Combat Enchantment is a Spell Type and a category of of spells in Master of Magic. Like all other Enchantments, Combat Enchantments are meant to have a permanent effect - lasting as long as the Enchantment remains in play. The effect of a Combat Enchantment however does not just apply to one specific target, but rather affects (for example) all units, all enemy units, all Normal Units et cetera, or possibly even the very rules of combat.

As their name suggests, all Combat Enchantments must be cast during combat. They often have high Casting Costs relative to other combat spells, due to their all-encompassing strength. Combat Enchantments require no target, instead applying their effects on any valid target as per the spell's specific rules.

Once a Combat Enchantment has been cast, a unique icon representing the spell appears below its caster's name at the bottom of the screen. It will remain there as long as the spell is in effect. It is possible for both opponents to cast the same Combat Enchantment.

All Combat Enchantments dissipate automatically at the end of combat. While the consequences of a Combat Enchantment's effects may carry on after the battle, the spell itself do not - it would need to be re-cast when the next battle starts to regain its effect. Thus, Combat Enchantments are the only Enchantments that never have any Upkeep Costs.

There is a total of 15 different Combat Enchantments in Master of Magic, belonging to different Realms. About half of them give bonuses to the caster's own troops, while about half give penalties to the enemy's troops - and a few do both at the same time. The Icon Death.pngDeath Realm contains the majority of Combat Enchantments (5), though the Icon Nature.pngNature Realm contains two extremely powerful ones.

Usage Edit

All Combat Enchantments must be cast during combat. They require no target, instead affecting all valid targets they can find on the battlefield, automatically.

Combat Enchantments are among the more expensive spells that can be cast during combat. This is because they will affect a multitude of targets, whereas most other combat spells affect one target at most.

Once a Combat Enchantment has been cast, its unique icon is added to the Combat Enchantments list at the bottom of the screen, below the name of the wizard who cast it. In particularly-lengthy battles with adept wizards, this can result in a long list of icons. You may right-click an icon to learn about the effects of the spell it represents.

Combat Enchantments cannot be canceled by their caster. However, the opponent may attempt to use a Disenchant Area spell to remove such enchantments. If a Combat Enchantment lasts until the end of the battle, it dissipates immediately before the game returns to the campaign map. For the most part, the only effect caused by Combat Enchantments that actually has any implications to the strategic portion of the game is damage done to enemy units. Other effects will disappear along with the Combat Enchantment that applied them.

Multiple Instances Edit

Each wizard may only have one instance of each Combat Enchantment in effect at any time. For example, a wizard who's cast Mass Invisibility may not cast it a second time unless the spell is removed (dispelled by the opponent).

One the other hand, both different wizards can each control one instance of the same Combat Enchantment simultaneously. For example, two different wizards can cast and keep a Mass Invisibility spell in place at the same time - with each wizard benefiting from the effect of his own spell.

Note that for some Combat Enchantments, having two instances of the spell in play at the same time is redundant - no change occurs if one of these instances is removed. For example, two instances of True Light have the same effect as one instance. If one wizard casts the spell, the other can and should save his Icon Mana.png Mana.

Effects Edit

Combat Enchantments often have very different effects from one another, so there is no easy way to generalize them. Some spells bestow bonuses to some or all friendly units on the battlefield. Some inflict penalties on enemy units. Some spells create an effect that has nothing to do with units at all.

In any case, the effect stops once the end of the battle is reached (since the Combat Enchantment itself is automatically removed), or when the enchantment is dispelled by the opponent. For the most part, this causes things to return to normal, though any damage caused directly or indirectly by the spell does not dissipate when the spell is removed. For example, the Terror spell's effects apply only while it is active, and disappear completely when it is removed. In contrast, any damage dealt by the Wrack spell will remain - unless healed - just like any other combat damage.

List of Combat Enchantments Edit

The following list details all 15 Combat Enchantments available in the game.

Icon Name Realm Rarity Combat
Research Short Description
CombatEnchantment HighPrayer High Prayer Icon Life.pngLife Very Rare 60 1850 All friendly units receive a several powerful bonuses to all of their combat properties.
CombatEnchantment Prayer Prayer Icon Life.pngLife Uncommon 30 800 All friendly units receive Icon ToHit.png +10%, Icon Resist.png +1, and a bonus +10% chance on all Defense rolls.
CombatEnchantment TrueLight True Light Icon Life.pngLife Common 20 190 All Icon Life.pngLife units receive a set of bonuses, while all Icon Death.pngDeath units receive a set of penalties.
CombatEnchantment CallLightning Call Lightning Icon Nature.pngNature Very Rare 60 3000 Makes 3-5 powerful Icon Ranged Magic.png magical attacks each turn against random enemies on the battlefield.
CombatEnchantment Entangle Entangle Icon Nature.pngNature Very Rare 50 2250 Slows down all Icon Movement GroundWalking and Icon Movement Waterswimming units on the battlefield.
CombatEnchantment Blur Blur Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Uncommon 25 300 Every enemy unit receives a To Hit penalty of Icon ToHit.png -10%.
CombatEnchantment CounterMagic Counter Magic Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Common 10+ 190 Automatically attempts to counter any spell cast by the opponent. Dispelling potency is adjustable, but decreases with every countering attempt.
CombatEnchantment MassInvisibility Mass Invisibility Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery Very Rare 80 2500 All friendly units on the battlefield gain Invisibility, making them harder to hit and harder to detect.
CombatEnchantment MetalFires Metal Fires Icon Chaos.pngChaos Rare 40 960 All friendly Normal Units and Heroes are affected with a weaker version of Flame Blade.
CombatEnchantment WarpReality Warp Reality Icon Chaos.pngChaos Rare 50 1500 All units that do not belong to the Icon Chaos.pngChaos Realm suffer a To Hit penalty of Icon ToHit.png -20%.
CombatEnchantment BlackPrayer Black Prayer Icon Death.pngDeath Uncommon 35 450 All enemy units receive -1 penalties to all of their combat properties, and a Resistance penalty of Icon Resist.png -2.
CombatEnchantment Darkness Darkness Icon Death.pngDeath Common 25 250 Bestows a set of bonuses on all Icon Death.pngDeath creatures on the battlefield, and a set of penalties on all Icon Life.pngLife creatures.
CombatEnchantment ManaLeak Mana Leak Icon Death.pngDeath Common 20 220 Each combat turn, every spell-caster on the battlefield (including the opponent wizard) loses Icon Mana.png 5 or one point of ammunition.
CombatEnchantment Terror Terror Icon Death.pngDeath Common 20 190 Each turn, any enemy unit that fails a Resistance roll at Icon Resist.png -1 is unable to move, attack, or cast spells for a whole turn.
CombatEnchantment Wrack Wrack Icon Death.pngDeath Rare 40 960 Each turn, each Icon Figure.png figure in each unit on the battlefield must Resist at Icon Resist.png +1, else its unit suffers Icon Damage.png 1.

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