Halfling Swordsmen
Tactical HalflingSwordsmen
Race Halflings
Req. Town Buildings Barracks,
Construction Cost Icon Production.png 30
Upkeep Cost Icon Gold.png 1
Icon Food.png1
Unit Properties
# of figures Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 8
Moves Icon Movement Ground1
Melee Attack per figure Icon Melee Normal.png 2
Defense per figure Icon Defense.png 2
Resistance Icon Resist.png 6
Hit Points per figure Icon Hits.png 1
Unit Abilities

Ability LargeShield Large Shield

Ability Lucky Lucky

Halfling Swordsmen are a type of Normal Unit. This unit may be created at any Halfling town, for the Construction Cost of Icon Production.png 30. The town must already contain both a Barracks and a Smithy for this to be possible.

Like all Swordsmen, Halfling Swordsmen are a fairly basic combat unit, capable of holding its own in a fight with other Normal Units, especially after gaining some Experience. It also enjoys a Large Shield bonus which gives it some protection from Ranged Attacks. The Halfling Swordsmen unit contains Icon Figure.png 8 figures instead of the normal Icon Figure.png 6, and possesses the Lucky ability which gives a +10% bonus to its To Hit, Resistance and Defense rolls. To mitigate this, Halfling Swordsmen are physically weaker than other Swordsmen and are slightly more expensive.

Halfling Swordsmen require an Upkeep Cost of Icon Gold.png 1 and Icon Food.png1 to maintain. Failure to pay these costs will result in the unit being disbanded automatically.

Unit Properties Edit

Physical Description Edit

Halfling Swordsmen are a group of short humanoids, no more than a few feet in height. They are dressed in purple tunics with brown belts, and have no need to wear shoes thanks to their rugged, furry feet. Halfling Swordsmen carry swords for up-close-and-personal combat, and large pale-green bucklers which protect them from enemy arrows and other ranged attacks.

Halfling Swordsmen are a Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure unit, containing Icon Figure.png 8 figures when fully healed.

Attack Properties Edit

Halfling Swordsmen use a Icon Melee Normal.png Melee Attack, though due to their size it is considerably weaker than that of other Swordsmen units. This is mitigated by two important factors explained below.

Each Swordsman makes a Melee Attack with a strength of only Icon Melee Normal.png 2. On the other hand, the unit enjoys a To Hit bonus of Icon ToHit.png +10% thanks to its Lucky ability. As a result, each Halfling Swordsman delivers an average damage output of about Icon Damage.png 0.8 - still a fairly weak attack, comparable to that of other Swordsmen units.

However, unlike other Swordsmen, the Halfling Swordsmen unit contains Icon Figure.png 8 figures. With all 8 Swordsmen attacking in unison there's an overall good chance that several hits will connect. Of course, any decently-armored target will be able to block all of this damage effortlessly, so Halfling Swordsmen only pose a threat to other low-tier Normal Units.

Fortunately, with additional Experience the Halfling Swordsmen's attack can become even more powerful than that of other Swordsmen. This is again thanks to the To Hit bonus and extra Icon Figure.png figures in this unit.

Defense Properties Edit

The Halfling Swordsmen possess a Defense score of Icon Defense.png 2 - just as weak as their attack score. Again, the unit enjoys the benefits of the Lucky trait, receiving a Icon ToBlock.png +10% To Block bonus. As a result, the unit can deflect about Icon Damage.png 0.8 points of Damage from any damage source, on average. Unfortunately this is still hardly enough to save them from anything but the weakest attackers.

On the upside, Swordsmen are equipped with Large Shields. These bestow a Defense bonus of Icon Defense.png +2 against certain types of attack:

  • Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attacks
  • Icon Ranged Boulder.png Ranged Boulder Attacks
  • Icon Ranged Magic.png Ranged Magical Attacks
  • Icon Thrown.png Thrown Attacks
  • Icon Breath.png Breath Attacks

Extra Defense will block more incoming damage, and as the Halfling Swordsmen gain Experience they can eventually become decently resistant to those attacks.

As with most Normal Units, each Halfling Swordsman possesses only Icon Hits.png 1 Hit Point. In other words, each point of Icon Damage.png Damage inflicted on this unit will kill off one of its Icon Figure.png figures.

However, with Icon Figure.png 8 figures in a unit of Halfling Swordsmen they are hardier than they might appear at first, and benefit greatly from the added bonuses to their Defense score as they gain Experience. As per the rules of combat, each time an incoming attack deals enough damage to kill one Swordsman, the Halfling Swordsmen unit get to roll again for Defense to block more damage -- so each Defense point comes into play at least 8 times before the unit is destroyed. If you add in the To Block bonus from the Lucky trait, the result is that each extra Defense point has a greater impact on this unit than it has elsewhere in the game. Experienced Halfling Swordsmen are therefore remarkably hard to kill, despite being individually weak!

