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  • More 11-book strategies with their effectiveness.

If you start the game with 11 spellbooks of a single color, this gives you:

If your spells are chosen wisely, this allows gaining an extremely large advantage in the early game -- you can capture neutral cities far earlier than would otherwise be possible, and may be able to capture Nodes, Towers of Wizardry, and even enemy Fortresses if you get there before the enemy wizard has built up sufficient defenses. While winning outright is rare (usually you cannot find all the wizards fast enough), this can easily give a huge advantage.

11-Book Strategies generally rely on creating a single potent unit that cannot be defeated by early opponents. They need a means of crossing water, and ideally a means of changing planes without breaking a Tower of Wizardry, as tower defenses are often too strong to break. Any combat spells they need should be possible to cast with initial Casting Skill (with the Casting Cost reduction, any spell with a cost of up to 35 is possible).

High Elves are your basic choice because of the extra mana.


Icon Chaos.pngWarped Chimeras

Tactical Chimeras

Warp Reality will render chimeras fairly invincible. Alternatively, Doom Bolt and Magic Vortex might be better choices than Flame Strike. Magic Vortex is strong in the combination with fast, flying or invisible units (e.g. Doom Bat). Chaos Rift is also cool. Immolation can be your second uncommon spell. It's one of the few spells that you can put on fantastic units and it will be applied with every attack you make (all ranged attacks, all breath and thrown attacks e.g. Hell Hounds). Chimeras are a good early Chaos unit, and they leave the Rare slot open.

Icon Chaos.pngHell Hound Flood

Tactical HellHounds

Flood the areas with Hell Hounds that can take out most cities at the start of the game. This is probably better with Icon Chaos.png9 + Conjurer + Chaos Mastery, which sets you up for the Icon Mana.png 0 summons strategy and free Great Drakes.


Icon Death.pngWraiths

Tactical Wraiths

The second fastest way to win the game. Combine with Shadow Demons, Black Prayer. This is a very straightforward build: Wraiths can defeat almost all Normal Units without assistance, and the resistance adjustment for Black Prayer eliminates most of the remainder; the (modified) cost of Icon Mana.png 300/Icon Mana.png 5 is quite manageable. They also create free garrisons, which is handy for unrest purposes. They cannot reliably crack a Tower of Wizardry, but Shadow Demons can plane shift, and while they are slower and higher upkeep than the Wraiths, can also overcome almost all Normal Units, and the cost of Icon Mana.png 195/Icon Mana.png 7 remains manageable.

Icon Death.pngShadow Demons

Tactical ShadowDemons

Most Sorcery Nodes can be captured early with Shadow Demons. You just have to make sure that no Air Elemental is inside (Air Elementals are often secondary guardians). Shadow Demons aren't that slow if you pair them with Magic Spirits and Darkness can boost their strength. Night Stalkers can be used to guard captured nodes, but then you have no Black Prayer.


Icon Life.pngIGS - Invulnerable Guardian Spirits

Tactical GuardianSpirit

The fastest way to win the game. Combine Invulnerability, Endurance, Plane Shift, Prayer. This relies on use of Guardian Spirits, which may be used to explore; cast Invulnerability and Endurance on it, and use Plane Shift to move to Myrror.

Icon Life.pngTorin

Hero Torin

Fairly invincible with Heroism and Prayer. Use True Sight to take out Phantom Beasts and Phantom Warriors. In v1.31 you can find 157 prefab items in total with equal chance. If you're lucky, you'll find the ItemPower Misc 11 Blue Ring of Dasmiff so Torin can Fly.

Icon Life.pngLionheart Elite Holy Weapon Slingers

Tactical Slingers

Certainly in v1.31 Slingers are the strongest ranged creatures. With 8 figures and Lucky that increases their own to hit, to defend, and decreases their opponents to hit and defend, they shoot hard indeed.


Icon Nature.pngIron Skinned Basilisks

Tactical Basilisk

Combine Iron Skin, Basilisk, Path Finding. Cast Iron Skin, Path Finding, and Water Walking on a Basilisk. This lacks an easy way of reaching Myrror, but many Towers can actually be broken with this combination.

Icon Nature.pngGorgons

Tactical Gorgons

Combine with Path Finding, Nature's Cures. Gorgons are the strongest rare creatures. You can boost their attack with Giant Strength and boost their defense with Stone Skin and Resist Elements (Sprites).


Icon Sorcery.pngFlying Invisible Warships

Tactical Warship

This is a slightly slow strategy, as you need to build a Shipwrights' Guild, Ship Yard, Armory, and Maritime Guild before building your first Warship (total Icon Production.png 940), and requires a coastal city, but very powerful once it gets going. It also means you should not play High Elves. Only High Men, Barbarians, and Orcs can build Warships. A faster but less potent version is Icon Sorcery.pngFlying Invisible Longbowmen.

Icon Sorcery.pngFlying Storm Giants

Tactical StormGiant

With flying invisible Warships you can't choose High Elves as starting race and have a problem if you can't build a Shipwrights' Guild.

Icon Sorcery.pngIllusion Flood

Tactical PhantomWarriors

Pick any creature that can move reasonably fast and make it Flying to increase its speed. In any encounter conjure Phantom Warriors or Phantom Beasts, which are ridiculously cheap, and will conquer most anything you want. This is probably better with Icon Sorcery.png9 + Conjurer + Sorcery Mastery, which sets you up for the Icon Mana.png 0 summons strategy, which will give you free (!) Sky Drakes!