, creatures of death lose 1 from their attack, defense, and resistance. True Light and Darkness negate the effects of one another.
Uncommon UnicornsEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 560
Casting Cost: 250 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Calls a herd of magic unicorns. These lovely creatures can teleport to any location on the battlefield and inspire their allies with an increased ability to resist the effects of negative spells.
True SightEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 300
Casting Cost: 20/100 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Endows a target unit with the gift of Immunity to Illusions and allows the unit to see through Wall of Darkness.

Planar TravelEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 680
Casting Cost: 150 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Allows a target unit to shift between Arcanus and Myrror at will. Note that units may not move into 'illegal' terrain types or initiate combat by Planar Travel.
Heavenly LightEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 740
Casting Cost: 150 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Calls forth the light of the heavens to shower the city in holy light. Any combat taking place within the area of the city is treated as if True Light was in effect.
Planar SealEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 500
Casting Cost: 500 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Closes the junctions between the planes, sealing Arcanus and Myrror. No unit can travel between the planes by Plane Shift, Planar Travel, Astral Gates or through towers of wizardry.
Dispel EvilEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one chaos or death unit
Research Cost: 450
Casting Cost: 25 mana
Upkeep: none
Each chaos or death creature within the target group must resist at -4 or be destroyed by holy fires. Created undead units suffer an additional -5 penalty.

Raise DeadEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one dead normal unit
Research Cost: 620
Casting Cost: 35 mana
Upkeep: none
Raises a fallen unit from the dead. The unit returns with half its normal creatures. All enchantments cast on the unit are lost. The spell does not work on fantastic creatures, since they go back to their home world when slain.

PrayerEffects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 800
Casting Cost: 30 mana
Upkeep: none
Adds 1 to all rolls by all friendly units, including resistance rolls, attacks to hit, and defense rolls.
Plane ShiftEffects: Instant Overland
Target: one map square
Research Cost: 350
Casting Cost: 125 mana
Upkeep: none
All friendly units within the target map square are transported to the other plane of existence. If the unit is transported to an area which cannot normally be entered by movement or into combat, the spell fails.

ResurrectionEffects: Instant Overland
Target: one dead hero
Research Cost: 400
Casting Cost: 250 mana
Upkeep: none
Resurrects a hero from the dead, regardless of the length of time he or she has been dead. The hero reappears at the wizard's summoning circle and is fully healed. If six other heroes have already been hired the spell fails.
Rare IncarnationEffects: Hero Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 960
Casting Cost: 500 mana
Upkeep: 12 mana/turn
Summons Torin the Chosen to aid your cause. There is only one Chosen for each wizard. If he is killed or disbanded and summoned again he retains all experience from his previous incarnations.

AngelEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1400
Casting Cost: 550 mana
Upkeep: 15 mana/turn
Summons an angel. Angels enhance the fighting ability of friendly units and their touch Dispels Evil.
LionheartEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 880
Casting Cost: 40/200 mana
Upkeep: 4 mana/turn
Adds 3 to the target unit's attack strength, hits, and resistance.

InvulnerabilityEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one friendly unit
Research Cost: 1040
Casting Cost: 40/200 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Target unit is resistant to damage from non-magical attacks, and the first two hits sustained by the unit from any attack are ignored.

RighteousnessEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 1120
Casting Cost: 40/200 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Gives a target unit a tremendous sense of holy purpose, which calls so strongly upon the forces of life that they manifest themselves in the unit, providing it with complete immunity to all death and chaos magic spells and spell effects.
ProsperityEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 1200
Casting Cost: 250 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Increases the gold obtained from the target city by 50% as long as the enchantment is in effect.

Altar of BattleEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 1300
Casting Cost: 300 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
All units built in the target city are Elite.

Stream of LifeEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 1500
Casting Cost: 300 mana
Upkeep: 8 mana/turn
Turns an ordinary friendly city into a fertile utopia. Population growth rates double and all units in the city heal completely at the end of every game turn. The citizens are so pleased that unrest completely disappears.
Mass HealingEffects: Instant Combat
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1600
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Heals all friendly units for 5 hit points (or less, if a unit has sustained fewer than 5 points of damage).

