Global Enchantment is a Spell Type, or category of spells in Master of Magic. Like all other enchantments, Global Enchantments are meant to have a persistent effect - lasting as long as the spell remains in play. The effect of a Global Enchantment however does not just apply to one specific unit or Town, but rather, affects for example, all units, all Towns, or all opponents; and can possibly even alter the very rules of the game.

All Global Enchantments must be cast on the overland map, and often have high Casting Costs appropriate for their all-encompassing strength. To maintain the enchantment, and thus its effect, a certain Upkeep Cost must also be paid in Icon Mana.png Mana at the start of each turn. Failure to pay this cost results in the Global Enchantment dissipating, usually taking all or part of its effects with it.

There are a total of 24 different Global Enchantments in Master of Magic spread across different Realms, and this is one of the few categories that also contains Icon Arcane.pngArcane spells. The Icon Life.pngLife Realm is invested heavily into enchantments, and Globals are no different: it has no less than 7 of them, most of which apply beneficial effects to the Wizard's armies. Icon Chaos.pngChaos also has an array of 5 Global Enchantments available, some of which are destructive to the entire game world and/or every other Wizard's assets.

Global Enchantments may be cancelled by their controller from the Magic Screen, whenever it is available. However, other Wizards need to utilize either Icon Arcane.pngDisjunction, Icon Sorcery.pngDisjunction True, or Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Binding to dismantle (or take over) another player's Global Enchantments. If Random Events are enabled in the game's settings, there is also one of these called Disjunction, which will instantly and automatically dispel all active Global Enchantments.

Usage Edit

All Global Enchantments must be cast on the overland map, and only a handful of them have any effect at all during battles. The Casting Cost of these enchantments is usually very high; they are some of the most expensive spells in the game. Furthermore, each Global Enchantment requires an Upkeep Cost, to be paid in Icon Mana.png Mana, in order to remain in play. Failure to pay this Upkeep Cost due to a lack of Icon Mana.png Mana causes the enchantment to dissipate automatically.

Once a Global Enchantment has been cast, its name appears in the overland enchantments window of the Magic Screen, printed in the banner color of the Wizard who is currently in control of the spell. Due to the effect of Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Binding, this may or may not be the original caster. However, it is always this player that can voluntarily cancel the enchantment, or has to pay its Upkeep Cost otherwise.

Multiple Instances Edit

Each Wizard may only have one instance of each Global Enchantment in effect at any time. One the other hand, two (or more) different Wizards can each control one instance of the same Global Enchantment simultaneously. For example, two different players can cast and maintain a Icon Arcane.pngDetect Magic spell at the same time - with each Wizard benefiting from the effect of their own spell -, but then neither of them can cast this spell again unless it is removed first, one way or another.

Note that for some Global Enchantments, having two instances of the spell in play at the same time is redundant - no change occurs if one of these is removed. Since this is not always intuitive, the following is a list of all Global Enchantments whose effects are not cumulative when cast by multiple Wizards:

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Getting Rid of Global Enchantments Edit

The owner of a Global Enchantment can voluntarily cancel it by opening the Magic Screen, and clicking on the spell's name in the overland enchantments window. This ends the spell after a confirmation dialog, and may or may not remove its effects as per the spell's specific rules. This is usually done in order to conserve Icon Mana.png Mana, as Global Enchantments tend to have rather high Upkeep Costs to reflect their all-encompassing effects.

In addition, Wizards may cast the Icon Arcane.pngDisjunction or Icon Sorcery.pngDisjunction True spells in an attempt to remove a single Global Enchantment from play. However, the success of either of these spells is not guaranteed. While the "True" version is significantly more powerful, both are required to make a dispelling attempt before being able to dismantle the target enchantment. The chance of succeeding depends on the Icon Mana.png Mana invested into the disjunction, versus the Casting Cost of the Global Enchantment.

Stealing Global Enchantments Edit

Wizards wielding Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery magic may also gain access to a different approach: stealing a Global Enchantment from another Wizard! The Very Rare Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Binding is designed to change the ownership of a Global Enchantment, so that the player casting Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Binding will enjoy its benefits instead of the original Wizard.

Of course, once a Global Enchantment has been appropriated in this way, it can immediately be canceled by its new owner. This is effectively the same as dispelling the enchantment, except that Icon Sorcery.pngSpell Binding's chance of failure is much smaller than that of any disjunction attempt, and is removed entirely starting with the Unofficial Patch 1.50. Naturally, the Global Enchantments listed above as not having a cumulative effect are only really worth stealing to either dismantle them, or to ensure that they remain in play regardless of the intentions and circumstances of their original caster.

