Advisor Chaos
Chaos Quick Reference
Summoning Unit
Combat Special
Common Hell HoundsEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 80
Casting Cost: 40 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Summons and binds a wild pack of fire-breathing hell hounds to the will of the wizard.

Fire ElementalEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 250
Casting Cost: 20 mana
Upkeep: none
Summons a fire elemental to do battle for the wizard. Fire elementals have weapon immunity and fire immunity. Once combat ends, the fire elemental returns to the plane of chaos.
Eldritch WeaponEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 130
Casting Cost: 15/75 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Imbues the target unit's weapons with a powerful chaotic spirit. These weapons are harder to defend against (an opponent's ability to defend decreases by 10%) and can effectively hit creatures with weapon immunity. Effects are cumulative with Flame Blade.
Wall of FireEffects: City Enchantment
Target: friendly city
Research Cost: 160
Casting Cost: 30/150 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Encircles a city with a protective wall of flames. Each figure of any non-flying unit that attempts to pass through suffers a 5 strength magical fire attack. Ranged attacks are not affected.
Warp WoodEffects: Instant Combat
Target: missile-armed enemy unit
Research Cost: 20
Casting Cost: 10 mana
Upkeep: none
Immediately twists and destroys all missile ammunition of a target normal unit, removing that unit's ability to attack at range. There is no way to prevent the effect of this spell.

DisruptEffects: Instant
Target: one wall section
Research Cost: 40
Casting Cost: 15 mana
Upkeep: none
Destroys one section of stone wall, clearing a way for troops to pass through.

Fire BoltEffects: Instant Combat
Target: enemy unit
Research Cost: 60
Casting Cost: 5+ mana
Upkeep: none
Shoots a bolt of intense flames at one figure in a target unit, striking as a 5 strength magical fire attack, +1 point of strength per additional mana spent.

ShatterEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 190
Casting Cost: 12 mana
Upkeep: none
A target unit receives one resistance roll to ignore Shatter's effects; if it is unsuccessful, all of the unit's melee, thrown, and missile attack strengths decrease to one.

Warp CreatureEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 220
Casting Cost: 18 mana
Upkeep: none
Attempts to mutate all creatures within a target unit. Target creatures suffer a penalty of one to their resistance when trying to withstand being warped. Mutated or warped creatures suffer one of the following degenerative changes: half strength attacks, half strength defense, or no magic resistance.
CorruptionEffects: Instant
Target: land map square
Research Cost: 100
Casting Cost: 40 mana
Upkeep: none
Desecrates the target land square. Corrupted lands produce no food or minerals, and can only be restored to production by the prayers of clerics or shamans.
Uncommon Fire GiantEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 350
Casting Cost: 150 mana
Upkeep: 3 mana/turn
Summons a fire giant and binds it to the will of the wizard. Fire giants have fire immunity and can destroy walls.

GargoylesEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 500
Casting Cost: 200 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Summons flying gargoyles. Gargoyles are extremely difficult to damage, as one might expect flying chunks of masonry to be, and exhibit immunity to stoning and poison attacks.

Doom BatEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 620
Casting Cost: 300 mana
Upkeep: 8 mana/turn
Summons a doom bat and binds it to the will of the wizard. The doom bat has a fearsome fiery aura which strikes all units it engages with a 4 strength fireball.

ChimerasEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 800
Casting Cost: 350 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Summons a horrific flying, fire-breathing, three-headed chimera.
Chaos ChannelsEffects: Permanent Unit Enchantment
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 400
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Transforms the target into a creature of chaos. Target unit receives one of the following mutations: demon-skin armor (+2 defense), demon wings (2 speed flight), or fire-breathing (2 strength fiery breath). Once affected by this spell, the creature can never be Chaos Channeled again.

Flame BladeEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one normal unit
Research Cost: 450
Casting Cost: 25/125 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Causes the weapons of a target unit to burst into flames, increasing the strength of melee and missile attacks of the unit by 2. Flame Blades also allow units to hit creatures which have weapon immunity, and exerts cumulative effects with Eldritch Weapon.

ImmolationEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 740
Casting Cost: 30/150 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Surrounds the target unit with a fiery aura that inflicts a strength 4 magical fire attack on all enemies engaging the immolating unit in melee combat.
Lightning BoltEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 300
Casting Cost: 10+ mana
Upkeep: none
Shoots a bolt of intense electricity at the target unit, striking as a strength 5 armor-piercing magical attack, +1 strength per additional mana spent.

FireballEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 560
Casting Cost: 15+ mana
Upkeep: none
Hurls a flying ball of exploding flames at a target unit, striking each figure in the unit with a strength 5 magic fire attack, +1 strength for every additional 3 mana spent.
Raise VolcanoEffects: Instant
Target: map square
Research Cost: 680
Casting Cost: 200 mana
Upkeep: none
Raises a volcano, destroying any food and minerals provided by a target map square (mountains, hills, and nodes may not be targeted). The volcano provides 1 magic power each turn to the caster. If this spell is cast on a city, each building has a 15% chance of collapsing.
Rare Chaos SpawnEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1040
Casting Cost: 500 mana
Upkeep: 12 mana/turn
Summons a chaos spawn and binds it to the will of the wizard. Chaos spawn cause fear in melee, are poisonous, and have Doom, Death and Stoning Gaze attacks.

EfreetEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1300
Casting Cost: 550 mana
Upkeep: 15 mana/turn
Summons a fire bolt-throwing, flying efreet and binds it to the will of the wizard. Efreeti are immune to magical fire and have the ability to cast 20 points of Chaos spells each combat.
Chaos RiftEffects: City Enchantment
Target: enemy city
Research Cost: 1700
Casting Cost: 300 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Opens a great magical vortex over an enemy city. Each turn, units inside the city sustain five strength 8 Lightning Bolt attacks, and there is a 5% chance of a building being destroyed.
Warp LightningEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 880
Casting Cost: 35 mana
Upkeep: none
Sends a chain of lightning bolts ripping through a target unit. The first bolt of lightning has a strength of 10, the second a strength of 9, and so on until the last bolt delivers a 1 strength attack or the unit is destroyed.

Metal FiresEffects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 960
Casting Cost: 40 mana
Upkeep: none
Bestows a reduced strength Flame Blade on all normal units, increasing their melee and missile attack strengths by 1 and allowing them to inflict damage on units with Weapon Immunity. This spell is not cumulative with Flame Blade.

Doom BoltEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 1120
Casting Cost: 40 mana
Upkeep: none
Calls forth the awesome power of chaos to strike the target enemy unit for 10 points of damage, regardless of the unit's defenses.

Magic VortexEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1200
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Vortex moves 3 squares randomly and one controlled by the caster. Any unit in the path of the vortex takes 5 hits regardless of defense. In addition, each time the vortex moves, adjacent units may be struck by lightning bolts. A magic vortex does terrible damage to a city that it moves through.

Warp RealityEffects: Combat Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1500
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Warps the fabric of reality and distorts a unit's senses. All non-chaos units, enemy or friendly, have a -2 to their chance to hit.

Flame StrikeEffects: Instant Combat
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1600
Casting Cost: 60 mana
Upkeep: none
Strikes all enemy units with a 15 strength magical fire attack.
Fire StormEffects: Instant
Target: map square
Research Cost: 1400
Casting Cost: 250 mana
Upkeep: none
Rains fiery balls of flaming stone down on an entire map square, striking all figures in each unit with a strength 8 magical fire attack. Even units within cities are affected.
Very Rare HydraEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1850
Casting Cost: 650 mana
Upkeep: 14 mana/turn
Summons a nine-headed hydra. Each fire-breathing head on this monstrous creature can regenerate during and after combat.

Great DrakeEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 4500
Casting Cost: 900 mana
Upkeep: 30 mana/turn
Summons an avenging fire-breathing dragon from the depths of chaos. The flames spewing from a great drake's jaws are so hot that weak opponents may be incinerated before ever getting a chance to fight back.
Meteor StormEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 2250
Casting Cost: 900 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Rains down fiery hail upon both planes, striking all creatures outside cities with a strength 4 magical fiery attack. Buildings within cities may also be destroyed. The casting wizard's cities are immune to the effects.

Great WastingEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 2500
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: 20 mana/turn
Once this enchantment has been cast, the entire world begins to slowly be corrupted. Each turn 3-6 map squares are withered as per the spell Corruption. The caster's cities and surrounding areas are, of course, exempt.

Chaos SurgeEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 3500
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: 40 mana/turn
All creatures of chaos have 2 added to their hand-to-hand, missile, fire-breath, and magic attacks.

Doom MasteryEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 4000
Casting Cost: 1100 mana
Upkeep: 15 mana/turn
All newly created normal units controlled by the casting wizard are mutated by the effects of chaos, the same as if Chaos Channels had been cast on them.

ArmageddonEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 6000
Casting Cost: 1250 mana
Upkeep: 40 mana/turn
Begins to destroy the entire world, as volcano after volcano rises, raving the lands of both worlds. Like Raise Volcano, the casting wizard gains one point of power from each new volcano created.
DisintegrateEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 2000
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
If the target has a resistance of less than 10 it is instantly and irrevocably destroyed. There is no method to restore a unit that has been disintegrated.

Call ChaosEffects: Instant Combat
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 3000
Casting Cost: 75 mana
Upkeep: none
Strikes every enemy unit with a random effect from the following list: Nothing, Healing, Chaos Channels, Warp Creature, Fire Bolt (15 strength), Warp Lightning, Doom Bolt, or Disintegrate. Note some of these effects can actually be beneficial to the target unit.
Call the VoidEffects: Instant
Target: enemy city
Research Cost: 5000
Casting Cost: 500 mana
Upkeep: none
Every building in the target city has a 50% chance of being destroyed, and each unit inside the city takes 10 points of damage regardless of defense. The amount of pure chaos being released also corrupts the surrounding area.

The Icon Chaos.pngChaos Realm is one of the six Magical Realms in Master of Magic. Chaos is combative magic harnessing fire, lightning, and the greater forces of change in the world. The school has a wide selection of summoning and battlefield attack spells, all meant for wrecking enemy assets in a most direct fashion.

The mark of the realm is the Icon Chaos.pngSpinning Wheel of Fire that appears on the bindings of Chaos Spellbooks in-game, and denotes Chaos "Spellbook Ranks" on this wiki.

Description Edit

Master of Magic's in-game documentation alludes to the existence of the Chaos Realm and a subservient domain, the Plane of Fire. Chaos Nodes on the surface of Arcanus and Myrror are thought to unleash heat and destructive energies that interfere with the stabilizing influence of the Nature Realm. Some Wizards exploit the tension between these two elemental realms, Nature and Chaos, in pursuit of unusual skills.

The Chaos Realm is home to a variety of monsters and mutant freaks. Most of them are associated in mythology with fire, destruction, and the end-times. They can be called up to the surface world by summoners who, for whatever reason, desire total mayhem. Alternatively, users can channel raw power from Chaos and direct it at foes; through various spells and rituals, the power might manifest as fire (for basic attacks), lightning (for more expensive, armor-piercing attacks), or a transcendent destructive force known as Doom (for advanced practitioners that want to blow through an enemy's defense like it wasn't there).

An obvious military tool for the powerful and the vicious, Chaos is probably the most widely practiced school of magic among the mortal races. A great variety of Normal Units wield powers derived from this realm. At present, fire-breathing beasts, guild-trained magicians, and mage-heroes are in demand by every sort of Wizard.

Advisor Chaos
A wizard with mainly Chaos spellbooks will take an Imp as a familiar. Traditionally Imps are tiny, mischievous demons that attach themselves to magic-users and their laboratories. Imp familiars could serve as spies, spiritual guides, test subjects, comedians, Grand Viziers... you name it.

Acquisition Edit

The player may pick up to 11 Chaos ranks when creating a new game. Treasure from Chaos Nodes on Myrror are just about the only reliable source of Chaos spellbooks once the game has begun, and might be targeted by red wizards seeking reduced casting costs in the discipline. While described as being opposed to Icon Nature.pngNature, Chaos is not incompatible with it or any of the other realms, though, so anyone can pick red spellbooks or find them.

Selecting just one Chaos book or two will unlock random Chaos spells for research and fulfill requirements for certain wizard abilities, while leaving room to specialize in something else. For each spellbook rank taken above the first, one Common Chaos spell may be selected to be Known from the start. In their own ways, and depending on the Race you choose, Fire Elemental, Hell Hounds, or Eldritch Weapon can considerably augment your strength and make good starting picks.

Picking more books allows more spells to be Known at the beginning, eventual access to the realm's rarest spells, and improved research and casting ability in Chaos. The Casting Cost of summons and combat spells is what separates the dabbler from the professional in this school of magic. Lowering casting costs basically requires all of your spellbook picks, either by taking Icon Chaos.png11 solid, or Icon Chaos.png8-10 plus retorts like Chaos Mastery, Channeler, or Conjurer.

See this table for spellbooks' effect on spell knowledge and casting & research discounts.

Realm Details Edit

Main article: List of Spells

Red has 10 spells per degree of Spell Rarity, totaling 40 spells with a cumulative research cost of Icon Research.png 59,950. Each member holds a discrete research cost increment along the spectrum between Icon Research.png 20 (Warp Wood) and Icon Research.png 6,000 (Armageddon).

