Dragon Turtle
Tactical DragonTurtle
Race Lizardmen
Req. Town Buildings Armorers' Guild,
Construction Cost Icon Production.png 100
Upkeep Cost Icon Gold.png 2
Icon Food.png1
Unit Properties
# of figures Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1
Moves Icon Movement Ground2 / Icon Movement Water2
Melee Attack per figure Icon Melee Normal.png 10 *
Defense per figure Icon Defense.png 8
Resistance Icon Resist.png 8 *
Hit Points per figure Icon Hits.png 15
Unit Abilities
Ability FireBreath Fire Breath 5 *

The Dragon Turtle is a type of Normal Unit. This unit is unique to the Lizardmen Race, and can only be built in Lizardmen towns, for the Construction Cost of Icon Production.png 100. The town must already contain both an Armorers' Guild and Stables for this to be possible.

The Dragon Turtle is a powerful Melee Attacker, capable of chomping through armor with ease, and thus having a good chance of inflicting at least some damage to any target. Even before charging into Melee, the Dragon Turtle also unleashes a powerful Fire Breath attack that can kill a few enemy figures before the fight even begins. The Dragon Turtle's shell is extremely tough, and the creature can take a lot of damage before being destroyed. Coupled with its fast movement speed, these traits make the Dragon Turtle a fearsome opponent on the battlefield. In addition, the creature is at home on both land and water, and can cross Oceans at a good speed.

A Dragon Turtle requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Gold.png 2 and Icon Food.png1 to maintain. Failure to pay these costs will result in the unit being disbanded automatically.

Unit Properties Edit

Physical Description Edit

The Dragon Turtle unit is comprised of a gigantic sea turtle ridden by a single Lizardman. The turtle is a massive reptile with a sharp beak and a hard shell covering almost its entire body. Despite its lumbering size and stubby flippers, the Dragon Turtle is surprisingly fast, both on land and in water. The beast's rider is a bipedal lizard-like humanoid clad in green scales, whose entire job is to direct the Dragon Turtle towards its prey.

The Dragon Turtle is one of the few Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure Normal Units.

Attack Properties Edit

The Dragon Turtle has the one of highest Icon Melee Normal.png Melee Attack strengths of any Normal Unit. Furthermore, when charging at an enemy it first delivers a Fire Breath attack that can cause some extra damage. Still, as a Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure unit, the Dragon Turtle's attack is actually stronger against well-armored Fantastic Creatures than it is against other Normal Units, but is still quite fearsome in all situations.

The Dragon Turtle's Melee Attack strength is Icon Melee Normal.png 10. Because creation of a Dragon Turtle normally requires an Armorers' Guild, the unit will already have one free Icon Experience Level.png Experience Level by default, thus increasing its attack score to Icon Melee Normal.png 11. With no additional bonuses, the creature causes an average of Icon Damage.png 3.3 points of Damage per attack - high enough to almost guarantee damage to any target.

Furthermore, when the Dragon Turtle makes a voluntary Melee Attack against an enemy unit, it first executes a Fire Breath attack with a default strength of Icon Breath.png 5. Again, since Dragon Turtles will usually start with one free Experience Level, this strength is increased to 6 - for an average damage output of Icon Damage.png 1.8. Any enemy Icon Figure.png figure that actually gets killed by this attack cannot deliver any Melee Damage back at the Dragon Turtle. When fighting enemy low-tier Normal Units, expect at least one enemy Icon Figure.png figure to be killed off this way.

All told, this amounts to a formidable attack. However, remember that the Dragon Turtle is only a single Icon Figure.png figure, so its attack is overall roughly comparable to that of a low-tier Normal Unit. Its primary advantage is that it can reliably hurt other well-armored Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure units, like Heroes and some Fantastic Creatures, but is slightly less useful against Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units.

Note that the Dragon Turtle may not use its Fire Breath when Counter Attacking. Also note that opponents with Magic Immunity or Fire Immunity will shrug off any damage from this attack.

