Ability FireImmunity
Fire Immunity is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic.

When a unit with Fire Immunity is struck by Fire Damage or Immolation Damage from any source, its Defense score is temporarily raised to Icon Defense.png 50 for purposes of blocking this damage. This means that it is exceptionally difficult (though still possible) to inflict Fire Damage or Immolation Damage on this unit.

Fire Immunity is a rather rare immunity, possessed only by 3 different Fantastic Units - all from the Icon Chaos.pngChaos realm. It is not possible to add Fire Immunity to a unit that does not already have it.

Description Edit

Fire is essentially a chemical reaction, causing an object to turn from solid matter into gas while releasing plenty of heat and light. As such, it is a destructive force that few creatures can overcome. Nonetheless, the magical nature of some creatures, closely associated with fire itself, allows them to be engulfed in flames without feeling any adverse effects whatsoever.

These creatures, originating from the Icon Chaos.pngChaos Realm, are essentially made of fire, which would explain why they do not react to it like all other living creatures would.

Effect Edit

Fire Immunity is a passive ability that protects a unit specifically from Fire Damage and Immolation Damage.

Whenever a Fire Damage or Immolation Damage attack is performed against a unit with Fire Immunity, the unit's Defense rating is immediately raised to Icon Defense.png 50. Therefore, the unit can make 50 Icon ToBlock.png To Block rolls, blocking on average of Icon Damage.png 15 points of Damage - an impressively-high amount. It is unlikely for any attack to actually get through this much Defense, and normally results in the unit taking no damage whatsoever.

There are many sources of Fire Damage and Immolation Damage in the game, including spells, special abilities and straightfoward attacks.

Sources of Fire Damage include:

Sources of Immolation Damage include:

Whenever any of the above strikes a unit with Fire Immunity, it triggers the immunity as explained above. The Fire Bolt spell has the highest chance of causing damage to a Fire-Immune unit - but it is still a pitiful ~3% chance even when the spell is fully-powered, and is highly unlikely to cause more than Icon Damage.png 1 if any.

Note that the Fire-Immune unit's Icon Defense.png Defense score is raised only for the purpose of blocking damage from a Fire Damage or Immolation Damage attack. Once the unit has made its defense rolls against this specific attack, its Icon Defense.png Defense score is restored to normal.

Exceptions Edit

The Game Manual, as well as some in-game data, suggests that the following attacks should deliver Fire Damage, but they do not. Thus, none of the following attacks will trigger a target's Fire Immunity:

Units with Default Fire Immunity Edit

Fire Immunity is a rather rare type of immunity, possessed by no more than 3 different kinds of units by default. All of these are Fantastic Creatures from the Icon Chaos.pngChaos realm:

Tactical Efreet Efreet
Tactical FireElemental Fire Elemental
Tactical FireGiant Fire Giant

Acquiring Fire Immunity Edit

There are no known methods of adding Fire Immunity to a unit that does not already possess it. Thus, the three units listed above will be the only units to ever have Fire Immunity in any game.

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