Immolation Damage is one of the many Damage Types in Master of Magic.

Immolation Damage is essentially Area Damage. This type of damage is unique in that it makes separate Icon ToHit.png To Hit rolls against each Icon Figure.png Figure in the enemy unit, instead of attacking only the "lead" figure and applying "excess" damage to further Icon Figure.png figures (as would happen with conventional Physical Damage). This generally means that the more Icon Figure.png Figures there are in the target unit, the more damage it will suffer on average.

Immolation Damage is distinct from the other Area Damage type, called Blizzard Damage, in that it will trigger a target's Ability FireImmunity Fire Immunity (if the target possesses this immunity), and will not trigger a target's Ability ColdImmunity Cold Immunity. Note that either of the two Area Damage types will trigger a target's Ability MagicImmunity Magic Immunity.

Immolation Damage is named after the Ability Immolation Immolation ability (and the Spell of the same name). Several creatures and spells deliver this type of damage in various ways or circumstances. The Icon Chaos.pngFireball spell is by far the strongest of these.

Effect Edit

Main article: Area Damage

Immolation Damage is a type of Area Damage, and as such its purpose is to cause Icon Damage.png Damage Points to the target. The results of this damage greatly depend on how many Icon Figure.png Figures the target contains.

Against Single-Figure Units Edit

Main article: Fire Damage

When Immolation Damage strikes a Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure Unit, it behaves in a manner identical to Fire Damage. This starts with a single set of Icon ToHit.png To Hit rolls against the target unit, equal to the strength of the Immolation Damage attack. This is followed by a set of Icon ToBlock.png Defense rolls, exactly as many as the target's Icon Defense.png Defense score.

The number of successful hits and blocks are tallied up, then subtracted, to get the amount of Icon Damage.png Damage Points caused to the target. Unlike Physical Damage, if this amount is higher than the Icon Figure.png figure's remaining Icon Hits.png Hit Points, it is reduced to this amount instead. This will still destroy the unit, but without any "overkill" damage, which may matter for some effects such as Ability Regeneration Regeneration or Ability CreateUndead Create Undead.

Against Multi-Figure Units Edit

Immolation Damage behaves very differently when it strikes a Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure target. In this case, it acts as a separate Physical Damage attack initiated individually against each Icon Figure.png Figure in the unit. All Icon Figure.png Figures get to apply their Icon Defense.png Defense to reduce their own damage.

Unlike in Physical Damage, however, there is no "excess" Icon Damage.png Damage. That is, no Icon Figure.png Figure can take more Icon Damage.png Damage than its current Icon Hits.png Hit Point total. Still, the result is usually massive damage to the Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure unit.

For a full analysis of this process, please refer to the article on Area Damage, which explains this in much greater detail, including examples.

Immunities Edit

Immolation Damage is completely blocked by the Ability MagicImmunity Magic Immunity and UnitEnchantment Righteousness Righteousness effects. Units possessing either of these will not suffer any Immolation Damage under any circumstances.

Units possessing the Ability FireImmunity Fire Immunity ability will instead get their Defense score temporarily raised to Icon Defense.png 50 for the purposes of blocking this damage type.

Immolation Damage is always considered to be Icon Chaos.pngChaos damage, and thus also falls within the scope of the Icon Life.pngBless, Icon Nature.pngResist Elements, and Icon Nature.pngElemental Armor protective Unit Enchantments, which means that units possessing these will have enhanced Defense against this type of damage. Furthermore, the Defense bonus granted by the Ability LargeShield Large Shield ability also applies against all forms of Immolation Damage regardless of their source.

Sources of Immolation Damage Edit

There are many different sources of Immolation Damage in the game, all of which are associated with the Icon Chaos.pngChaos Realm. Each of them delivers a different amount of Immolation Damage to its target.

Fireball Edit

Main article: Fireball

Icon Chaos.pngFireball is an Uncommon Combat Instant spell. For a base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 15, this spell will deliver Immolation Damage with an attack strength of Icon Ranged Magic.png 5 at a selected enemy target on the battlefield.

The Fireball spell can be infused with additional Icon Mana.png Mana in order to make it stronger. With every extra Icon Mana.png 3 invested into the spell, its attack strength increases by Icon Ranged Magic.png 1. The spell can take up to Icon Mana.png 60 extra Mana, meaning that its strength can be increased up to a maximum of Icon Ranged Magic.png 25. This is the strongest available Area Damage attack in the game, and is highly likely to wipe out an entire enemy Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure unit.

Fireball Spell Edit

Main article: Fireball Spell

Ability FireballSpell Fireball Spell is a Unit Ability possessed by all Magicians in the game. This ability allows a unit of Magicians to cast the Fireball spell (see above) once per battle, at no Icon Mana.png Mana cost whatsoever. However, this spell can not be infused, and the resulting Fireball always has an attack strength of exactly Icon Ranged Magic.png 5.

Fire Storm Edit

Main article: Fire Storm

Icon Chaos.pngFire Storm is a Rare Instant Spell. For a base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 250, this spell will strike each and every enemy unit within a given overland map tile with a strength Icon Ranged Magic.png 8 Immolation Damage attack.

This spell is particularly useful against large enemy armies, since the more units present the more Immolation Damage is delivered overall. It is even more powerful if the enemy army contains several Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units. However, the attack strength of only Icon Ranged Magic.png 8 is relatively weak against Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure units, and is unlikely to kill any of them. Fire Storm can be useful for weakening an enemy army prior to actual battle.

Flame Strike Edit

Main article: Flame Strike

Icon Chaos.pngFlame Strike is a Rare Combat Instant spell. For a base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 60, it will simultaneously deliver a strength Icon Ranged Magic.png 15 Immolation Damage attack against each enemy unit on the battlefield.

Due to striking each enemy unit, this spell is more worthwhile the more enemy units are present. Each unit is struck with Immolation Damage that has an attack strength of Icon Ranged Magic.png 15, which is roughly on par with a mid-strength Icon Chaos.pngFireball, and can be expected to cause serious damage to each of those units - particularly Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units. This both cuts down the time required to cast multiple Fireballs at the enemy, and saves a lot of Icon Mana.png Mana if sufficient enemy units can be hit.

Immolation Ability Edit

Main article: Immolation

Ability Immolation Immolation is a Unit Ability unique to the Fantastic Unit Icon Chaos.pngDoom Bat.

Immolation affixes a quasi-Touch Attack to a unit's attacks. The strength of this Immolation Damage attack is always Icon Ranged Magic.png 4. In the case of the Doom Bat, it will trigger whenever the creature makes a Melee Attack or Counter Attack.

While a fairly weak attack, it can still dissuade weaker enemy Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units from attacking the Doom Bat, and can be used offensively to kill off such units. Remember, however, that as a Touch Attack, it does not offer any real protection to the Doom Bat itself, it only increases the damage that the Bat can do in melee combat.

Immolation Spell Edit

Main article: Immolation (Spell)

Icon Chaos.pngImmolation is also the name of an Uncommon Unit Enchantment. When cast on a friendly unit, this enchantment adds the Ability Immolation Immolation ability to that unit. Unlike the Icon Chaos.pngDoom Bat however, other units may not be limited to Melee Attacks in regards to what the Immolation attack can be affixed to (see the Touch Attack article for more information).

When cast on the overland map, Immolation has a base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 150, and will stay in effect on the target unit until dispelled or removed. It will, however, require an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 2 per turn to maintain.

Alternatively, Immolation may also be cast during combat as an impromptu Unit Enchantment, for a base cost of only Icon Mana.png 30. Though this behaves the same as the overland version, the combat version will fizzle immediately as soon as the battle is over (or the unit is destroyed).

This spell allows any unit to possess the Ability Immolation Immolation ability, and thus make that unit much more dangerous to enemy Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units.

Meteor Storm Edit

Main article: Meteor Storm

Icon Chaos.pngMeteor Storm is a Very Rare Global Enchantment. It can be cast on the overland map for a base cost of Icon Mana.png 900. As long as it is maintained, it rains down fiery destruction on the entirety of both Arcanus and Myrror. The effect is divided into two parts, based on whether a map tile contains a Town or not.

Every unit on the overland map that is not in a Town at the end of the turn will be subjected to a strength Icon Ranged Magic.png 4 Immolation Damage attack. Town garrisons are unaffected, as are the guardians of Encounter Zones (they don't actually exist on the overland map). However, every other unit in every army will be hit, including the caster's own armies.

Towns instead have a chance of getting buildings torn down, and Outposts are outright destroyed by this spell. Only the caster's Towns are exempt.

Wall of Fire Edit

Main article: Wall of Fire

Icon Chaos.pngWall of Fire is the name of a Common Town Enchantment spell. When cast on a friendly Town, it will surround that town with flames. Whenever siege combat erupts for this town, the "town proper" area will be surrounded by a flaming barrier which - although passable to all units - will inflict a strength Icon Ranged Magic.png 5 Immolation Damage attack on any Icon Movement GroundNon-Flying unit that passes through it.

Furthermore, such a unit performing a Melee Attack through the Wall (against a unit inside) will suffer the same effect during the resolution of the attack.

Wall of Fire may be cast on the overland map for a Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 150. It will remain active on the target town until removed or dispelled, but will also have an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 2 per turn to maintain. The flaming barrier will appear in every battle fought at that town while the spell is in effect.

Wall of Fire can also be cast as an impromptu Combat Instant, which will create the same flaming barrier around the town but will only remain until the end of the current battle. This version of the spell behaves the same as the overland version, but costs only Icon Mana.png 30. Also, since it lasts only until the end of the battle, it has no Upkeep Costs whatsoever.

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