Note that the new owner of the Global Enchantment must now pay its Upkeep Cost every turn in order to keep it in play. The previous owner may now also cast a new instance of the same Global Enchantment.

Effects Edit

Global Enchantments vary wildly with regards to the effects they have on the game. However, one thing is common: they do not generally affect a specific asset, but rather, all assets of one specific kind; or alter the rules of the game in a way that applies to all opposing players.

Triggered Effects Edit

While most Global Enchantments have a continuous effect that is applied constantly, some require certain triggering events to activate. Therefore, the incentive to keep such a Global Enchantment in play is usually proportional to the frequency of situations in which the spell is useful. One of the simplest of these is the effect of Icon Arcane.pngAwareness, that reveals map tiles on which Towns have been created, but will do nothing if there are no new Cities being founded, and goes completely obsolete once the entire map has been explored.

Icon Life.pngLife Force, Icon Life.pngTranquility, Icon Nature.pngNature's Wrath, and Icon Death.pngEvil Omens are all designed to hinder Wizards using certain specific Realms of magic, and will only ever do anything when spells of those corresponding Realms are being cast. Similarly, Icon Sorcery.pngSuppress Magic would be completely ineffective against a player who only uses combat spells, although this is much less likely to actually happen in practice.

Some Global Enchantments only affect specific types of units. For example, Icon Life.pngCrusade, Icon Life.pngHoly Arms, and Icon Chaos.pngDoom Mastery are of little use to a Wizard relying primarily on Fantastic Units. The latter spell even requires the units to be recruited while the enchantment is being maintained. Icon Chaos.pngChaos Surge is also really only helpful to a player investing into armies of Icon Chaos.pngChaos- or Icon Chaos.pngChaos Channeled units, and can even become a double-edged sword if any opponent is doing the same.

Icon Death.pngEternal Night is slightly better in that it also triggers a negative effect when battling creatures of Icon Life.pngLife, in addition to bestowing benefits to Icon Death.pngDeath- and UnitEnchantment Undead Undead units. Finally, Icon Sorcery.pngWind Mastery typically requires either the caster, or their opponents, to use an abundance of Icon Movement SailingSailing ships to be truly worth keeping in play. It may be entirely useless on a Large landmass map.

Permanent and Temporary Effects Edit

The majority of Global Enchantments have persistent, but temporary effects. That is, if the spell is removed, so are all of its effects. However, there are also a few that have some sort of permanent effect, either by itself, or in addition to a temporary effect. In these cases, it can be important to know which effect will carry on without the spell, as it may not always be worth maintaining it for the temporary effect alone.

There are only four Global Enchantments with a real permanent effect, with two groups of two similar effects. Icon Arcane.pngAwareness and Icon Nature.pngNature Awareness are both scouting spells: the first reveals all Towns on both maps, while the second uncovers the entire maps. This can not be undone in the game, so any tiles revealed by either spell will remain visible to the player for the rest of the game. However, Icon Arcane.pngAwareness will only update on new Settlements while it is active (this is a temporary effect); and Icon Nature.pngNature Awareness similarly only enables the scouting of enemy units while it remains in play.

The other two spells relate to units. Icon Chaos.pngDoom Mastery, while active, will automatically mutate every Normal Unit created by its controller, as if the Icon Chaos.pngChaos Channels spell was cast on the new unit. This is entirely permanent, and will not go away if the Global Enchantment is removed or cancelled. Similarly, any Icon Death.pngZombies animated while a Icon Death.pngZombie Mastery spell is in effect, will remain in play until destroyed or dismissed, regardless of wherher the enchantment is still active or not.

There are also a few Global Enchantments that are capable of damaging units or Town Buildings (Icon Chaos.pngMeteor Storm, Icon Nature.pngNature's Wrath), healing units (Icon Nature.pngHerb Mastery), or causing Corruption or Volcanoes to appear randomly (Icon Chaos.pngGreat Wasting, Icon Chaos.pngArmageddon). These effects could also be thought of as being permanent, and will not be undone with the enchantment itself.

