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This article is about the unit ability called "Immolation". For the Chaos Unit Enchantment of the same name, see Immolation (Spell).
Ability Immolation
Immolation is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic.

When a unit with Immolation attacks or is attacked in Melee combat, the unit's normal Melee Damage is accompanied by a powerful Touch Attack delivering Immolation Damage. This type of damage is more dangerous the more Icon Figure.png figures there are in the enemy target.

The strength of the attack performed by the Immolation ability is always Icon Ranged Magic.png 4. As a result, neither the game nor this wiki bother to mention its strength after the ability's name.

Only a single unit possesses Immolation by default: the Doom Bat. However, it is possible to add Immolation to any unit by casting the Immolation Unit Enchantment on it.

Description Edit

The Immolation ability is one of the best "active defenses" in the game. A unit possessing Immolation is essentially engulfed in flames: while the fire does not hurt the unit itself, it will hurt anyone trying to engage the unit in close combat. After all, you cannot hurt such a unit with hand-to-hand weapons without making contact with that unit, and thus, with the flames surrounding it.

Effect Edit

Immolation is automatically triggered whenever the unit possessing it attacks or is attacked in Melee combat. When this occurs, the Immolation ability unleashes a Touch Attack delivering 4 points of Immolation Damage to the target.

When directed against a Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure unit, Immolation Damage behaves exactly like conventional Fire Damage - with all the Icon ToHit.png To Hit and Icon ToBlock.png To Block rolls normally involved in a Physical Damage attack. However, things change radically whenever the target is a Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure unit, with terrific results: the more Icon Figure.png Figures there are in the target unit, the more deadly the attack!

In essence the Immolation Damage attack "splits up" into several separate "sub-attacks", one per each Icon Figure.png figure in the target unit. It then strikes each individual figure separately from the others.

The Immolation Damage attack makes 4 Icon ToHit.png To Hit rolls against each enemy Icon Figure.png Figure, recording the number of registered hits against each figure separately. Next, each Icon Figure.png Figure gets to make Icon ToBlock.png Defense rolls to block or avert the hits directed specifically at itself. The game then tallies up all of the "unblocked" hits, and applies this damage to the unit as a whole, injuring and potentially killing Icon Figure.png figures one by one.

The process is a little complex (for a more detailed explanation and examples, see Immolation Damage), but the overall result is easy to understand: the more Icon Figure.png figures there are in the enemy unit, the more overall damage can be expected. Thus, Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units, particularly low-level Normal Units, can be utterly wiped out by a single Immolation Damage attack, despite its low strength (Icon Ranged Magic.png 4).

Note that this is a Touch Attack, which means that it occurs simultaneously with the exchange of Melee Damage between the attacker and the defender. Thus, Immolation does not actually provide any defense for the unit possessing it; any enemy Icon Figure.png figures killed by the attack still get to inflict their own damage on the Immolating unit. Still, it increases the chance that the enemy unit will be destroyed or severely hurt by the end of the melee combat process.

Enemy units with Fire Immunity and/or Magic Immunity are effectively immune to Immolation Damage, and so will rarely if ever suffer any real harm from this attack.

Units with Default Immolation Edit

There is exactly one unit in the game that possesses Immolation by default:

Tactical DoomBat Doom Bat

The strength of the Immolation Damage Touch Attack performed by the Doom Bat during Melee combat is always Icon Ranged Magic.png 4. This is the same as when a unit is enchanted with Immolation (see below), and therefore there is no need to mention the strength of the Immolation ability.

Acquiring Immolation Edit

It is possible to add Immolation to a unit that does not already possess it. This is done by casting the Uncommon Icon Chaos.pngChaos Unit Enchantment called Immolation on the unit.

When cast on the overland map, Immolation has a basic Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 150. In this case the effect lingers, but requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 2 per turn to maintain.

Alternatively, it is possible to cast Immolation during combat as an impromptu reaction to an unfolding tactical situation. In this case it has a basic Casting Cost of only Icon Mana.png 30, but will only last until the end of combat (unless dispelled by the enemy first).

Note that in both cases, the Immolation ability granted to the target has a strength of Icon Ranged Magic.png 4, just like the innate Immolation possessed by a Doom Bat.

Also note that for some reason, while the Immolation spell is affecting the unit, its details panel will show two instances of the ability, one with a yellow icon (similar to an innate Immolation ability) and one with a purple icon (indicating an enchantment). Nonetheless, the unit still has only one instance of Immolation - it does not make two Immolation Damage Touch Attacks during Melee combat.

Finally, remember that Immolation granted this way is transient: it will only remain on the unit while the Unit Enchantment is in place. If the enchantment is dispelled or canceled, the unit loses its Immolation ability.

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