For purposes of defending against Curses and other combat maledictions, the Halfling Swordsmen have an above-average Resistance score of Icon Resist.png 6, and receive an extra Icon Resist.png +1 during battle thanks to the Lucky trait. This can protect them from some ill effects, but will probably fail about as often as it succeeds. With Experience however, Halfling Swordsmen can become surprisingly resistant - possibly even immune - to a large variety of ill effects.

Other Properties Edit

Halfling Swordsmen move at a slow Icon Movement Ground1, and can only traverse land tiles. The unit has no special movement properties.

Basic Strategy Edit

Halfling Swordsmen are a small step up from the basic Halfling Spearmen. Slightly stronger on the attack, with the added bonus of resistance to Ranged Attacks and certain Special Attacks, the Halfling Swordsmen can serve as a decent main-line unit, bolstering the strength of larger armies.

Halfling Swordsmen are usually not strong enough to fight on their own, though Experienced Swordsmen are capable of facing down most low-tier Normal Units with ease. Still, in the early game, a line of advancing Swordsmen can stand up fairly well to the foes it's likely to meet. It can weather Ranged Attack volleys to close with the enemy and batter it down - though it's still recommended to mix in some other units to aid the Swordsmen in their fight, decreasing casualties.

In an empire based mostly on Normal Units, Swordsmen tend to form the majority of armies, especially in town garrisons, a good way towards the mid-game.

Ability Overview Edit

Ability LargeShield Large Shield Edit

Ability Lucky Lucky Edit

  • During combat, this unit receives Icon ToHit.png +10% To Hit, Icon Resist.png +1 Resistance, and Icon ToBlock.png +10% To Block.
  • Furthermore, it causes a Icon ToHit.png -10% To Hit penalty on any enemy that engages the Lucky unit in melee combat. This feature was removed in the 1.40 Insecticide patch.
  • The To Hit bonus increases the unit's average damage output, putting it closer to the unit's maximum damage potential without increasing that maximum.
  • The To Block bonus allows the unit to block more damage on average, though it doesn't increase the maximum amount of damage it can block.
  • The Resistance bonus is more straightforward, simply increasing the unit's Resistance score by Icon Resist.png +1. Note however that this bonus is only applied during combat, and won't help the unit resist enemy spells on the overland map.

Experience Table Edit

The following table illustrates how Halfling Swordsmen improve as they gain Experience. Any properties that are not listed here do not improve with Experience in any way.

Level Icon Level Name EP Melee To Hit Defense Resist Hits
Experience 0 Recruit Icon Experience.png 0 - Icon Experience.png 19 Icon Melee Normal.png 2 Icon ToHit.png 40% Icon Defense.png 2 Icon Resist.png 6 Icon Hits.png 1
Experience 1 Regular Icon Experience.png 20 - Icon Experience.png 59 Icon Melee Normal.png 3 Icon ToHit.png 40% Icon Defense.png 2 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 1
Experience 2 Veteran Icon Experience.png 60 - Icon Experience.png 119 Icon Melee Normal.png 3 Icon ToHit.png 40% Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 1
Experience 3 Elite Icon Experience.png 120 Icon Melee Normal.png 4 Icon ToHit.png 50% Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 2
Experience 4 Ultra-Elite Icon Experience.png 120 * Icon Melee Normal.png 4 Icon ToHit.png 60% Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 2
Experience 5 Champion Icon Experience.png 120 ** Icon Melee Normal.png 5 Icon ToHit.png 70% Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 11 Icon Hits.png 3

* To achieve this level, either the Warlord Retort or the Crusade spell must be in play.
** To achieve this level, both the Warlord Retort and the Crusade spell must be in play simultaneously.

Average Damage Output Edit

The table below details the average amount of damage that each Icon Figure.png Figure in a Halfling Spearmen unit will deliver with each type of attack, based on Icon Experience Level.png Experience Level. It can be used in comparison to the target's Defense rating to figure out the chance of hurting that target.

Select weapons:
Level Icon Level Name Melee Ranged * Thrown Breath
Experience 0 Recruit
Experience 1 Regular
Experience 2 Veteran
Experience 3 Elite
Experience 4 Ultra-Elite
Experience 5 Champion

<img src="Icon_Melee_Normal.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Magic.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Mithril.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Adamantium.png">

Acquisition Edit

Halfling Swordsmen may be produced in any Halfling Town.

A town must contain both a Barracks and a Smithy to be able to produce Halfling Swordsmen. Should a town lose an existing Barracks or Smithy, it can no longer produce Halfling Swordsmen until replacement structures are built.

The Construction Cost of this unit is Icon Production.png 30.

Halfling Swordsmen may appear for hire as Mercenaries. They may already have some Experience on being hired, and several units may be hired simultaneously. Hiring these units requires a certain cost in Icon Gold.png Gold that depends on many different factors. Halfling Swordsmen Mercenaries have the same Upkeep Cost as a normally-constructed unit.

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