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ItemPower Mace Red
Cost Icon Mana.png 1,000
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  ItemPower Destruction  

"Destruction" is an Item Power derived from Icon Chaos.pngChaos. It may be added to Magical Weapons created for Heroes via Create Artifact. Some of the 250 premade Items possess this power, and these can be found mainly as Treasure during the campaign. Unfortunately, its poor damage potential against most enemies makes "Destruction" a categorically overpriced effect.

Effect Edit

A Icon Chaos.pngChaos Wizard may imbue a weapon with a tendency to spontaneously disintegrate opponents. "Destruction" works best on the unwary or those lacking resistance to evil or elemental magic.

"Destruction" grants the bearer a Touch Attack that has a chance to destroy a single Icon Figure.png Figure. The "touch" only triggers during the type of attack for which the host weapon is designed. These are, respectively:

  • Bow: Icon Ranged Bow.png Ranged Missile Attack
  • Staff, Wand: Icon Ranged Magic.png Ranged Magical Attack
  • Mace, Sword: Icon Melee Normal.png Melee
  • Axe: Icon Melee Normal.png Melee and Icon Thrown.png Thrown Attack (if applicable)

When this Item Power triggers, a die roll d10 is thrown against the target's Icon Resist.png Resistance score. If the rolled number is higher than the Resistance score, the target unit immediately suffers Icon Damage.pngIrreversible Damage Points equal to the full Icon Hits.png Hit Points of one of its Icon Figure.png Figures, slaying one figure instantly (and possibly inflicting further Icon Damage.png Damage to the next figure in line if the slain figure was already wounded).

Units with Icon Resist.png 10 or more resistance are immune to this Power. They are still subjected to the Touch Attack, but are never affected by it.

The Icon SpellSave.png -x Spell Save attribute on Staves and Wands does not affect "Destruction".

Strategy Edit

Bearing the following issues in mind, and considering all the other useful powers possible on a Magical Weapon, crafting "Destruction" is not recommended.

The Icon Chaos.png Disintegrate Spell, which completely annihilates any unit with less than Icon Resist.png 10, is so strong that the in-game documentation of this Item Power (Destruction, resist or be disintegrated) could be considered a piece of false advertising. The reality is that this Power may only disintegrate one figure in a unit, and is by no means guaranteed to succeed like Disintegrate is.

In general, a Touch Attack made by a Hero isn't particularly useful. The mechanic faces three large obstacles:

  • Victims of a Touch Attack make one resistance roll per attacking figure, and Heroes are Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure.
  • Touch Attacks are designed to scale up with Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure Units, so individually their effects are paltry.
  • Dangerous foes very frequently have Icon Resist.png 10 or more. "Destruction" in particular applies no penalties to the enemy unit's Resistance score, meaning that it's unlikely to overcome it.

To encapsulate, "Destruction" makes a low number of die rolls, faces a slim chance of success with each die roll, and usually achieves a minor result when successful.

There are a number of Item Powers that inflict a "resist or suffer" effect on the Hero's target, and all of them are guilty of these shortcomings to some degree:

Icon Item Power Color Magnitude Effect
ItemPower Destruction Destruction Icon Chaos.png5 Resist or suffer Icon Damage.png × Icon Figure.png
Ability LifeSteal Vampiric Icon Death.png5 Suffer Icon Damage.png d10 − Icon Resist.png
ItemPower Death Death Icon Death.png3 Icon SpellSave.png -3 Resist or suffer Icon Damage.png × Icon Figure.png
ItemPower DispelEvil Holy Avenger Icon Life.png3 Icon SpellSave.png -4 Resist or suffer Icon Damage.png × Icon Figure.png
Ability StoningTouch Stoning Icon Nature.png2 Icon SpellSave.png -1 Resist or suffer Icon Damage.png × Icon Figure.png

Acquisition Edit

Create Artifact Edit

Main article: Item Crafting

With Icon Chaos.png5, "Destruction" may be added to a Weapon of your own design through Icon Arcane.png Create Artifact. Making strong Items through this spell is an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process. Some recipes are more expensive than the Spell of Mastery. The proposition is made more reasonable by the Artificer and Runemaster Retorts.

Overland Edit

Main article: Magical Items in Treasure

The game data files contain 250 pre-defined Items. Of these, 14 possess the "Destruction" power. This power causes a premade Item to demand that the Wizard have particular Spellbooks in order to appear in Treasure, and the requirements are irregular.

There are three different ways by which you can acquire one of these pre-defined Items:

It is often better to acquire items in this way, as it means you do not need to spend any time or Icon Mana.png Mana to create them. Still, Items found through these means are in no way guaranteed to exactly suit your needs.

The table below lists the pre-defined Items with this power.

Premade Items with "Destruction"
Icon Mana.png Item Attributes Realm Powers Required Ranks
1100 Item Mace 1 Mace of Disintegration Destruction

Icon Nature.png5
1900 Item Bow 1 Little Flicker Icon Melee Magic.png 2 Icon Mana.png 10 Destruction
Icon Life.png5
2700 Item Sword 8 The Defender Icon Melee Magic.png 3 Icon ToHit.png 3 Icon Defense.png 3 Destruction

Icon Life.png5
2750 Item Staff 5 The Pummeler Icon Melee Magic.png 5 Icon ToHit.png 2 Icon SpellSave.png -1 Destruction

Icon Life.png5
2950 Item Bow 1 Bow of Hazard Icon Melee Magic.png 4 Icon ToHit.png 3 Destruction
Icon Life.png5
1550 Item Mace 7 Fist of Destruction Icon Melee Magic.png 1 Destruction
Icon Sorcery.png5 Icon Chaos.png3
2300 Item Wand 1 Staff of the Constellation Icon Mana.png 10 Icon SpellSave.png -2 Destruction
Power Drain
Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Life.png4
1800 Item Wand 1 Wand of the Guardian Icon Melee Magic.png 1 Guardian Wind
Icon Sorcery.png5 Icon Chaos.png2 Icon Life.png3
Merchant Only
Icon Mana.png Item Attributes Realm Powers Required Ranks
3500 Item Staff 5 Staff Of Confusion Confusion x4
Elemental Armor
Planar Travel
Icon Nature.png5 Icon Sorcery.png4 Icon Chaos.png5
4950 Item Mace 3 World Ender Icon Melee Magic.png 4 Destruction
Icon Sorcery.png6 Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Life.png6
4950 Item Mace 1 Orc Smasher Icon Melee Magic.png 4 Destruction
Icon Sorcery.png6 Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Life.png6
5400 Item Axe 4 Phantastic Axe Icon Melee Magic.png 6 Destruction
Icon Sorcery.png6 Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Life.png6
3800 Item Wand 1 Wand of Doom Destruction
Magic Immunity
Icon Nature.png5 Icon Sorcery.png3 Icon Chaos.png6 Icon Life.png5
5100 Item Bow 9 The Master Crossbow Destruction
Power Drain
Icon Nature.png6 Icon Sorcery.png5 Icon Chaos.png4 Icon Life.png6

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