The Fire Breath ability also allows a Dragon Turtle to initiate Melee Attacks against enemy Flying units.

Defense Properties Edit

The Dragon Turtle enjoys the protection of very heavy armor. It has a Defense score of Icon Defense.png 8, which will block about Icon Damage.png 2.4 points of Damage from any attack. This is comparable to some of the most well-armored Fantastic Units' defense scores, and means that opponents will be hard-pressed to get any damage through. Ranged Attacks, in particular, will usually have issues hurting a Dragon Turtle at all.

The Dragon Turtle also has a respectable pool of Hit Points to fall back on, with a total of Icon Hits.png 15 when fully-healed. This means that even damage that does get through the unit's armor will need to slowly chip away at the Hit Points in order to kill the Dragon Turtle.

These factors put the Dragon Turtle high on the survivability scale. While it is not as hard to kill as some of the high-tier Fantastic Units, it is still more than a match for any Normal Unit.

For purposes of defending against Curses and other combat maledictions, the Dragon Turtle has a very high Resistance score of Icon Resist.png 8. Since Dragon Turtles tend to be produced with an extra Icon Experience Level.png Experience Level, they will actually start off with Icon Resist.png 9 - making them very resilient against all such effects. With additional Experience, a Dragon Turtle can easily become completely immune to a very large number of maledictions and Special Attacks.

Other Properties Edit

Dragon Turtles are faster than most Normal Units, moving at Icon Movement Ground2. This is crucial if they wish to utilize their Fire Breath, and allows the Turtle to chase down its targets (especially enemy Heroes and Ranged Attack units).

Furthermore, like all Lizardmen units, the Dragon Turtle can also Swim at a rate of Icon Movement Water2. It can move across Ocean tiles on the overland map, and can participate in naval combat with the same movement speed. This allows Dragon Turtles to make assaults over the Oceans, and reinforce towns on other continents. Lizardmen contain no other units that can travel on oceans this quickly.

Basic Strategy Edit

Dragon Turtles form the primary offensive arm of the Lizardmen military. They are designed to kill enemy units with brute force - particularly heavily-armored Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure units.

In a "classic" battle involving Lizardmen, the infantry is tasked with engaging the enemy and holding him in place, using their high Defense scores and Hit Points to survive for a few turns. While they do so, the Dragon Turtle will rush towards the most dangerous enemy unit on the battlefield and relentlessly attack it until it dies.

Again, the Dragon Turtle's high Melee Attack will easily go through armor, and though it may take a few turns to kill any enemy unit, the Dragon Turtle itself is usually tough enough to survive that long. It is quite useful for killing enemy Heroes and some lower-tier Fantastic Units. The Turtle's speed allows it to chase down its prey effectively.

If possible, try to always initiate Melee combat yourself, rather than allowing the enemy to attack the Dragon Turtle. This allows the Turtle to make its Fire Breath attack, possibly killing off enemy figures before they can retaliate (and thus reducing damage to the Dragon Turtle during the enemy's Counter Attack). This is more important when fighting enemy Normal Units, but is helpful in most cases anyway. Do not let the Dragon Turtle get surrounded; withdraw and look for another opportunity to charge at the enemy instead.

Dragon Turtles are well-armored and have plenty of Hit Points, but don't expect them to be invincible. They can charge up to a Ranged Attack unit quite safely, but may be killed in battle with a strong enemy Fantastic Unit or even some high-level Normal Units, if other units do not move in to assist them.

Coordination with Javelineers can tip the balance in your favor. Either use the Javelineers to hold the enemy in place while the Dragon Turtle maneuvers towards it, or engage with the Turtle first and then pelt the enemy with javelins in support. The Dragon Turtle can usually survive a couple of combat rounds while the Javelineers weaken its enemy.