Holy WordEffects: Instant Combat
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1700
Casting Cost: 60 mana
Upkeep: none
Attempts to banish outright all fantastic and/or undead creatures (whether Animated or Black Channeled). Each figure within each enemy unit must resist this holy utterance separately (at a penalty of 2 to resistance). Undead have a much more difficult time resisting Holy Word than do other creatures.
Very Rare Arch AngelEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 5000
Casting Cost: 950 mana
Upkeep: 20 mana/turn
Summons an archangel. Archangels are immune to illusions, inspire friendly units to fight better than normal and can cast up to 40 mana in life magic spells every battle.
InspirationsEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 2000
Casting Cost: 350 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Instills a sense of greater purpose into the local citizenry; that city's production rate rises by 50%.

Astral GateEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 2250
Casting Cost: 350 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Generates a portal in a target city that allows travel to the other plane. This spell only works as long as the portal does not lead directly to another city on the other world. If the portal leads to stationed enemy troops, movement through the Astral Gate is blocked.

ConsecrationEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 3000
Casting Cost: 400 mana
Upkeep: 8 mana/turn
Dispels all negative enchantments on a city and protects the city from further chaos and death enchantments (whether city-specific or global).
Holy ArmsEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 2500
Casting Cost: 900 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
All normal units' weapons are blessed with a +1 attack bonus and can strike creatures immune to non-magical attacks.

Life ForceEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 3500
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
All non-combat death spells cast must resist against Life Force as if a Dispel Magic of 500 strength had been cast.

TranquilityEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 4000
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Tries to prevent all chaos magic spells, requiring them to resist the forces of life as if a strong Disjunction— strength 500— had just been cast.

CrusadeEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 4500
Casting Cost: 1100 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Inspires all of a wizard's normal units so that their levels all rise by one (recruits become regulars, regulars become veterans, etc.).

Charm of LifeEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 6000
Casting Cost: 1250 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Adds 25% of total hit points (with a minimum of one hit point added) to the hit points of each of a wizard's creatures. Yes, that means every individual figure in every single unit!
High PrayerEffects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1850
Casting Cost: 60 mana
Upkeep: none
Calls upon the forces of holiness and light to make all friendly units fight and defend exceptionally well; attack strengths (swords), ability to hit, and defense (shields) all increase by 2, while resistance (crosses) increases by 2 and the ability to block an attack and to hit increases by 10%.

The Icon Life.pngLife Realm is one of the six Magical Realms in Master of Magic. This realm focuses primarily on improving a wizard's assets - both units and cities - making them stronger and/or repairing damage done to them.

The Life Realm provides a wide array of Enchantments for improving units and cities, but has far fewer Instant Spells and Combat Instants. Other than the Icon Arcane.pngArcane Realm, it has the smallest variety of Summoning Spells in the game; Instead, the Life Realm is intended for use with large armies of Normal Units, which must be augmented by this realm's spells and lead by the few powerful support units that Life does provide, making such armies far stronger than usual. The Life Realm is strongly opposed to the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm, and may be either particularly effective against it or particularly vulnerable to it, depending on the circumstances.

The Life Realm is associated with the color white, and the concepts of devotion, strength, protection, and healing. It is marked with the Icon Life.pngWhite Ankh symbol, both in-game and on this wiki. The familiar associated with the Life Realm is the dove that appears at the top of this page.

Overview Edit

The Icon Life.pngLife Realm is the premier support color for Cities, Normal Units, and Heroes. There is much room for discussion over which Race serves a particular Realm best, but when one asks which Realm serves a Race best, the answer is always Icon Life.pngLife.

Life realm Enchantments inspire units with heightened abilities and control travel between Arcanus and Myrror. They make particularly deft use of the game's Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure and Icon Experience.png Experience mechanics. On the domestic side there are enchantments to raise revenues, production, and growth, and eliminate unrest. There are some Instant Spells to heal the injured and revive the fallen.

