This article is about the inherent unit ability called "Dispel Evil". For a Life Combat Instant of the same name, see Dispel Evil.
Ability DispelEvil
Dispel Evil is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic. With this ability, a unit can make a powerful Special Attack that has a good chance of killing enemy Icon Death.pngDeath and Icon Chaos.pngChaos creatures outright. It is particularly potent in banishing the Undead.

Only one unit in the game possesses Dispel Evil by default: the Angel. It is not possible to add the Dispel Evil ability to any unit that does not already possess it, though it is possible to add a Dispel Evil Damage component to a Hero's Melee Attack by equipping that Hero with a "Holy Avenger" weapon.

Although the in-game tooltip for this ability claims that it affects an entire enemy unit, this is actually not the case. In reality, the ability only works on a single Icon Figure.png Figure per attack, unlike the Dispel Evil spell. Furthermore, it only imposes a Icon SpellSave.png -9 Save Penalty on created Undead (same as the spell), as opposed to the -10 stated in the tooltip.

Description Edit

The god of the Icon Life.pngLife Realm is benevolent, but is not without its share of wrath. In particular, it is very wrathful against the "abominations" originating in the Icon Death.pngDeath and Icon Chaos.pngChaos realms. To this end, this god has imbued some of its followers with the ability to banish creatures from those realms back whence they came. Dispel Evil disrupts the magic that keeps these creatures in the primary Planes, sending them back to their home realms if they cannot properly resist the effect.

Effect Edit

Dispel Evil is automatically used whenever the unit engages in close combat - whether voluntarily making a Melee Attack against a target or Counter Attacking to an enemy assault.

When used, it forces the target unit to make one Icon Resist.png Resistance roll per Icon Figure.png figure in the source unit. To resolve this effect, the game rolls a random number between 1 and 10. This is then compared to the target's current Icon Resist.png Resistance -4 (-9 if Undead). If the rolled number is higher than the modified Resistance score, the target unit is struck for Icon Damage.png Irreversible Damage Points equal to the full Icon Hits.png Hit Points of one of its Icon Figure.png Figures, slaying one figure instantly and possibly inflicting further Icon Damage.png Damage to the next figure in line.

Timing within the Melee Attack Edit

As a Melee Touch Attack, Dispel Evil is executed simultaneously with the unit's Melee Damage; thus, Icon Figure.png figures destroyed by a Icon Thrown.png Thrown, Icon Breath.png Breath, Ability StoningGaze.png Gaze Attacks or Ability FirstStrike First Strike will not deliver Dispel Evil, and figures destroyed by Dispel Evil will still deliver damage unless the unit is attacking and has Ability FirstStrike First Strike.

Immunity Edit

Units that are not Icon Chaos.pngChaos or Icon Death.pngDeath are totally immune to this power, as are units with Magic Immunity. They do not need to make any Icon Resist.png Resistance rolls, instead completely ignoring the attack.
Also, any unit with Icon Resist.png 10 remaining after all factors have been computed, as well as any Charmed hero, is rendered effectively invulnerable to Dispel Evil by virtue of its resistance score.

Units with Default Dispel Evil Edit

There is only one unit that possesses Dispel Evil by default:

Tactical Angel Angel

No other units start the game with a Dispel Evil ability - though it can be added to some Heroes through the use of Magical Items (see below).

Acquiring Dispel Evil Edit

There is no known method of adding the Dispel Evil ability to any unit that does not already possess it.

Note however that it is possible to add Dispel Evil Damage to a Hero's attack by equipping that Hero with a Magical Melee Weapon containing the "Holy Avenger" Item Power. The result is identical to the Dispel Evil ability combined with the Bless spell, with the exception of Axes, which also enable Heroes to use Dispel Evil on their Thrown Attacks (the ability is otherwise not available on Ranged Attack weapons).

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