List of Chaos Spells Edit

Name Rarity Type Target Overland
Icon Research.png
Armageddon ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1250 -- ­40 ­­6000  
Call Chaos ­Very Rare Combat Instant -- -- ­75 -- ­­3000
Call the Void ­Very Rare Instant Spell Enemy city ­500 -- -- ­­5000
Chaos Channels Uncommon     Instant Spell Friendly normal unit   50 -- -- ­400
Chaos Rift ­Rare Town Curse Enemy city ­300 -- ­10 ­­1700
Chaos Spawn ­Rare Summoning Spell -- ­500 -- ­12 ­­1040
Chaos Surge ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1000 -- ­40 ­­3500
Chimeras Uncommon Summoning Spell -- ­350 -- ­10 ­800
Corruption Common Instant Spell Map square 40 -- -- ­100
Disintegrate ­Very Rare Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­50 -- ­­2000
Disrupt Common Combat Instant Combat tile -- ­15 -- 40
Doom Bat Uncommon Summoning Spell -- ­300 -- 8 ­620
Doom Bolt ­Rare Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­40 -- ­­1120
Doom Mastery ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1100 -- ­15 ­­4000
Efreet ­Rare Summoning Spell -- ­550 -- ­15 ­­1300
Eldritch Weapon   Common Unit Enchantment Friendly normal unit   75 ­15 1 ­130
Fire Bolt Common Combat Instant Enemy unit -- 5+ -- 60
Fire Elemental Common Summoning Spell Combat tile -- ­20 -- ­250
Fire Giant Uncommon Summoning Spell -- ­150 -- 3 ­350
Fire Storm ­Rare Instant Spell Map square ­250 -- -- ­­1400
Fireball Uncommon Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­15+ -- ­560
Flame Blade Uncommon Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­125 ­25 2 ­450
Flame Strike ­Rare Combat Instant -- -- ­60 -- ­­1600
Gargoyles Uncommon Summoning Spell -- ­200 -- 5 ­500
Great Drake ­Very Rare Summoning Spell -- ­900 -- ­30 ­­4500
Great Wasting ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1000 -- ­20 ­­2500
Hell Hounds Common Summoning Spell -- 40 -- 1 80
Hydra ­Very Rare Summoning Spell -- ­650 -- ­14 ­­1850
Immolation Uncommon Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­150 ­30 2 ­740
Lightning Bolt Uncommon Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­10+ -- ­300
Magic Vortex ­Rare Combat Instant Combat tile -- ­50 -- ­­1200
Metal Fires ­Rare Combat Enchantment   -- -- ­40 -- ­960
Meteor Storm ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­900 -- ­10 ­­2250
Raise Volcano Uncommon Instant Spell Map square ­200 -- -- ­680
Shatter Common Unit Curse Enemy unit -- ­12 -- ­190
Wall of Fire Common Town Enchantment Friendly city ­150 ­30 2 ­160
Warp Creature Common Unit Curse Enemy unit -- ­18 -- ­220
Warp Lightning ­Rare Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­35 -- ­880
Warp Reality ­Rare Combat Enchantment -- -- ­50 -- ­­1500
Warp Wood Common Combat Instant Enemy normal unit -- ­10 -- 20

General Pros and Cons Edit

Years of playtesting has reckoned Chaos to be the least-exploitable of the magic realms. It builds strength at an ordinary, reliable pace and is no-nonsense. As a game asset, it is arguably more interesting and powerful in the hands of AI opponents like Tauron, who can use their huge AI resource handicaps to attack relentlessly and be extra-brutal in combat. Yet, it will never be said that throwing firestorms around is not entertaining.


  • Superb summons, capable of supplanting normal units at all stages
  • Well-tailored to winning battles with raw mana, either through prior overland summoning or ad hoc battlefield spells
  • Synergy with advanced "builder" races, making use of their revenues while allowing them to focus on buildings and settlers
  • The fun factor


  • Direct-attack Combat Instants, the forté of Chaos, are less effective than summons and enchantments
  • No spells for improving the economy
  • Raising volcanoes and nuking enemy cities is not going to be very helpful for your Score.

Fantastic Units Edit

The Chaos Realm has ten native Fantastic Unit types. The two Common entries are remarkable. The realm's only Combat Summon, the Fire Elemental, can draw enemy fire, deal out consistent damage, and lessen the need for big garrisons around the map. Hell Hounds, a bargain compared with cavalry and other low-tier troops, can be summoned en masse for early conquests.