Dragon Turtles become available surprisingly early in the game, and by the time they do, it should be easy to produce large numbers of them quickly. They are surprisingly cheap both to create and to maintain compared to other high-tier Normal Units. A large army of Dragon Turtles, preferably mixed with Javelineers, can easily become your primary strategy. Use Dragon Turtles to make sudden strikes along your enemy's coastlines, and retreat to the Oceans for healing if necessary. No enemy is safe on an isolated continent when Dragon Turtles are about.

Ability Overview Edit

Ability FireBreath Fire Breath 5 Edit

  • Whenever this unit makes a Melee Attack against an enemy target, it also delivers a Fire Damage Breath Attack with a strength of Icon Breath.png 5 per Icon Figure.png figure.
  • As a Breath Attack, this damage is delivered before the enemy gets the chance to retaliate. Any Icon Figure.png figures in the target unit that are killed by the attack do not get to deliver any Melee Damage.
  • This Breath Attack does not occur when the unit is Counter Attacking against an enemy assailant.
  • This effect does nothing against targets possessing the Magic Immunity or Fire Immunity abilities.

Experience Table Edit

The following table illustrates how Dragon Turtles improve as they gain Experience. Any properties that are not listed here do not improve with Experience in any way.

Level Icon Level Name EP Melee Breath To Hit Defense Resist Hits
Experience 0 Recruit Icon Experience.png 0 - Icon Experience.png 19 Icon Melee Normal.png 10 Icon Breath.png 5 Icon ToHit.png 30% Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 15
Experience 1 Regular Icon Experience.png 20 - Icon Experience.png 59 Icon Melee Normal.png 11 Icon Breath.png 6 Icon ToHit.png 30% Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 15
Experience 2 Veteran Icon Experience.png 60 - Icon Experience.png 119 Icon Melee Normal.png 11 Icon Breath.png 6 Icon ToHit.png 30% Icon Defense.png 9 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 15
Experience 3 Elite Icon Experience.png 120 Icon Melee Normal.png 12 Icon Breath.png 7 Icon ToHit.png 40% Icon Defense.png 9 Icon Resist.png 11 Icon Hits.png 16
Experience 4 Ultra-Elite Icon Experience.png 120 * Icon Melee Normal.png 12 Icon Breath.png 7 Icon ToHit.png 50% Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Resist.png 12 Icon Hits.png 16
Experience 5 Champion Icon Experience.png 120 ** Icon Melee Normal.png 13 Icon Breath.png 8 Icon ToHit.png 60% Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Resist.png 13 Icon Hits.png 17

* To achieve this level, either the Warlord Retort or the Crusade spell must be in play.
** To achieve this level, both the Warlord Retort and the Crusade spell must be in play simultaneously.

Average Damage Output Edit

The table below details the average amount of damage that a Dragon Turtle will deliver with each type of attack, based on Icon Experience Level.png Experience Level. It can be used in comparison to the target's Defense rating to figure out the chance of hurting that target.

Select weapons:
Level Icon Level Name Melee Ranged * Thrown Breath
Experience 0 Recruit
Experience 1 Regular
Experience 2 Veteran
Experience 3 Elite
Experience 4 Ultra-Elite
Experience 5 Champion

<img src="Icon_Melee_Normal.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Magic.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Mithril.png"><img src="Icon_Melee_Adamantium.png">

Acquisition Edit

Dragon Turtles are unique to the Lizardmen faction, and thus may be produced in any Lizardmen Town.

A town must contain both the Armorers' Guild and the Stables to be able to produce Dragon Turtles. Should a town lose either its Armorers' Guild or Stables, it can no longer produce Dragon Turtles until replacement structures are built.

Note that this building requirement means that Dragon Turtles produced in towns will always start as "Regular" troops (one free Experience Level), giving them a small but significant bonus above the default unit strength.

The Construction Cost of this unit is Icon Production.png 100.

Dragon Turtles may appear for hire as Mercenaries. They may already have some Experience on being hired, and several units may be hired simultaneously. Hiring these units requires a certain cost in Icon Gold.png Gold that depends on many different factors. Dragon Turtle Mercenaries have the same Upkeep Cost as a normally-constructed unit.

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