In addition, Icon Sorcery.pngAura of Majesty has an Instant-like effect every time it is cast, that boosts relations with all other Wizards, in a way that won't be reversed by dispelling the enchantment. However, in this case, the effect goes away automatically with time, as relations are hardcoded to slowly gravitate towards pre-set values. The same is true for Volcanoes raised by Icon Chaos.pngArmageddon, except in this case the reverted tile will still always be a Mountain, which is not necessarily the same type that it originally was.

List of Global Enchantments Edit

The list below details each of the 24 Global Enchantments available in the game.

Name Realm Rarity Cost Upkeep Research Short Description
Awareness Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 500 3 700 Permanently reveals the tiles of, and adjacent to, all Towns on both Planes.
Detect Magic Icon Arcane.pngArcane -- 200 3 400 Displays which spells the other Wizards are casting on the Magic Screen.
Charm of Life Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 1250 10 6000 Each and every friendly unit receives either Icon Hits.png +25% or Icon Hits.png +1 bonus Hit Points}} - whichever is higher.
Crusade Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 1100 10 4500 All friendly Normal Units and Heroes are one Experience level higher than normal.
Holy Arms Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 900 10 2500 All friendly Normal Units and Heroes are constantly under the effect of a Icon Life.pngHoly Weapon spell.
Just Cause Icon Life.pngLife Common 150 3 160 The casting Wizard receives Icon Fame.png +10 Fame, and Unrest is reduced by 1 in all of their Cities.
Life Force Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 1000 10 3500 Any overland Icon Death.pngDeath spell cast by other Wizards must face an automatic 500-strength dispelling attempt.
Planar Seal Icon Life.pngLife Uncommon 500 5 500 No units may cross from one Plane to the other unless teleported directly via Icon Sorcery.pngWord of Recall or Icon Arcane.pngRecall Hero.
Tranquility Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 1000 10 4000 Any overland Icon Chaos.pngChaos spell cast by other Wizards must face an automatic 500-strength dispelling attempt.
Herb Mastery Icon Nature.pngNature Very Rare 1000 10 4500 Heals each and every friendly unit to full Icon Hits.png Hit Points at the start of each turn.
Nature Awareness Icon Nature.pngNature Very Rare 800 7 2500 Permanently reveals all Terrain and Towns on both Planes, and shows all units while in effect.
Nature's Wrath Icon Nature.pngNature Very Rare 1250 10 6000 Any rival who casts a Icon Death.pngDeath or Icon Chaos.pngChaos spell is punished by randomly damaging their Towns and the units guarding them.
Aura of Majesty Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Uncommon 400 5 740 Improves the caster's Diplomatic Relations with all other wizards by +1 per turn, in addition to an instant boost of +10.
Suppress Magic Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Very Rare 1250 50 5000 Attempts to counter any overland spell cast by other Wizards with a Dispel Strength of 500.
Time Stop Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Very Rare 1500 200 6000 Only Time Stop's caster may move their units - All other turn-based mechanics are halted.
Wind Mastery Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Uncommon 400 5 620 All friendly ships receive +50% Movement Allowance. All rival ships receive -50%.
Armageddon Icon Chaos.pngChaos Very Rare 1250 40 6000 Raises several Volcanoes at random locations on the overland map each turn.
Chaos Surge Icon Chaos.pngChaos Very Rare 1000 40 3500 Bestows a +2 bonus to all Attack Strengths of every Icon Chaos.pngChaos unit in the world.
Doom Mastery Icon Chaos.pngChaos Very Rare 1100 15 4000 Every new Normal Unit created by the caster is automatically afflicted with Icon Chaos.pngChaos Channels.
Great Wasting Icon Chaos.pngChaos Very Rare 1000 20 2500 Causes Corruption in 3-6 random overland tiles each turn.
Meteor Storm Icon Chaos.pngChaos Very Rare 900 10 2250 Every turn, each unit not inside a Town is hit with a Strength Icon Ranged Magic.png 4 Immolation Damage attack, and each Town Building has a 1% chance of being destroyed.
Eternal Night Icon Death.pngDeath Very Rare 1000 15 4000 All battles involving the caster's armies are automatically affected by Icon Death.pngDarkness.
Evil Omens Icon Death.pngDeath Very Rare 1100 10 4500 The Casting Cost of all spells from the Icon Nature.pngNature and Icon Life.pngLife Realms is increased by 50%.
Zombie Mastery Icon Death.pngDeath Rare 800 40 1500 Any Normal Unit that falls in a battle involving the caster's armies will come back as an Undead unit at the end of combat.