As with many other Uncommon summons, Chaos' members on that tier, the Fire Giant, Gargoyles, Doom Bat, and Chimeras, suffer from a research cost that prohibits their usage very early, unless the spells are found. These are all fairly mobile units, able to escort heroes and deal out heavy damage.

The Rare entries are a definite liability in the group. The Efreet is overpriced and the Chaos Spawn, with its bizarre abilities, is best-suited to disintegrating lesser units. But there are cheaper ways to deal with lesser units.

The Very Rare summons are surprisingly slow units. But with Icon Hits.png 90 and Regeneration, the Hydra's durability is so great that it requires special tactics to handle. The Great Drake, one of the three elemental dragons at the top of the Fantastic Unit hierarchy, is a devastating offensive unit. Sorcery's Sky Drake is a fan-favorite and a much more difficult foe to encounter, but there is little stopping a Great Drake under human command.

Fantastic Creatures of Icon Chaos.pngChaos
Icon Name Icon Research.png C U Icon MultiFigureUnit Moves Icon Melee Normal.png Icon Ranged Bow.png Icon Defense.png Icon Resist.png Icon Hits.png Icon ToHit.png
Unit Icon HellHounds Transparent Hell Hounds Icon Chaos.png1Icon Research.png 80 Icon Mana.png 40 Icon Mana.png 1 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 3 Icon Breath.png 3 Icon Defense.png 2 Icon Resist.png 6 Icon Hits.png 4 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Unit Icon FireElemental Transparent Fire Elemental Icon Chaos.png1Icon Research.png 250 Icon Mana.png 20 n/a1 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground1 Icon Melee Normal.png 12 Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 6 Icon Hits.png 10
Poison Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Fire Immunity
Unit Icon FireGiant Transparent Fire Giant Icon Chaos.png1Icon Research.png 350 Icon Mana.png 150 Icon Mana.png 3 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 10 Icon Ranged Boulder.png 10 Icon Defense.png 5 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 15 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Ranged Attack x2, Mountaineer, Fire Immunity, Wall Crusher
Unit Icon Gargoyles Transparent Gargoyles Icon Chaos.png1Icon Research.png 500 Icon Mana.png 200 Icon Mana.png 5 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4 Icon Movement Air2 Icon Melee Normal.png 4 Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 4 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Poison Immunity, Stoning Immunity
Unit Icon DoomBat Transparent Doom Bat Icon Chaos.png1Icon Research.png 620 Icon Mana.png 300 Icon Mana.png 8 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air4 Icon Melee Normal.png 10 Icon Defense.png 5 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 20 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Unit Icon Chimeras Transparent Chimeras Icon Chaos.png1Icon Research.png 800 Icon Mana.png 350 Icon Mana.png 10 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4 Icon Movement Air2 Icon Melee Normal.png 7 Icon Breath.png 4 Icon Defense.png 5 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 8 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Unit Icon ChaosSpawn Transparent Chaos Spawn Icon Chaos.png2Icon Research.png 1,040 Icon Mana.png 500 Icon Mana.png 12 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air1 Icon Melee Normal.png 1 Icon Defense.png 6 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 15
Death Gaze -4, Doom Gaze 4, Stoning Gaze -4, Cause Fear, Poison Touch 4
Unit Icon Efreet Transparent Efreet Icon Chaos.png2Icon Research.png 1,300 Icon Mana.png 550 Icon Mana.png 15 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air3 Icon Melee Normal.png 9 Icon Ranged Magic.png 9 Icon Defense.png 7 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 12 Icon ToHit.png +20%
Fire Immunity, Caster 20 MP
Unit Icon Hydra Transparent Hydra Icon Chaos.png3Icon Research.png 1,850 Icon Mana.png 650 Icon Mana.png 14 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 9 Icon Movement Ground1 Icon Melee Normal.png 6 Icon Breath.png 5 Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 11 Icon Hits.png 10 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Unit Icon GreatDrake Transparent Great Drake Icon Chaos.png3Icon Research.png 4,500 Icon Mana.png 900 Icon Mana.png 30 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Air2 Icon Melee Normal.png 30 Icon Breath.png 30 Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Resist.png 12 Icon Hits.png 30 Icon ToHit.png +30%

1: combat summon, disappears at end of battle.

Item Crafting Edit

Main article: Item Crafting

Chaos ranks allow the following spell-like effects to be selected when crafting Magic Items with Create Artifact. True to form, the only enchantments available from this color are damage-oriented loads for magic weapons. But they are best-of-breed. The ability to craft these powers is unlocked whenever the player has the required number of Chaos books on the shelf; no research is necessary, save for the Create Artifact spell.

