A "break treaty" action is the action in which one player cancels an existing treaty with another player. Only a Wizard's Pact or Alliance can be cancelled this way, because Peace Treaty is a treaty only in its name, not in the actual effect. The person breaking the treaty will be referred to as the "guilty party". When a treaty is broken, the following happens :

-First, the amount of penalty is decided. The amount is -10 for a Wizard's Pact and -20 for an Alliance.

-If the Guilty party is Lawful, the penalty is doubled. This is most likely a bug, the penalty should be doubled when breaking the treaty with a Lawful wizard, not if they are breaking it. The unofficial 1.50 patch fixes this.

-The amount of penalty will be subtracted from the Hidden Relation of the innocent party towards the guilty party. This is a bug because subtracting a negative value will actually add to the amount. This bug is fixed in the 1.50 unofficial patch.

-The innocent party's Hidden Relation towards all uninvolved parties is reduced by 5. In the unofficial 1.50 patch this effect is completely removed. The intended effect was for the uninvolved wizard's Hidden Relation to decrease towards the guilty party, but it did not happen.

-If the broken treaty was an Alliance, the Starting Relation is reduced by the penalty amount. Again, this is a bug because it should be added to it, as it contains a negative value. This is also fixed in the unofficial patch.

-A random amount of 1-20 is subtracted from Visible Relations.

-The treaty status is set to None.

-Both player's Peace Interest, Treaty Interest and Trade Interest is set to -200 towards the other.

- Finally, the timer to evaluate Hostility is reset to a random amount of 15-25 turns.

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