Summoned creatures from this realm are not cost-effective at all as primary troops; instead, individual creatures are meant to accompany an army and augment its abilities through their presence. The ultimate hero, Torin, is available through this realm and can either continue in this role or serve as a One-Man Army. In general, white is extremely strong in human hands thanks to its ability to produce great quality in the absence of quantity.

Life also offers some direct counters to Icon Death.pngDeath and Icon Chaos.pngChaos magic. This color is so strongly antithetical to Icon Death.pngDeath in particular that wizards are barred from owning Spellbooks of both types.

Description Edit

Master of Magic's in-game documentation alludes in some measure to the existence of a Life Realm, and there are grounds for suspecting that good deities, or perhaps a monad of awesome strength, exist in the backstory and are now starting to make moves in Arcanus and Myrror. The planar landscape is probably suspended in astral space above and between the two worlds, taking the form of a sovereign utopia— civilized, erudite, and gorgeous.

While this plane cannot be entered and explored, it is the source of all Icon Life.pngWhite Magic channeled by spellcasters, and the home of all Fantastic creatures of life. These creatures answer to prayers and may form pacts of allegiance with honorable spellcasters. If slain, discharged, or otherwise unable to maintain a link to the earthly realms, they return to the Life Realm revived to full power.

Magic can be channeled directly from this realm in the form of light rays and divine energy. The Life Realm is tied as well to the revelation of truth, and is likely the source of intelligent mortals' "will to power." Aware of the potential in harnessing this school of magic for glory and civilization, priests and magic-users from among the advanced races study the Life Realm carefully.

Advisor Life
A wizard with mainly Life spellbooks will take a Dove as a familiar. Doves are believed to serve as vessels for certain holy transformations. They have a history of usage in communion rites and augury, and to this day, they symbolize peace, romance, and even martyrdom.

Realm Details Edit

White has 10 spells per degree of Spell Rarity, totaling 40 spells with a cumulative research cost of Icon Research.png 59,950. Each member holds a discrete cost increment along the spectrum between Icon Research.png 20 (Bless) and Icon Research.png 6,000 (Charm of Life).

White magic is heavy, almost to the point of exclusion, on instant and sustained spell effects targeting friendlies.

List of Life Spells Edit

Name Rarity Type Target Overland
Icon Research.png
Altar of Battle ­Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­300 -- 5 ­­1300
Angel ­Rare Summoning Spell ­-- ­550 -- ­15 ­­1400
Arch Angel ­­Very Rare Summoning Spell ­-- ­950 -- ­20 ­­5000
Astral Gate ­­Very Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­350 -- 5 ­­2250
Bless Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 25 5 1 20
Charm of Life ­­Very Rare Global Enchantment ­-- ­­1250 -- ­10 ­­6000  
Consecration ­­Very Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­400 -- 8 ­­3000
Crusade ­­Very Rare Global Enchantment ­-- ­­1100 -- ­10 ­­4500
Dispel Evil Uncommon   Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­25 -- ­450
Endurance Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 30 -- 1 60
Guardian Spirit   Common Summoning Spell ­-- 80 -- 1 ­220
Healing Common Combat Instant Friendly unit -- ­15 -- ­100
Heavenly Light Uncommon Town Enchantment Friendly city ­150 -- 2 ­740
Heroism Common Unit Enchantment Friendly normal unit   ­100 ­20 2 ­250
High Prayer ­­Very Rare Combat Enchantment   ­-- -- ­60 -- ­­1850
Holy Armor Common Unit Enchantment Friendly normal unit 90 ­18 2 ­130
Holy Arms ­­Very Rare Global Enchantment ­-- ­900 -- ­10 ­­2500
Holy Weapon Common Unit Enchantment Friendly normal unit 50 ­10 1 80
Holy Word ­Rare Combat Instant ­-- -- ­60 -- ­­1700
Incarnation ­Rare Summoning Spell ­-- ­500 -- -- ­960
Inspirations ­­Very Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­350 -- 2 ­­2000
Invulnerability ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­200 ­40 5 ­­1040
Just Cause Common Global Enchantment ­-- ­150 -- 3 ­160
Life Force ­­Very Rare Global Enchantment ­-- ­­1000 -- ­10 ­­3500
Lionheart ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­200 ­40 4 ­880
Mass Healing ­Rare Combat Instant ­-- -- ­50 -- ­­1600
Planar Seal Uncommon Global Enchantment ­-- ­500 -- 5 ­500
Planar Travel Uncommon Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­150 -- 5 ­680
Plane Shift Uncommon Instant Spell Map square ­125 -- -- ­350
Prayer Uncommon Combat Enchantment ­-- -- ­30 -- ­800
Prosperity ­Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­250 -- 2 ­­1200
Raise Dead Uncommon Combat Instant Dead normal unit -- ­35 -- ­620
Resurrection Uncommon Instant Spell Dead hero ­250 -- -- ­400
Righteousness ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­200 ­40 2 ­­1120
Star Fires Common Combat Instant Enemy unit -- 5 -- 40
Stream of Life ­Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­300 -- 8 ­­1500
Tranquility ­­Very Rare Global Enchantment ­-- ­­1000 -- ­10 ­­4000
True Light Common Combat Enchantment ­-- -- ­20 -- ­190
True Sight Uncommon Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­100 ­20 2 ­300
Unicorns Uncommon Summoning Spell ­-- ­250 -- 5 ­560

