"Instant Spells" is a category of spells in Master of Magic. All spells within this category are meant to have a permanent or semi-permanent effect which does not require continuous investment of Icon Mana.png Mana. In other words, an Instant Spell may leave a lasting impact on its target, but the spell itself disappears completely. This distinguishes between Instant Spells and the other major spell category, Enchantments.

All Instant Spells must be cast on the overland map, and the majority of them must be targeted at a specific asset (unit, town, or something else). A few Instant Spells are targeted at other wizards, using special interfaces unique to these spells. Several Instant Spells require no target at all - affecting as many targets as they can find automatically.

Several Instant Spells can be cast with more Icon Mana.png Mana invested into them than required for the actual casting. This prolongs the spell's casting time, but will also increase the power of the spell - whether to do more damage or to have a higher chance of success.

Once an Instant Spell is cast, it will perform its effect immediately. While the effect can last for a long time afterwards and/or have permanent repercussions, the Instant Spell itself dissipates immediately. As a result, the spell has no further presence in the game, its effect cannot be dispelled or canceled, and there are no Upkeep Costs to be paid in order to maintain that effect.

There is a total of 38 different Instant Spells in Master of Magic, belonging to different Realms. 8 of them belong to the Icon Nature.pngNature realm, whose Instant Spells have a wide variety of effects for different purposes. 8 Instant Spells belong to the Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Realm, and are mainly used to remove enemy spells from the game or prevent them from being cast in the first place. The Icon Life.pngLife realm has the fewest Instant Spells (2).

Usage Edit

All Instant Spells must be cast on the overland map. A few spells classified as Instant Spells are also classified as Combat Instants, in which case it is possible to cast them during combat for a similar effect.

The majority of Instant Spells must be targeted at one specific asset. In most cases, the caster must select a unit, town, or land tile to serve as the target for the spell. Some spells require selecting an opponent wizard as the target - in which case special spell-specific interfaces will pop-up to enable this.

Instant Spells run the gamut of Casting Costs, with some being incredibly cheap and others being incredibly expensive. In all cases however, Instant Spells have absolutely no Upkeep Costs, as the spell itself ceases to exist after it has applied its intended effect. On the other hand, the effects performed by an Instant Spell may cause the target to suddenly receive its own Upkeep Costs. This is explained in the articles for specific spells that behave like this, such as Lycanthropy or Wall of Stone.

Since the spell dissipates after casting, it cannot be "canceled" voluntarily by the caster nor by opponent wizards. Still, this does not mean that the effect cannot be undone - in fact most Instant Spell effects are reversible in one way or another.

For example, the Wall of Stone spell creates City Walls in the targeted town, and then dissipates. It's not possible to dispel these walls with magic - but they can be sold or destroyed like any other City Walls. The damage caused by a direct-damage spell, for example Ice Storm, cannot be dispelled with magic - but it can be healed in any way that normally heals damage incurred during combat.

Targeting Edit

Almost all Instant Spells require a target, upon which they will inflict their effects. The variety of targets for Instant Spells is the widest of any spell-type category, spanning anything from individual units to rival wizards or even the terrain itself.

When the casting of such an Instant Spell is completed, the game will ask the player to choose an appropriate target. Selecting an invalid target will cause an error message, and usually the game will allow the player to choose a different target. Occasionally, a spell will allow choosing an "invalid" target, but will then have no effect on the target and end up wasting its entire Casting Cost for nothing.

In most cases, an Instant Spell requires selecting a target on the overland map. It could be a unit, an entire stack, a Town, or even a terrain feature. In such cases, simply locate the target and click on it.

For more complex targeting, such as when targeting enemy wizards or their spells, the game will open a unique interface specifically designed for the Instant Spell in question. The articles for the different Instant Spells explain how to use these special interfaces, so study them carefully.

Effects Edit

Again, Instant Spells are numerous and have widely-varied effects. Some can have an effect as simple as changing the type of Terrain in a tile to a different type, others will simply cause damage to a unit or group of units, while some have complex effects like attempting to dispel an enemy's Enchantment.

Therefore, the exact effects of each Instant Spell are explained in great detail within its article on this wiki. They cannot be generalized in any meaningful way.

List of Instant Spells Edit

The following list details all 38 Instant Spells available in the game.

