This article is about the Item Power called "Giant Strength". For the spell that this Power emulates, see Giant Strength.
Giant Strength
Item Power
ItemPower Axe Green
Cost Icon Mana.png 300
Icon Book NatureIcon Book NatureIcon Book Nature
Icon Melee Magic.png +1
Icon Melee Magic.png +1
Icon Thrown.png +1

"Giant Strength" is an Item Power associated with the Icon Nature.pngNature Realm. It may be added to Magical Weapons created for Heroes via Create Artifact. Some of the 250 premade Items possess this power, and these can be found mainly as Treasure during the campaign. "Giant Strength" boosts the hero's melee attack strength by one point (for which this power seems somewhat overpriced).

Effect Edit

Vital Icon Nature.pngNature energy can directly increase the strength of a hero's swordarm. This Power works in tandem with any direct enhancements that have been forged into his weapon, as well as with the Giant Strength spell itself.

"Giant Strength" imparts a straight Melee Attack bonus during the type of attack for which the host weapon is designed. These are, respectively:

  • Mace, Sword: Icon Melee Normal.png Melee +1
  • Axe: Icon Melee Normal.png Melee +1 and Icon Thrown.png Thrown +1 (if applicable)

Despite its apparent basis on the Unit Enchantment Spell of this name, the spell and item power stack together.

Strategy Edit

This is one of several Powers which may be used to maximize a Hero's potential Icon Melee Normal.png Strength. Technically the "Giant Strength" power is always helpful, provided you can afford the extra time and cost in creation, and do not need the enchantment space for something more crucial.

The problem is the expense. Point-for-point, "Giant Strength" is less mana-efficient than increasing a weapon's attack bonus at any increment. It is equal in Icon Mana.png Cost to increasing the generic attack boost on Jewelry from +3 to +4. Jewelry offers a premium by affecting both melee and ranged combat, though, whereas "Giant Strength" still only affects melee strength no matter which gear slot it comes from.

The comparable Icon Chaos.pngChaos derived power, Flaming, is thrice as mana-efficient as Icon Nature.pngNature's "Giant Strength".

Acquisition Edit

Create Artifact Edit

Main article: Item Crafting

With Icon Nature.png3, "Giant Strength" may be added to Melee Weapons and Accessories of your own design through Icon Arcane.png Create Artifact. Making strong Items through this spell is an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process. Some recipes are more expensive than the Spell of Mastery. The proposition is made more reasonable by the Artificer and Runemaster Retorts.

Casting Cost Structure for "Giant Strength"
Base Runemaster Artificer Both
Icon Mana.png 300 Icon Mana.png 225 Icon Mana.png 150 Icon Mana.png 75

Overland Edit

Main article: Magical Items in Treasure

The game data files contain 250 pre-defined Items. Of these, ten possess the "Giant Strength" power. The power causes a premade Item to demand that the Wizard have particular Spellbooks in order to appear in Treasure, and the requirements are irregular.

There are three different ways by which you can acquire one of these pre-defined Items:

It is often better to acquire items in this way, as it means you do not need to spend any time or Icon Mana.png Mana to create them. Still, Items found through these means are in no way guaranteed to exactly suit your needs.

The table below lists the pre-defined Items with this power.

Premade Items with "Giant Strength"
Icon Mana.png Item Attributes Realm Powers Required Ranks
1200 Item Axe 1 Power Axe Icon Melee Magic.png 6 Giant Strength

Icon Sorcery.png3
1600 Item Misc 4 Trinket of Strength Icon Melee Magic.png 4 Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 5 Giant Strength

Icon Life.png3
1750 Item Mace 3 Whirlwind Icon Melee Magic.png 2 Icon ToHit.png 3 Icon Defense.png 1 Giant Strength

Icon Life.png3
2400 Item Axe 5 Golden Axe of Rath Icon Melee Magic.png 6 Icon ToHit.png 2 Icon Mana.png 10 Giant Strength

Icon Life.png3
850 Item Sword 5 Laik Kenegul Icon Melee Magic.png 3 Icon Defense.png 1 Resist Magic
Giant Strength
Icon Chaos.png3 Icon Life.png2
1000 Item Axe 7 Tree Tamer Icon Melee Magic.png 3 Death
Giant Strength
Icon Sorcery.png3 Icon Chaos.png3
1100 Item Sword 1 Living Sword Icon Melee Magic.png 2 Icon Defense.png 2 Elemental Armor
Giant Strength
Icon Chaos.png4 Icon Life.png3
1400 Item Sword 1 Sword of Renfield Icon Melee Magic.png 2 Icon Defense.png 2 Vampiric
Giant Strength
Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Life.png3
4000 Item Axe 1 The Kick Axe Icon Melee Magic.png 6 Icon ToHit.png 2 Haste
Giant Strength
Icon Chaos.png3 Icon Life.png7
Merchant Only
Icon Mana.png Item Attributes Realm Powers Required Ranks
2750 Item Misc 5 Bird of Paradise Magic Immunity
Giant Strength
Icon Nature.png3 Icon Sorcery.png5 Icon Chaos.png4 Icon Life.png5

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