Rival Wizards Edit

Main article: Wizard

When the world is generated, computer-controlled wizards each make a lottery-ball style roll for Personality and Objective. These traits modify the wizard's behavior, giving them some hard-to-resist compulsions and adding flavor to the match. If the wizard's shelf is stocked primarily with Icon Life.pngLife Spellbooks, this realm will convey influence on the rolls. In cases where spellbook ranks are tied, and the game needs to decide which realm conveys influence, precedence descends in this order:

Icon Nature.png Icon Sorcery.png Icon Chaos.png Icon Life.png Icon Death.png

Therefore, a default split-profile wizard like Horus (Icon Life.png5 Icon Sorcery.png5) will take a personality and objective corresponding to probabilities dictated by his sorcery ranks, not his life ones.

Dominant Life ranks drive the wizard towards a Personality of "Peaceful" and an Objective of "Perfectionist" (but do not by any means guarantee these traits). The table below shows the chances each character trait has of appearing on a Life wizard, before accounting for the influence of Retorts.

    Icon Book Life     Personality Objective
Peaceful 50% Perfectionist 40%
Lawful 20% Theurgist 30%
Aggressive 20% Militarist 20%
Ruthless 10% Expansionist 10%
Chaotic --
Maniacal --
On the diplomatic scale of 100 to -100, a "Peaceful" wizard has a +20 Core Reaction to all of the other wizards, including the human player, and the chance this wizard will elect to perform hostile actions (overland spells and armed assaults) is reduced by 20 percentage points. As all diplomatic standings gravitate towards the core reaction at a speed of 1 point per turn, it is therefore easier to maintain a quiet, if not friendly, front with this marshmallow of a wizard.
A "Perfectionist" wizard has double the chance of initiating construction of a Town Building, and a correspondingly reduced chance of commencing work on a new unit. The wizard is also dedicated to throwing positive enchantments on his cities, when these are available.

White wizards can usually be left alone in favor of more threatening opponents. While they will be very strong if allowed to prosper quietly, this realm does not give them any tools for nuking their enemies with crippling magic.

White Diplomacy Modifiers Edit

Rival wizards make the following initial adjustments to their Core Reaction to a white wizard (human or otherwise):

  • +2 per Icon Life.pngLife Spellbook owned by either side
  • +2 extra per Icon Life.pngLife Spellbook shared in common with the rival
  • or if the rival is Icon Death.pngDeath, −5 times the sum of Icon Life.pngLife and Icon Death.pngDeath ranks held in total.  

