Ability DeathImmunity
Death Immunity is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic.

A unit with Death Immunity receives two benefits: For one, it cannot be directly targeted by most combat spell belonging to the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm. Secondly, the unit is completely immune to any Death Damage, Fear Damage and Life Stealing Damage.

Death Immunity is one of the more common immunities in the game. It is possessed by 15 different units, including (among others) all Fantastic Units from the Icon Death.pngDeath realm as well as the Undead. It is not possible to add Death Immunity to a unit that does not already have it, except by turning that unit into an Undead unit.

Description Edit

Icon Death.pngDeath Magic is a particularly dangerous type of magic specializing in harming and destroying living creatures. The principles behind this school of magic involve manipulating the life force of an opponent, sucking it out or subverting it, and potentially even causing dead corpses to rise up and serve the spellcaster himself.

The Death Immunity simply signifies a creature that is not truly alive - and thus cannot be harmed by attacks directed at its life-force. This applies primarily to creatures that are already dead, or creatures that are no more than constructs without a life of their own.

Effect Edit

Death Immunity is a passive ability that protects a unit specifically from various harms associated with the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm.

Immunity to Death Combat Spells Edit

During combat, a unit with Death Immunity cannot be targeted by the following spells from the Icon Death.pngDeath realm:

Any attempt to target these spells at a unit with Death Immunity will result in an error message stating that the target is invalid. You must select a different target or cancel the spell.

Furthermore, the following non-targeted spells will also have no effect on a Death-Immune unit:

The game will not object to you casting these spells, even if there are only Death-Immune units on the battlefield. However, units with Death Immunity will suffer no ill effects from them at all.

Finally, if a unit with Death Immunity is killed during battle, it cannot be brought back with the Animate Dead spell. The game will not even give you the option to target them with this spell.

Exceptions Edit

Note that several offensive Icon Death.pngDeath spells can target and/or affect a unit with Death Immunity:
Furthermore, the overland spells Death Wish and Black Wind will affect Death-Immune units as normal, completely disregarding the Death Immunity property. The reason for all of this is that Death Immunity does not raise the defense or resistance of the unit against Death Realm spells, it merely prevents spells from targeting or having an effect if and only if that specific spell checks for Death Immunity prior to targeting or effect.

Immunity to Death-Related Attacks Edit

A unit with Death Immunity is also completely unharmed by any type of Damage associated with the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm.

The following types of damage will have no effect on the Death-Immune unit:

The Death-Immune unit automatically succeeds any Icon Resist.png Resistance roll required to avert damage/death from these attacks, and thus will never be harmed by them.

Units with Default Death Immunity Edit

Death Immunity is a very common type of immunity, possessed by no less than 15 different kinds of units by default. The majority of these are Fantastic Creatures, including all creatures from the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm. The Golem is the only Normal Unit that possesses Death Immunity.

Tactical Golem Golem
Tactical DeathKnights Death Knights
Tactical Demon Demon
Tactical DemonLord Demon Lord
Tactical FloatingIsland Floating Island
Tactical Ghouls Ghouls
Tactical NightStalker Night Stalker
Tactical PhantomBeast Phantom Beast
Tactical PhantomWarriors Phantom Warriors
Tactical ShadowDemons Shadow Demons
Tactical Skeletons Skeletons
Tactical Werewolves Werewolves
Tactical Wraiths Wraiths
Tactical Zombies Zombies

Acquiring Death Immunity Edit

There is only one method in which to add Death Immunity to a unit: by turning that unit into an Undead unit.

It is not a coincidence that most of the units with default Death Immunity are Icon Death.pngDeath creatures: these creatures are not alive, and thus have no life-force to manipulate. Similarly, units that die and are brought back as Undead units are also Immune to Death.

Units can be turned into Undead in several different ways:

Regardless of which method is used, the unit comes back with most of its original abilities intact - but now possesses the Undead property which, among other effects, also gives the unit Death Immunity.

Note that the icon for Death Immunity is not added to the unit's details panel. However, the presence of the Undead property icon is always sufficient to indicate that Death Immunity is indeed in effect.