This category includes all articles where the subject (for instance a unit ability or spell effect) is malfunctioning in some way or another - and does not behave at all like it should, as defined by the in-game help system and/or game manual.

In particular, a "Buggy Feature" refers to something that don't work at all, does the opposite of what it's expected to do, or behaves erratically enough so as to disturb either the balance of the game or its stability (i.e. causing crashes or other errors).

Adding the {{Buggy}} template to any article will automatically add that article to the list below. The article itself should always explain the nature of the problem.

See Forum:Bugs in 1.40n for further bugs which aren't mentioned on the Wiki yet.

See also Research Required, for articles where information is lacking. On some of those articles, a buggy feature might be waiting to be discovered...