This is an explanation (and list) of all icon templates used on this wiki. Each template produces a certain icon, possibly followed by additional text in a Bold White Font (or simply a Bold Font on the mobile wikia skin).

The meaning of each icon is discussed in more detail in the Icon Glossary article, this page is oriented more towards how the Icon Templates are actually used. However, each icon displayed by these templates is clickable by the reader, and will generally redirect them to the appropriate page on the wiki (provided there is a relevant article explaining the concept).

Syntax Edit

To display an icon and corresponding text in an article, a "template call" must be inserted into the article text at the right position (where the icon needs to appear).

A "template call" looks something like this:

{{Template_Name[| Switch (optional)] [| Text (optional)]}}

The Template_Name determines which template the wiki should use, which, in turn, defines the icon that will be displayed. Some templates represent a collection of icons with similar meanings, in which case a switch parameter can be used to specify the individual icon to display. However, nearly all of these templates have default values, and can thus be used with no parameters whatsoever. This will only insert the corresponding icon into the article text. Some examples are illustrated in the table below:

This code: Results in:
Icon Arcane.png
Icon Research.png
Icon Melee Normal.png
Icon Movement Ground

To pass parameters to the template, they need to be included inside the double braces and separated from the Template_Name by the pipeline character: | . The simplest case of this would be a template call with a single switch parameter. This can be used by itself (i.e. with no further parameters) to display only an icon from a group that otherwise shows a different one by default:

This code: Results in:
Icon ExpLevel 2.png
Icon Ranged Boulder.png
Icon Breath Lightning.png

Those familiar with the MediaWiki template syntax may note that these switch parameters are anonymous rather than named, and are used based on their sequence. That is, the first parameter passed to these templates will always be interpreted as the switch parameter, if applicable. If this first parameter does not match any of the pre-defined switch strings, there will be no icon switching, and the parameter will be used as text to be highlighted instead (using the default icon in the group):

This code: Results in:
Icon Melee Normal.png Mithral
Icon Ranged Bow.png Arrows

A full list of the usable switch parameters can be found in the tables below, and also on the individual template pages.

Adding text to a single icon (i.e. non-switching) template is accomplished in a similar manner, just like adding text to the default version of a switchable template. This text will always follow the icon in a bold white font or, in the case of magical Realm icons, a font color matching that of the Realm in question. Because the mobile wikia skin doesn't support font colors the way that desktop skins do, the template text on this skin will instead appear with a simple bold highlight.

This code: Results in:
Icon Gold.png Gold
Icon Production.png 2,000
Icon SpellSave.png -3
{{Life|Life Realm}}
Icon Life.pngLife Realm

Finally, some templates can take two parameters, such as a switch and some text. In this case, the parameters need to be separated from each other by another pipeline ( | ) character:

This code: Results in:
{{Ranged|Missile|Bow & Arrows}}
Icon Ranged Bow.png Bow & Arrows
Icon Movement Air4
{{Melee|Magic|Magic Weapons}}
Icon Melee Magic.png Magic Weapons
Icon ExpLevel 4.png Ultra-Elite

Inserting an invalid switch parameter into the template will cause any further parameters to be ignored, as is also the case if the template is called with more parameters than what it requires:

This code: Results in:
{{Melee|Mithral|Mithral Weapons}}
Icon Melee Normal.png Mithral
Icon Ranged Magic.png 2

There are also two icon template types that, while not switching, take an additional parameter besides a text one. The first of these are the various magical Realm icons, which can take an extra named parameter called "link" to specify an article that their text will redirect to when clicked. As this is a named parameter, it needs to be passed to the template using an equals sign:

This code: Results in:
{{Sorcery|link = Spell Ward|Chaos Ward}}
Icon Sorcery.pngChaos Ward
{{Nature|Nature Aura|link = Nature Node#Combat in a Nature Node}}
Icon Nature.pngNature Aura

If the text that is to be highlighted matches the name of the page to be linked, then there is no need to duplicate it in the template call. Using a single "link" parameter will automatically substitute the text with the name of the linked page:

This code: Results in:
{{Life|link = Consecration}}
Icon Life.pngConsecration
{{Chaos|link = Chaos Node}}
Icon Chaos.pngChaos Node
{{Death|link = Death}}
Icon Death.pngDeath

The other template that takes more than one parameter is the Moves template, that can be used to illustrate the various combinations of overland Movement Types that a stack of units can have. Instead of a switch, this template takes a series of pre-defined string variables (separated by commas if more than one) as its first parameter:

This code: Results in:
Move Flying 2
Move ForesterMove Boot Forester
{{Moves|ww,pf|Magic Spirit}}
Move SwimmingMove Pathfinding Magic Spirit

Editor's note: Although thematically infoicons, all of the Icon Templates listed here are currently of the Data Template type. This is because the mobile wikia skin (Mercury) removes all text when displaying the infoicon type (in addition to its general stripping of styling), which is counterproductive to the purpose of using these templates in most of our articles. Until such a time that this behaviour is changed, please refrain from changing the types of these templates.