Example interactions:

Example 1: Ariel and Horus have a mutual Core Reaction adjustment of +40 (Icon Life.png15 owned by either side, with Icon Life.png5 held in common)
Example 2: Ariel and Jafar have a mutual Core Reaction adjustment of +20 (Icon Life.png10 owned by either side)
Example 3: Ariel and Rjak have a mutual Core Reaction adjustment of -95 (Icon Life.png10 & Icon Death.png9)

Note: Core Reaction can't fall below -90 after all factors are taken in. So the real adjustment between Ariel and Rjak is -90 in the last example.

Fantastic Units Edit

The Icon Life.pngLife Realm has only four native Fantastic Creature types, and a corresponding overland Summoning Spell for each degree of rarity. These units have increasingly-huge support capabilities and maintenance costs. They are a bit expensive to cast and maintain en masse. One Hero is also considered a fantastic unit of the Life Realm for most purposes, and is available through his own Rare summoning spell.

The Guardian Spirit plays a more extensive role than the higher units in this realm. While a Magic Spirit may be cheaper, the Guardian is ideal for melding any Node that might come to be within a rival's reach. It can be taken as a starting spell in a variety of wizard builds, and makes a formidable combatant in the early stages of the game.

The Unicorns, Angel, and Arch Angel are support-and-strike units, but the last two may be preempted by Incarnation, which is not only cheaper to research and cast, but also creates the mightiest unit in the entire game. ­Still, nothing is keeping you from backing up Torin with an Arch Angel.

Fantastic Creatures of Icon Life.pngLife
Icon Name Icon Research.png C U Icon MultiFigureUnit Moves Icon Melee Normal.png Icon Ranged Bow.png Icon Defense.png Icon Resist.png Icon Hits.png Icon ToHit.png
Unit Icon GuardianSpirit Transparent Guardian Spirit Icon Research.png 220 Icon Mana.png 80 Icon Mana.png 1 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Water1 Icon Melee Normal.png 10 Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 10
Resistance to All 1, Non-Corporeal, Meld
Unit Icon Unicorns Transparent Unicorns Icon Research.png 560 Icon Mana.png 250 Icon Mana.png 5 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 5 Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 6 Icon ToHit.png +20%
Teleporting, Poison Immunity, Resistance to All 2
Unit Icon Angel Transparent Angel Icon Research.png 1,400 Icon Mana.png 550 Icon Mana.png 15 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air3 Icon Melee Normal.png 13 Icon Defense.png 7 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 15 Icon ToHit.png +20%
Illusion Immunity, Holy Bonus 1, Dispel Evil
Unit Icon Archangel Transparent Arch Angel Icon Research.png 5,000 Icon Mana.png 950 Icon Mana.png 20 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air4 Icon Melee Normal.png 15 Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Resist.png 12 Icon Hits.png 18 Icon ToHit.png +30%
Illusion Immunity, Caster 40 MP, Holy Bonus 2

Good Champions Edit

Having at least one Life spellbook marks the wizard as sufficiently virtuous to attract the attention of the following high-grade Champions, either as random petitioners when he qualifies, or by summoning.

Hero Prerequisites Or Spell:
Hero Elana Elana the Priestess     Icon Fame.png 40   Icon Gold.png 500 Summon Champion  
Hero Roland Roland the Paladin Icon Fame.png 40   Icon Gold.png 500 Summon Champion
Hero Torin Torin the Chosen never Incarnation

Item Crafting Edit

Ranks in this color unlock the following spell-like effects that may be employed in Item Crafting, to augment heroes' gear. Spell knowledge allows combat spells to be Charged into an item.