Item Power Requires Mana Cost Host Items
Sword Mace Axe Bow Staff Wand Jewelry Shield
Flaming Icon Chaos.png2 Icon Mana.png 300 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y --
Lightning Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Mana.png 800 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y --
Destruction Icon Chaos.png5 Icon Mana.png 1,000 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y --
Chaos Icon Chaos.png6 Icon Mana.png 2,000 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y --

The following Chaos combat spells can be imbued, as reusable charges, into a new magic Wand or Staff once they have been researched. See Spell Charges (Item Power) for more information.

Icon Chaos.pngSpell Charges
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Warp Wood Lightning Bolt Warp Lightning Disintegrate
Disrupt Flame Blade Metal Fires Call Chaos
Fire Bolt Fireball Doom Bolt
Eldritch Weapon Immolation Magic Vortex
Wall of Fire Warp Reality
Shatter Flame Strike
Warp Creature
Fire Elemental

Enemy Chaos WizardsEdit

Main article: Wizard
Wizard Oberic
Wizard Sharee
Wizard Tauron
Wizard LoPan
Lo Pan
Wizard Sss'ra

Computer players with Chaos magic are pretty much your main enemy. Both their spells and their behavior are geared towards harming you directly, so consider how to best prepare for war. This may be less of a concern with Oberic, Lo Pan, and any wizard who picks up incidental Chaos Spellbooks (whose personalities usually make them less likely to throw spells at you unprovoked), but is virtually always the case with Sharee and Tauron.

The AI will, at random, slam on red buttons like Armageddon and Call the Void without thinking twice. We might call such incidents a "trailing indicator" that they should have been eliminated or at least crippled before getting their hands on such toys.


When the world is generated, the computer-controlled wizards each make a lottery-ball style roll for Personality and Objective. These traits modify the wizard's behavior, giving them some hard-to-resist compulsions and adding flavor. If the wizard's shelf is stocked primarily with Chaos Books, then this realm will determine how these lottery-ball rolls are weighted. Chaos tends the wizard towards a Personality of "Chaotic" and an Objective of either "Militarist" or "Expansionist" (but guarantees nothing). In cases where spellbook ranks are tied, and the game needs to decide which realm conveys influence, precedence descends in this order:

Icon Nature.png Icon Sorcery.png Icon Chaos.png Icon Life.png Icon Death.png

For instance, Sss'ra's default Icon Life.png4 Icon Chaos.png4 Myrran build is a tie between two colors, but the game will weight his personality and objective according to his Chaos ranks, not Life.

The table below shows the chances each trait has of appearing on a chaos-aligned player, before accounting for the influence of Retorts.

    Icon Book Chaos     Personality Objective
Chaotic 50% Militarist 30%
Ruthless 20% Expansionist 30%
Aggressive 20% Theurgist 20%
Maniacal 10% Perfectionist 20%
Lawful 0%
Peaceful 0%
Every turn, there is a 2% chance the Chaotic wizard will declare war on a wizard he is not already at war with. A Personality Modifier is also randomized each turn between 40 and -40, which changes the difficulty of diplomatic negotiations turn-by-turn, causes random hostile spells and moves, and relations to drift slowly around neutral in the long term (until he randomly declares war). This wizard can be appeased on a good day to get some air and make spell trades.
A "Militarist" has double the chance of training military units and casting summoning spells. Due to their reduced likelihood of constructing new buildings and making alternative spell choices, these units are likely to be primitive and unbuffed, but there will be a ton of them.
An "Expansionist" wizard has double the chance of building Settlers, and will attempt to sprawl across every available piece of land.

Diplomacy Modifiers Edit

Chaos Spellbooks on a wizard's shelf provoke two Core Reaction adjustments:

  • -2 per Icon Chaos.pngChaos Spellbook owned by the wizard who owns more Chaos books    
  • +2 per Icon Chaos.pngChaos Spellbook shared in common with the rival    

Example interactions:

Example 1: Lo Pan and Oberic each adjust their Core Reaction to the other by 0
(-10 for Lo Pan / Oberic having Icon Chaos.png5, but +10 for 5 matching books).
Example 2: Lo Pan and Tauron each adjust their Core Reaction to the other by -10
(-20 for Tauron having Icon Chaos.png10, but +10 for 5 matching books).

Leader personalities, retorts, and other spellbooks on the shelf will cause further adjustments.