List of Icon Templates Edit

Icon Concept Template Switches
Icon Life.png Life {{Life|Text}}
Icon Nature.png Nature {{Nature|Text}}
Icon Sorcery.png Sorcery {{Sorcery|Text}}
Icon Chaos.png Chaos {{Chaos|Text}}
Icon Death.png Death {{Death|Text}}
Icon Arcane.png Arcane {{Arcane|Text}}
Icon Food.png Food {{Food|Text}}
Icon Gold.png Gold {{Gold|Text}}
Icon Production.png Production {{Production|Text}}
Icon Power.png Power {{Power|Text}}
Icon Mana.png Mana {{Mana|Text}}
Icon Research.png Research Points {{Research|Text}}
Icon Fame.png Fame {{Fame|Text}}
Icon Movement Ground Icon Movement Water Icon Movement Air Icon Movement Sailing Movement Type {{Movement|Switch|Text}}
  • g, ground, walk, walking: Icon Movement GroundWalking
  • swim, swimming, w, water: Icon Movement WaterSwimming
  • a, air, f, flight, fly, flying: Icon Movement AirFlying
  • s, sail, sailing, ship: Icon Movement SailingSailing
  • default: Icon Movement Ground Ground Movement
Move Boot Move Swimming Move Flying Move Sailing
Move Forester Move Mountaineer Move Pathfinding Move Astral
Stack Movement {{Moves|Variable(s)|Text}}
  • g: Move Boot Walk
  • ww: Move Swimming Swim
  • fly: Move Flying Fly
  • s: Move Sailing Sail
  • for: Move Forester Forester
  • mtn: Move Mountaineer Mountaineer
  • pf: Move Pathfinding Pathfinding
  • ps: Move Astral Plane Shift
Icon Melee Normal.png Icon Melee Magic.png Icon Melee Mithril.png Icon Melee Adamantium.png Melee Attack {{Melee|Switch|Text}}
  • Normal: Icon Melee Normal.png Normal Weapon
  • Magic: Icon Melee Magic.png Magic Weapon
  • Mithril: Icon Melee Mithril.png Mithril Weapon
  • Adamantium: Icon Melee Adamantium.png Adamantium Weapon
  • default: Icon Melee Normal.png Normal Weapon
Icon Ranged Bow.png Icon Ranged Magic.png Icon Ranged Boulder.png Ranged Attack {{Ranged|Switch|Text}}
  • General: Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Attack
  • a, arrow, b, bow, missile: Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attack
  • m, magic, spell: Icon Ranged Magic.png Ranged Magic Attack
  • boulder, r, rock: Icon Ranged Boulder.png Ranged Boulder Attack
  • Sling: Icon Ranged Boulder.png Ranged Missile Attack
  • default: Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Attack
Icon Breath.png Icon Breath Lightning.png Breath Attack {{Breath|Switch|Text}}
  • f, fire: Icon Breath.png Fire Breath Attack
  • l, lightning: Icon Breath Lightning.png Lightning Breath Attack
  • default: Icon Breath.png Breath Attack
Icon Thrown.png Thrown Attack {{Thrown|Text}}
Icon ToHit.png To Hit {{To Hit|Text}}
Icon Defense.png Defense {{Defense|Text}}
Icon ToBlock.png To Block {{To Block|Text}}
Icon Resist.png Resistance {{Resist|Text}}
Icon Hits.png Hit Points {{Hits|Text}}
Icon Damage.png Damage Points {{Damage|Text}}
Icon SpellSave.png Spell Save {{Save|Text}}
Icon Experience.png Experience {{Exp|Text}}
Icon Experience Level.png Experience Level {{ExpLevel|Switch|Text}}
  • 1, recruit, hero: Icon ExpLevel 0.png 1st Level
  • 2, regular, myrmidon: Icon ExpLevel 1.png 2nd Level
  • 3, veteran, captain: Icon ExpLevel 2.png 3rd Level
  • 4, elite, commander: Icon ExpLevel 3.png 4th Level
  • 5, ultra-elite, championhero: Icon ExpLevel 4.png 5th Level
  • 6, championunit, lord: Icon ExpLevel 5.png 6th Level
  • 7, grand lord: Icon ExpLevel 6.png 7th Level
  • 8, super hero: Icon ExpLevel 7.png 8th Level
  • 9, demi-god: Icon ExpLevel 8.png 9th Level
  • default: Icon Experience Level.png Experience Level
Icon Figure.png Figure {{Figure|Text}}
Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure Unit {{SFU|Text}}
Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure Unit {{MFU|Text}}