Ranks Item Powers Unlocked
Icon Life.png2 Bless
Icon Life.png3 Holy Avenger
Icon Life.png4 Righteousness  
Icon Life.png5 Planar Travel
Icon Life.png6 True Sight
Lion Heart
Icon Life.pngSpell Charges
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Bless True Sight Lionheart Mass Healing
Star Fires Dispel Evil Invulnerability Holy Word
Holy Weapon Raise Dead Righteousness High Prayer
Healing Prayer
Holy Armor
True Light

White Encounter Zones Edit

By the odds, life creatures are the least common Fantastic Units to be encountered in Lairs. The world generator has a chance of spawning a garrison of life units in the following zones:

TerrainSpecial AncientTemple TerrainSpecial FallenTemple TerrainSpecial Ruins TerrainSpecial Tower
Ancient Temple Fallen Temple Ruins Tower of Wizardry
25% 25% 25% 16.7%
Encounter AncientTemple Dialog Life

Every lair makes a procedural selection of guardians through what is essentially a Icon Mana.png Mana budget, when it can afford guardians. Typically there will be one or more high-end units of the lair's Realm (this is the creature sighted by scouts who peek into the lair), attended by a lesser unit type. The Ancient Temple, Fallen Temple, and Ruins will harbor Icon Death.pngDeath creatures most of the time. The Tower can have anything; the world generator always places six towers, so about two-thirds of the time, a map is going to have at least one tower populated with creatures of Icon Life.pngLife.

Note that a white encounter zone never ejects Rampaging Monsters. The idea of a horde of angels and unicorns attacking a village and cutting down every last soul in the place is, perhaps, an awkward interpretation of this realm's ideology. Any other unconquered lair on the map is a candidate for hosting this periodic event.

Related Treasure Edit

Items Unlocked
Icon Life.pngLife Spellbook ranks are needed to unlock no less than 103 of the 250 pre-fab items in the game. A full list of these, with their prerequisites, is located in this section of the main treasure article.
Most pre-fab Magical Items demand the seeker possess certain spellbook ranks in order to show up in Treasure. The spell-like effects that appear on these items, such as those listed in the Item Crafting section, are the cause for these requirements. However, the spellbooks required do not necessarily match the effect. For example, the "Chaotic Staff of Fire", apparently on account of having the powerful red enchantment Chaos, requires Icon Life.png6 Ranks. We have to suppose that these mechanics are unintentional, because life ranks are needed for such an inordinate number of high-quality pieces of gear.
Finding Life Spellbooks
Any spellbooks found in the Ancient Temples and Fallen Temples described in the section above will always be Life. Spellbooks found in Towers, Mysterious Caves, and Monster Lairs have a 20 percent chance of being Life. It does not matter what realm of creatures actually inhabits the location and guards the books.

Related Wizard Skills Edit

Divine Power Edit

Divine Power requires Icon Life.png4 ranks in Life magic and costs 2 picks. It increases the power and the pacifying effects obtained from Shrines, Temples, Parthenons, and Cathedrals by 50%. While it is redundant with Stream of Life, and lacks the synergy of Icon Death.pngDark Rituals with Infernal Power, an economy driven by Life magic enables these expensive buildings to be constructed in a hurry.

Infernal Power may be found by Life wizards and yields exactly the same effect as Divine Power. The two retorts together do not exhibit cumulative effects.

Warlord Edit

Warlord has no prerequisites and costs 2 picks. It lowers Icon Experience.png Exp requirements, effectively raising the level of all units under the wizard's control by one, and unlocks higher levels for Normal Units. This is the ideal realm for this retort, most notably on account of the Heroism and Crusade spells. Through a Warlord, the former can be used to promote units to Icon ExpLevel 4.png Ultra-Elite in the very beginning of the game, while the latter unlocks the Icon ExpLevel 5.png Champion level when cast. The retort also has synergy with Altar of Battle and the general emphasis Life places on Normal Units and the Cities producing and backing them up.

Alchemy Edit

Alchemy has no prerequisites and costs 1 pick. It allows Icon Gold.png Gold and Icon Mana.png Mana to be converted at a one-to-one ratio, and equips all units built in cities with Icon Melee Magic.png Magical Weapons. Both benefits should appeal to Life wizards; the first because they can roll their strong tax revenues over into mana, and the second because they are likely to be building Normal Units early on.