Name Realm Rarity Cost Combat
Research Short Description
Create Artifact Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- Varies -- 1000 Creates a customized Magical Item with up to 4 bonuses of any type. Casting Cost depends on the value of the item.
Disenchant Area Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 50 50 300 Attempts to dispel all enemy-cast spells on every asset in the targeted area (or in the entire battlefield).
Dispel Magic Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 10+ -- 100 Attempts to dispel all enemy-cast spells on one target unit.
Disjunction Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 200+ -- 750 Attempts to dispel one enemy-controlled Global Enchantment.
Enchant Item Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- Varies -- 450 Creates one customized Magical Item with up to 4 bonuses. The variety and strength of available bonuses is limited.
Recall Hero Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 20 20 350 Target friendly Hero is instantly teleported to the current location of the caster's Summoning Circle.
Spell of Mastery Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 5000 -- 60000 The caster wins the game immediately, and receives +250 points to his/her Score.
Spell of Return Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 1000 -- 20 The caster returns from Banishment. His/her new Fortress and Summoning Circle are placed in the targeted friendly Town.
Summoning Circle Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 50 -- 150 Moves the caster's Summoning Circle to the targeted Town.
Plane Shift Icon Life.pngLife Uncommon 125 -- 350 Target friendly stack is teleported to the corresponding coordinates on the other Plane.
Resurrection Icon Life.pngLife Uncommon 250 -- 400 Returns one dead Hero to life, with all of his/her combat properties intact.
Change Terrain Icon Nature.pngNature Uncommon 50 -- 500 Changes the Terrain type in a given overland tile.
Earth Lore Icon Nature.pngNature Common 30 -- 250 Reveals a large section of the overland map.
Earthquake Icon Nature.pngNature Rare 200 -- 1300 Randomly destroys units and Town Buildings in the targeted town.
Ice Storm Icon Nature.pngNature Rare 200 -- 1200 Strikes all enemy units in the targeted stack with a Icon Ranged Magic.png 6 Magical Cold Damage attack.
Move Fortress Icon Nature.pngNature Rare 200 -- 1500 Moves the wizard's Fortress to the targeted town.
Nature's Cures Icon Nature.pngNature Uncommon 75 -- 740 Restores all units in a targeted stack to full health, instantly.
Transmute Icon Nature.pngNature Uncommon 60 -- 680 Transforms a targeted Mineral into a different type of Mineral.
Wall of Stone Icon Nature.pngNature Common 50 -- 60 Instantly constructs permanent City Walls in the targeted town.
Disenchant True Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Uncommon 50+ 50+ 350 Attempts to dispel all rival spells in a targeted tile. Dispelling potency is adjustable, and is three times more effective than a Disenchant Area spell.
Disjunction True Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Rare 200+ -- 880 Attempts to dispel a rival's Global Enchantment. Dispelling potency is adjustable, and is three times more effective than a Disjunction spell.
Enchant Road Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Uncommon 100 -- 500 Turns all normal Roads in a 5x5 area of the overland map into Enchanted Roads.
Great Unsummoning Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Very Rare 1000 -- 3000 Every Fantastic Unit on the overland map must Resist at Icon Resist.png -3 or be destroyed.
Spell Binding Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Very Rare 1000 -- 3500 Takes control of a Global Enchantment belonging to an enemy wizard.
Spell Blast Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Uncommon 50+ -- 680 Target enemy spell is dispelled while it is being cast. Extra Icon Mana.png Mana must be paid based on how close the target spell is to being completed.
Stasis Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Rare 250 -- 1500 All enemy units in the targeted stack must Resist at Icon Resist.png -5 or be stuck in place until they manage to Resist successfully.
Word of Recall Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Common 20 20 160 Returns the targeted unit to the Town currently containing the caster's Summoning Circle.
Call the Void Icon Chaos.pngChaos Very Rare 500 -- 5000 Causes massive damage to a target enemy Town, its Town Buildings, garrisoned units, and surrounding area.
Chaos Channels Icon Chaos.pngChaos Uncommon 50 -- 400 Turns a Normal Unit into a Fantastic Unit associated with the Icon Chaos.pngChaos Realm, and gives it one of three possible permanent bonuses.
Corruption Icon Chaos.pngChaos Common 40 -- 100 Causes a targeted land tile to become Corrupted.
Fire Storm Icon Chaos.pngChaos Rare 250 -- 1400 Strikes each enemy unit in the targeted land tile with an Immolation Damage attack of strength Icon Ranged Magic.png 8.
Raise Volcano Icon Chaos.pngChaos Uncommon 200 -- 680 Creates a Volcano in the targeted overland tile, making it useless. The caster gains Icon Power.png +1 Power while this Volcano exists.
Black Wind Icon Death.pngDeath Rare 200 -- 1400 Each Icon Figure.png figure in each unit in the targeted tile must Resist at Icon Resist.png -1 or be destroyed.
Cruel Unminding Icon Death.pngDeath Very Rare 250 -- 1850 Target rival wizard loses 1-10% off his current Spell Skill.
Death Wish Icon Death.pngDeath Very Rare 500 -- 5000 Every enemy Normal Unit and Hero anywhere in the world must Resist or be destroyed.
Drain Power Icon Death.pngDeath Uncommon 50 -- 300 Target rival wizard loses anywhere between Icon Mana.png 50 and Icon Mana.png 150.
Subversion Icon Death.pngDeath Uncommon 100 -- 620 Diplomatic Relations between the target wizard and all other wizards deteriorate by -25 points.
Warp Node Icon Death.pngDeath Rare 75 -- 1300 Target Node decreases its owner's Power by Icon Power.png -5 instead of increasing it. A warped node may not change owners.

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