This article is about the unit ability called "Illusion". For the kind of damage generated by such a unit, see Illusion Damage.
Ability Illusion
Illusion (or "Illusion Attack") is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic.

A unit with Illusion delivers Illusion Damage with each of its Melee Attacks and Ranged Attacks (if any). When a target is struck by Illusion Damage, it cannot make any Icon Defense.png Defense rolls to reduce that damage. Therefore, the attack's total damage output depends only on the attacker's successful Icon ToHit.png To Hit rolls. This makes Illusionary Attacks equally potent against any armor.

There is only one level to the Illusion ability, and it cannot be upgraded. The only way to add Illusion to a unit that does not already have it is to enchant a Magical Item with the "Phantasmal" bonus, and giving that item to a Hero. Normal Units and Fantastic Units that do not have Illusion by default cannot acquire it in any way.

Exactly 3 units in the game possess Illusion by default. 2 are Fantastic Creatures from the Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Realm, and one is a Champion.

Description Edit

For the most part, any damage that is inflicted during combat is a result of some physical or magical force impacting with the target, sucking its life out, or otherwise causing direct injury. However, what if the target only thinks that it is being injured? In the world of Master of Magic, a particularly good Illusion can not only convince the target that it has been damaged, but actually result in the target being damaged!

Since it does not involve any physical force, an Illusionary Attack cannot be obstructed by armor or cover - it is an attack against the target's own mind. Unfortunately, this also means that a "mindless" target would be completely immune to it.

Effect Edit

Whenever a unit possessing the Illusion ability makes a Melee Attack or Ranged Attack against another unit, the attack delivers Illusion Damage (in addition to any other Damage Types it has).

The result is very simple: it means that the target does not get to make any Icon Defense.png Defense rolls to try and block this incoming damage. The damage completely bypasses the target's armor.

Since the target gets no Icon Defense.png Defense rolls, the resulting Icon Damage.png Damage from an Illusionary Attack depends almost entirely on the attacker's Icon ToHit.png To Hit rolls. In fact, if the attacker has Icon ToHit.png 100% To Hit (which many Heroes can reach), the attack will cause its maximum amount of damage to the target each and every time.

For example, imagine an attack made by Aerie the Illusionist against a group of Gargoyles. Aerie makes her attack rolls, registering 3 hits against the target. Gargoyles have a very impressive Defense score of Icon Defense.png 10, but Illusion Damage means that they do not get to use it at all! Therefore, Aerie's 3 hits are translated into exactly Icon Damage.png 3 Damage Points.

Since this type of damage completely ignores armor, units with Illusion are particularly powerful against heavily-armored units, such as Heroes and high-tier Fantastic Units (which non-Illusion attackers would struggle to hurt at all).

Only damage from the Illusionary Attack itself ignores the target's armor. If the attacker delivers several attacks simultaneously, and only one carries the Illusion effect, the target's Icon Defense.png Defense score is only ignored for that specific attack.

Illusions Immunity Edit

The only exception to the above rules occurs when the target possesses Illusions Immunity. This is a fairly common immunity, especially among Fantastic Units from the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm.

When an Illusionary Attack is made against such a target, it does not nullify the target's Icon Defense.png Defense score. The target may make its Icon Defense.png Defense Rolls as normal, as though the attacker did not possess the Illusion Damage property at all.

Affected Attack Types Edit

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The Illusion ability adds the Illusion Damage property to the unit's Melee Attack as well as to any type of Ranged Attack it might possess. Illusion is often considered a great boon for Ranged Attackers, as it allows them to do much more damage (on average) from a safe distance. Nonetheless, a Melee Attack unit with high attack strength or Icon ToHit.png To Hit bonuses may become quite deadly if it possesses this ability.

It is currently unknown whether a Breath Attack, Thrown Attack or any other kind of Special Attack can also deliver Illusion Damage thanks to this ability. The only units that could possibly have Illusion in combination with such attacks are Heroes equipped with certain Magical Items (see below). The effect is not discussed in any of the official texts, but should be easy enough to test. However, until proper tests can actually be performed, it is assumed that such attacks do not receive the Illusion Damage property. If information to the contrary is discovered, please add it here.

Units with Default Illusion Edit

Only 3 units in the game have Illusion by default. 2 of these are Fantastic Creatures from the Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Realm, the other is a Champion.

Tactical PhantomBeast Phantom Beast
Tactical PhantomWarriors Phantom Warriors
Tactical Hero Aerie Aerie the Illusionist

Note that of these, Aerie is the only unit that has an Illusion Damage Ranged Attack by default.

Acquiring Illusion Edit

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Normal Units and Fantastic Units that do not have Illusion by default cannot acquire this ability by any other means.

Heroes, however, may acquire Illusion (if they do not already have it) by equipping a Magical Item imbued with the "Phantasmal" Item Power.

The "Phantasmal" bonus can only be added to Swords, Maces, Axes, Wands, Staves and Bows. During Item Crafting, the "Phantasmal" bonus is only available if you possess at least Icon Sorcery.png6 Sorcery Spellbooks. Of course, it is always possible to find an item already imbued with this bonus as a reward for defeating an Encounter.

Testing is required in order to determine whether the Illusion ability granted by such a weapon applies only to the type of attack associated with that weapon. I.e., whether a Phantasmal Sword only gives Illusion Damage to the Hero's Melee Attacks, or if it also applies to the Hero's Ranged Attacks or other Special Attacks (if any). If you have information on this, please add it here.

Note that the Illusion icon does not appear in the Hero's details panel while holding said item, but the effect is there nonetheless.

Naturally, an Illusion ability acquired through a weapon is transient: if the Hero should unequip the weapon, he/she will immediately lose the Illusion ability.

Note that for Heroes who already possess Illusion, holding a Lightning weapon does not improve their existing Illusion ability in any way.

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