This article is about the Item Power called "Endurance". For the spell that this Power emulates, see Endurance.
Item Power
ItemPower Chainmail White
Cost Icon Mana.png 200
Icon Book LifeIcon Book Life
All Endurance
  ItemPower Endurance  

"Endurance" is a Icon Life.pngLife Item Power that increases the Movement Allowance of the equipped Hero by 1, as per the Icon Life.png Endurance spell. It may be added to Armor and Jewelry via Enchant Item or Create Artifact. Some of the 250 premade Items possess this power, and can turn up during the campaign - mainly in Treasure.

Effect Edit

Fortified with a measure of Icon Life.pngLife energy, items with this Power give the bearer a sense of holy purpose, increasing his travel speed overland and in battle.

Main article: Endurance

This Item Power functions as per the Unit Enchantment Spell of this name. You do not need to research or be able to cast an Endurance spell. It has a very simple and straight-forward effect: it increases the unit's Movement Allowance by 1. "Endurance" does not stack with the Endurance spell, but otherwise, it functions like the movement bonuses always available when creating Jewelry, Shields, Chainmail, and Platemail.

Unlike the sustained enchantment, "Endurance" on an item cannot be fizzled by an enemy spell while that item is worn. When equipped or unequipped, it requires one turn to activate or dissipate overland. It is checked for immediately, though, when entering combat.

Strategy Edit

"Endurance" is relatively cheap to imbue on an item and always helpful. Later on in the game, though, there might not be room for it on a hero with powerful, custom-built equipment.

The Endurance spell is even cheaper, but it won't last long in combat with AI Wizards who have mastered Dispel Magic (let alone stronger disenchantment spells). To maintain this effect reliably, either imbue the Item Power or be prepared to recast the Unit Enchantment occasionally. It is generally worth the effort either way.

At Icon Mana.png 200, "Endurance" has the same cost increment as increasing the movement allowance on Armor from Icon Movement Ground+2 to Icon Movement Ground+3, and on Miscellaneous Accessories from Icon Movement Ground+1 to Icon Movement Ground+2. Since Endurance exists independently of these other sources, and is not truly duplicated by any other effect in the game, you'll want it if you intend to maximize your Hero's Movement Allowance.

Acquisition Edit

Enchant Item & Create Artifact Edit

Main article: Item Crafting

With Icon Life.png2, "Endurance" may be added to Armor and Accessories of your own design through Icon Arcane.png Enchant Item and Icon Arcane.png Create Artifact. Crafting is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process, though it is made more reasonable through the Artificer and Runemaster Retorts.

Casting Cost Structure for "Endurance"
Base Runemaster Artificer Both
Icon Mana.png 200 Icon Mana.png 150 Icon Mana.png 100 Icon Mana.png 50

Overland Edit

Main article: Magical Items in Treasure

The game data files contain 250 pre-defined Items. Of these, seven possess "Endurance". This power causes a premade Item to demand that the Wizard have particular Spellbooks in order to appear in Treasure, and the requirements are irregular.

There are three different ways by which you can acquire one of these pre-defined Items:

It is often better to acquire items in this way, as it means you do not need to spend any time or Icon Mana.png Mana to create them. Still, Items found through these means are in no way guaranteed to exactly suit your needs.

The table below lists the pre-defined Items with this power.

Premade Items with "Endurance"
Icon Mana.png Item Attributes Realm Powers Required Ranks
1000 Item Plate 5 Giddeons Plate Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Resist.png 2 Endurance

Icon Life.png2
1300 Item Chain 3 Chain Mail of Endurance Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Movement Ground4 Endurance

Icon Chaos.png2
1800 Item Chain 8 Chainmail of Speed Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Movement Ground4 Icon Resist.png 4 Endurance

Icon Life.png2
2900 Item Plate 1 Suit of Power Icon Defense.png 6 Icon Movement Ground4 Icon Resist.png 6 Endurance

Icon Life.png2
1650 Item Shield 8 Shield of Enduring Fear Icon Defense.png 6 Icon Resist.png 4 Cloak of Fear
Icon Chaos.png2 Icon Life.png2
2100 Item Shield 4 Protection of Ramses Icon Defense.png 6 Icon Movement Ground4 Cloak of Fear
Icon Chaos.png2 Icon Life.png2
1750 Item Plate 3 Plate of Enduring Immunity Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Movement Ground2 Endurance
Magic Immunity
Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Life.png2

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